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The other night, I came in from being stuck in horrific traffic that wouldn’t end, my knuckles red from punching the steering wheel, and lungs filled with anxiety and a half of a pack of cigarettes that generally occurs while staring into the taillights of the car in front of me that seems to stay at a constant distance of six feet.

I walk through the garage in a state of limbo, through the kitchen, contemplating whether it’s worth the effort to cook, and I opt out of the investment required. Continuing my journey through my empty house I walk passed my piano. ‘I want to let some rage out’ I think about how hard I can bang the ivories and hear the chaos rain off the ceiling and bounce of the walls. Again, I opt out.

As I reach the base of the stairs, I look at what seems to be a path of shrubs and dust of a hallway awaiting to lose me forever. ‘I can’t make it’ doubting myself. But I go on. I must.

Finally, my bedroom door opens on my request. The first thing that I wanted to happen that actually happened. My pace quickens and I rapidly spin to fall flat on my back on the bed. I exhale. All of the frustrations seem to minimize. My eyes grow heavy; my mouth seems moist and snug. I curl into a ball and wish the bad men would stop.

I wake in a rush. ‘I’m late!’ anxiously I jump out of bed, looking toward the clock and notice it’s only 11:34pm. Not only that, but I remembered, it’s Friday night. What have I done? Did I forget to call some people? Did my girlfriend go out with her friends? Is this going to be another night where I find myself sitting in front of my computer, boxer briefs lowered to mid thigh, stroking my shaft and rubbing the head of my cock? Only waiting to ejaculate on myself and fall asleep with half of a beer to sour overnight?

Very much so.

My mouth now dry and hair in a frenzy, I mat it down as I rise. Feeling like a vampire floating to his feet, night of the living dead, bladder full, I walk to my bathroom.

But wait, what’s this? My light is on. Did I leave it on last night? I couldn’t have. In my state of dementia, I open the door.

I’m startled! My heart drops!

It’s alright though. My girlfriend looks up at me in the same state, mouth open, in shock, through her hazel brown eyes. Sitting on the floor, her back on a beach towel covering the tile with legs spread in front of me.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” asking and chuckling at the same time.

But what’s this I’m seeing? She’s still lying there, with the same look on her face. She’s been sweating. Must have been exercising.

“Why do you have a have a rolled up towel under you?” I notice her hips are pointed to the ceiling with her legs arched just right so I can see her ass hole; which has obviously been played with since it’s bulging.

“I thought you were asleep!” She says and quickly closes up, covering herself, and whipping her face off with the towel that was below her. It doesn’t seem to help much since it’s as wet as she is.

“Did you just take a shower?” I’m confused at this point.

“No, why?” she asks in naivety.

“Cause you’re soaked. You’re hair looks like it’s half wet and there’s water all over the tile.” I walk next to her, kneel down getting ready to kiss her; but she still has the look of child caught playing with her father’s pornography.

As I move in to kiss her, she pulls away, and wipes her mouth again, with a saturated towel.

“You OK?” my confusion quickly converting to curiosity.

“Yeah, yeah… I’m alright.” She looks around to investigate what she had done. But it’s too late. The mess is made, the milk was spilled and the scent was setting in.

I couldn’t help but notice it. I looked around myself. ‘What is that? Have I not taken the trash out? How long as it been since I cleaned the toilet?’ “What is that?”

She now knows that I’m investing the crime scene. She slowly rises, sitting Indian style, putting the once bunched up towel between her legs, and shoves it down. “I’m going to take a shower” while kneeling, looking at me, not moving.

“OK.” I continue looking over the bathroom, searching for the source of the scent. But Carol isn’t moving. She’s still looking at me, puppy dog eyes, knowing that she’s just been discovered to have been rummaging through the garbage, needing to hide what’s happened.

I kneel down and take a quick sniff. ‘Oh god. It’s coming from her! When was the last time she bathed? It couldn’t have been that long’ I’m thinking, trying to figure it out.

But I bypass these thoughts and quickly land a fast peck of a kiss on her lips. But with her steadfast actions she reacts by turning her head. It’s then that my curiosity grows.

It’s sour, very sour on my lips. I let my limp tongue run between my tissue and notice that it’s from her. “What’s going on?” in a mild and wondering tone. Being a man I have to know!

But she just stairs as me.

‘It’s piss! Oh my god! And it’s all over the place!’ What happened! “What have you done?” I’m now slightly angry and confused. It’s all over the floor; I’m even standing in it. Splashed up against the shower door, dripping off the vanity cabinet doors and even above her head from where she was laying! It’s all over the place!

“Are you mad” she asks with those same puppy dog eyes, knowing that I’ve discovered what happened for fear of retribution. Continuing “I went on your computer while you were asleep. I looked through your history because I wanted to make sure you hadn’t been on any dating websites….” Looking down now “But I found something else.”

That’s it! A few weeks ago I was curious about some of the dirty, dark sides of sex. And when I mean dirty, I mean filthy. Scat, piss, vomiting, eating of the such, but I was only curious.

“I was only curious” still looking to the ground still. Then she looks up at me and slowly lowers her eyes to my crotch. Her hands come away from her lap to undo my already loosened belt. Unbuttons my pants, slowly pulls the zipper down and lowers my briefs till my cock falls out. “God I love your cock…” now biting her lower lip seeming possessed.

She kneels forward and starts to suck on me, but I can’t help to get that stench out of my mind. But god it feels good. Twirling her tongue inside her mouth, massaging my head, and slowly going to the back of her throat, only to repeat it over and over again, I can’t help but start to enjoy it.

“I want you to do it…” she says in her usual persuasive tone, then swallows my cock again.

“Ahhhhh…” in pleasure. “What?”

“I want you to do what you saw on the internet” now stroking my soft penis that’s flopping all over.

She wants it. I have no problem with that. If it gets her excited I might as well. It’s not like I’m going to get a golden shower. So, I let it go.

As the stream slowly builds, she pulls her head back, aiming my cock with one hand, her other hand reach my testicles and she opens her mouth. The stream grows stronger.

‘God I hope it doesn’t taste too bad… I hope I had enough water’ thinking as I’m on the verge of paranoia.

But her mouth stays open. My clear urine fills her mouth and starts to pour over her lips, rapidly pouring over her chin, and flowing off her tits, dripping from her nipples, finally forming an enlarged puddle below her.

She giggles and it splashes out of her mouth while I’m still pissing. She’s making aim with it, closes her eyes, and sprays her forehead, her nose, cheeks, and as I’m finally exhausting all fluid, finishing on her tits. She then starts to stroke my limp penis again, biting her lower lip, and letting the urine drip freely off her face.

‘Damn that’s sexy to watch it drip off the tip of her erect nipples’ I can’t help but think.

“God that’s sexy” Carol says and then giggles again like a stupid high school whore. She knows I like it when she does that. She does it so I know she’s feeling like a dumb teenage girl that wants to feel my thick cock inside of her tight little body; the type of slut that curiously fingers her pussy just to feel an erect piece of me inside of her ass. An experimental woman, who now looks like she has no limits.

“You know I love to make the dirty whore come out in you, don’t you?” I ask while placing my thumb and index finger under her chin, holding her up to look straight into my eyes.

But she pulls back. Leaning back onto her heels, knees over the towels, feet overstretched flat on the cold tile, legs bent so the calf and back of her thighs are pressed tightly together. She starting massaging the piss I poured all over her into her tits. As one hand starts to move to her pussy, the other hand crawls up her neck. Simultaneously, as I see her fingers curl and press onward into pussy, she sucks her index and middle finger. Again, at the same motion pulling in and out of her pussy, she sucks the piss of her fingers. “I see you like it” she says in a pause of fingering her mouth.

‘Oh god, my cock is swelling’ I can’t believe it. It’s too much! It’s too fucking filthy to be this hot! How can she enjoy this? Why am I getting excited? All I want to do now is piss on her again!

She then slowly starts pushing and pulling deeper into her mouth and pussy at the same time until her body twitches from a gag reflex in her throat. But she keeps going. With the strain in her eyes, looking at me, I know she likes to test her limits and massage her throat before swallowing as much of me as she can. But she keeps them in there; Even as drool is oozing out of the side of her mouth. She coughs and presses on.

With my cock now fully enlarged, she’s going to attempt, yet again, to see if this two inch wide cock will fit in there. She’s always wanted to do what we watch on porn together, but she’s too petite. She can’t fit it.

Pulling her fingers out of her mouth, she grabs my cock, mouth open as wide as it will ever get, tongue out and dropped to the floor, in conjunction with fingering her pussy and massaging her clit, she engulfs my cock. I feel my head hit the back of her throat, she presses on. Slightly swaying her head from side to side, I feel it.

“Oh god!” I feel it. It’s the tightest hole I’ve been in, and it keeps going in. ‘We’re almost there!’ until I feel her tongue hit my scrotum and all seven plus inches of my cock are in her.

Her back quickly arches. Her eyes bulge wide open. Her cheeks blow wide, and then she rapidly pulls away, coughing and stroking my cock as hard and fast as she can. “You like me when I’m a dirty whore don’t you?”

I don’t know what to say… I’m standing in a state of euphoria and confusion.

“Don’t you!” she starts to get louder and aggressive. “Don’t you like pissing on this fuck whore? Haw?” She demands an answer with demonic eyes covered in my piss. As fast as a car running a red light on a major intersection, she slaps her face. “Tell me you want to use me like a trashy whore!” Stroking and gripping my cock harder, she slaps herself again. “Tell me now!”

“You want to be treated like trash? Do you?” I’m getting into it. She wants it. She wants to feel the pain of a big cock inside of her. She wants to feel the head of my cock pop into her tight asshole like the lips of a child sucking on a lollipop. I grab her by the throat, turn her to the side and push her face down to the tile.

“Oh that’s right” She says while giggling as if a semi-comical joke had just been told. I can see the piss splash out and away from her from with every syllable and exhale. “Fuck me now and fuck me hard!”

With one hand still pressing her face firming against the piss drenched floor, I grab my cock with my free hand and place a foot on each side of her. Squatting as if shitting while camping, I position my bulging head over her ass hole. While her entire body drenched in both her and my piss, it will slide in, but it’s not going to feel good.

“God damn it, fuck me now!” Urine now flowing in and out of her mouth and spraying with every demand.

Pop, just like that, the head is in.

“God damn it!” She starts to pout, her eyes squinting closed, veins and muscles in her throat protrude from under the flesh and her mouth appears to be frowning.

I push further.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she whimpers.

“You like that? You like this? You dirty fucking whore!” And then I do it. I push my full cock in.

With a large gasp of an inhale, Carol’s eyes open wider than I’ve ever seen. A stream of urine flowing into her mouth like the open mouth of a shopvac cleaning a puddle of water until it all get shot out with a loud “Oh god damn it!”

I start to pump. With slow, long and full pumps, I see her tight asshole gripping my cock, appearing as if it’s not wanting to let go as I pull my cock out but not being able to stop me when I press in.  

She starts to cry, which she usually does while getting a good fucking.

I pick up the pace. Faster, harder, until the sound of my pelvis on her ass echoes off the bathroom walls.

“God damn it! Piss inside me!” with a yell like plea. “Please fucking piss inside my ass. Please, please. Oh fuck, please!” then off to mumbling, crying and gasping in a puddle of our piss mixed together.

Pushing as hard as I can, all muscles tensing up, I freeze and let it go.

“Oh god yes!” she says with the tone of relief and satisfaction. “Oh yes! Fill my ass up. Yeah baby!”

“Ohhhh!” my tone degrades to a strenuous release of pressure. “Oh fuck! Did you like that?” I ask in a soft and polite tone.

“I would like it more if you pumped it in with my shit harder” reverting back to her primal possessive tone, she demands.

I start pumping, slowly again at the same pace as when I started.

“You’re not going to get that piss deep enough inside of me. You’ve gotta start fucking me like a man. Now fuck that ASS!!” with a tone I’ve never heard; on the verge of rage.

Harder, faster, deeper I pump. I feel the inside of her colon opening up. Loose, soft and warm, but her sphincter is so tight, that with every release of a pump, the head of my cock gets pinched that feels much like I’m getting a tight hand job. But I press on harder and deeper.

Feeling lightheaded now I have to go on. I don’t want to get her pissed off and start slapping me! I have to pump harder! “You like that asshole getting ripped open?” In a harsh, condescending tone.

“Oh fuck yeah baby!” in her degraded whorish tone.

“How’s that shit feel now, haw?”

“Mmm… Mmm…” her mouth now closed tight, with the puddle of piss splashing around her nostrils.

“How’s…” I pump hard… “That…” I pump hard and deep… “Shit…”

Interrupting me, she screams loud and then starts to cry saying “Don’t… stop… fuck…ing… me!” with every blow to her ass.

“Feel…” Feeling her ass hole loosen up more… “Now!” with one final of the deepest shove, I feel I’m going to cum. As I quickly pull out, I notice her anal sphincter is wide open, and a rush of opaque maroon piss pours out all over her crotch and pussy, covering the floor and saturating the towel under her knees.

I grab my cock, pull her up by the throat, which hasn’t been released as of yet, and start to stroke.

Her mouth opens, as before when I pissed on her and my first shot of cum hits her upper lip, half way going into her mouth, and the other dripping toward the base of or her nostrils…

“AhhhhhHhhhHHH!” I start o moan… The second shot then even larger, shooting straight into her mouth.

She quickly swallows but doesn’t have enough time to open for my third which lands directly in the center of her sealed lips. As she opens for what’s left, strings of cum now stretch from top to bottom.

My final load lands straight into her mouth. I let go of her throat, grin a little, and stand hunched over with a grin of satisfaction leaning toward chaos.

Without hesitation she starts to slowly suck on my cock, only going half way, massaging my limp fuck toy with her tongue and vacuum mouth; over and over again. Then she pulls back, with that perverted look she gets after a painful fuck she says “Did you like sodomizing me?”

It’s then that I noticed the cum on her lips. Lightly tan colored with a few smothered brown portions. I instantly think I should wipe it off. But then she take her index finger, as if rubbing gloss on her lips, and wipes it off, looks at it, then to me with that whore smirk and then sucks it off to a finalizing swallow.

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