Think of my wife   added 9 years ago
  By: nyc11  Age: 50  Country: Israel

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Categories: Identified partner
Tags: wife behind kitchen work
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I am sitting at my desk at work, staring at the computer monitor but my thoughts are drifting. I feel some heat between my legs I am hot and horny and can not concentrate at the screen in front of me. I have a presentation to give in 1 hour before the VP marketing about the new campaign that we work on. I need to release my sexual tension, I find my hand touching my dick and slowly getting inside my pans. I start thinking about Jackie my beautiful wife who should be at home now.


I pick up the phone and call her at home. She is in the kitchen preparing dinner for tonight. ‘Love’ I tell her ‘I am so hot thinking of you standing there with my big shirt and nothing under it’. I ask her not to move from there and stay with only the big shirt as I have something to show her’.


I see myself coming home and running to the kitchen, hug her from behind touch her beautiful breasts and licking her long neck from behind. Slowly I open my pans and drop them down on the floor. I start rubbing my dick against her smooth ass. With one leg I spread her legs and find my way inside her. She starts moving against me with loud voices and we get together into a wild dance…


I love thinking about my wife at work and let her know about it so she will be ready for me.

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