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Categories: Identified partner, The Fetishists, Masturbation
Tags: stranger underground mastubation hot steamy summer
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Doctor/Nurse/Patient
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

It was mid July and had been one of the hottest summers for years, I was working in London and making the daily commute in by train, even at 8 o’clock  in the morning it was hot and humid .The train was always crowded but I usually managed to get a seat.
This particular day I found myself sitting opposite  an attractive woman of about 28, with  dark wavy  hair cut just at shoulder length, she was wearing a pleated red  skirt and white blouse and I could not only see that she had on a lacy white bra but could also  just make out the dark circle of her nipples pointing upwards on her perky tits.

The only good thing about commuting this time of year was that at least you had something nice to look at on the journey ,as all the women seem to compete to see who can show the most breast or wear the shortest skirt, and  I’m not complaining .

She took a paperback out of the bag on her lap, tucked the bag onto the seat next to her and began to read. I looked around the carriage and out of the window trying  not to make it too obvious that I was sneaking a peak  at her nipples every now and then .As I was looking out the window a few minutes later I saw her out of the corner of my eye sort of lift the front of her skirt a bit and cross her long suntanned legs ,by the time I had turned my head back towards her she was resting her book on her knee and reading again ,
her skirt came down to just over her knee so she wasn’t showing too much of her lovely suntanned legs ,as I watched her she again lifted the front of her skirt and  uncrossed her legs this time giving me a glimpse of her lacy white panties’

I felt my cock begin to harden and crossed my own legs to cover my bulging trousers, she did this several more times before  we reached Liverpool street station and when I stood up to get off I had to hold my brief case in front of me to cover my erection,

I made my way off the platform and down onto the underground circle line and boarded the train ,it was quite crowded but not too bad, there seemed to be  women all around me in their summer clothes and there by the side of me was the same girl I had sat opposite on the train earlier,
she had her back to me and had her hand up holding onto one of the rails on the ceiling ,I could see through the side of her blouse the full curve of her breast nestled in her lacy white bra. At the next station a lot more people got in and forced us all back in the carriage, I was pressed up tightly to the glass panel by the side of the  doors, the women in front was now forced back onto me ,she trod on my foot turned her head smiled apologetically , I smiled back ,the train pulled away slowly lurching around ,

I could feel her hip digging into my groin as the train  lurched around , her hair smelt gorgeous and was practically in my face,I could see breast jiggle in her bra as the train chugged along it wasn’t long before my cock was rock hard again  and using the motion of the train I gently  rubbed it against her hip .the train stopped at the next station no one got out and no one could get in ,it was too crowded

The train lurched off again very slowly it was one of those days when it would go little way and the stop for a bit and then chugg on . then it would stop for 3 or 4 minutes ,the carriage was getting very hot and  I was pinned in the corner my cock  straining in my trousers  I turned to the side slightly ,unzipped my fly and it just sprung out of my boxers like jack in the box,I squeezed it in my hand for a minute stroking it up and down slowly.

I turned back towards the girl in front and pressed myself to her as the train chugged forward again , I looked down to see my large purple  coloured  helmet pressed against her  red skirt .Two more stations came and went without many people getting in or out, she had now taken her hand off of the overhead rail and had turned around slightly so that my cock was now resting firmly between   the cheeks of her arse, the  thought of the lacy white panties I had seen earlier was making my cock twitch  ,the train rocked from side to side for a few minutes of ecstasy before coming to a stop again for a few minutes and  making very strange noises

It was now very hot, I could smell the heat of her body ,the fragrance of her hair, but was not expecting to feel her hot   moist hand slip down between us and grab my bulging cock it made me gasp ,she must have been suprised to find it out and naked ,my face turned red as she stroked it up and down a few times  then rolled back my foreskin and gentle squeezed my throbbing helmet, I caught my breath and  almost cum there and then  , she took her hand away lifted  up the back of her skirt and  pushed her hot buttocks  against my cock,  with perfect timing the train rumbled off again banging us together ,

I slipped my hand under her skirt , down the back her panties and caressed her firm round arse, my hot sweaty fingers slipping easily between her legs and into her hot  wet pussy ,as I grind my cock against her hip I feel her push against my fingers forcing them further up into her .the train was stopping and starting , lurching from side to side and I gently pumped my fingers into her wet cunt as we went through two stations without stopping

I could feel the veins on my solid twiching  erection standing out as I tried to get into a position to slip it into her hot pussy but it just wouldn’t work, although everyone had their back to us it was just too awkward .
after a while I could feel her hot cunt twitching on my fingers as I moved them  in and out ,deeper and deeper .I slipped my cock into the leg of her panties , and  with one last grind I pumped  load after load of hot cum over her hot sticky buttocks,
I could feel it running  down between her cheeks onto my hand that she had clamped  between her legs,  her cunt still twitching on my fingers as our juices mingled together,  we were still in this position  as we caught our breath and the train pulled into the next station we kept still and luckily it stayed crowded and we weren’t spotted

The train moved off again and I gently moved my hand up and slipped my finger  into her arse it was so wet and juicy it slipped all the way in easily, as she pushed back onto my hand I could feel her muscles  throbbing and gripping on  my finger .The train began to slow and I knew it was my station so I gently slipped me finger out ,stuffed  my now half hard cock back into my trousers and zipped myself up. I folded her skirt back down  giving her bum a gently squeeze as I did so ,I heard her clear her throat as she looked around at me with a slightly glazed look in her eyes. I had beads of sweat running from my forehead and felt weak at the knees

 The train stopped at the next station, we both started to fight our way past the crowds to get off. As we made our way up the stairs to leave the station we looked at each other ,”Hello” I said with a grin, “thank you”, that was the first time we had spoken ,” no ","thank you” she said .we got chatting and it turned out our office blocks were next door to each other she gave me her number and asked me to ring her at lunch time which I did, and have I got another story to tell you about that,

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