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Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
It was just after 7pm when I pulled into my driveway. I'd been out all 
afternoon running errands and grocery shopping. Josh had been away on
business for almost a month now and I wanted the house to look nice
and cook him a good meal when he got home tomorrow evening.

The past month had been hard but Josh had called pratically everyday and skype
had made phone sex a lot more exciting. What I missed most of all
though was the feel of him, his touch, his scent, the way his body
felt against mine. His phone calls had been both a blessing and a
 I loved to watch him play with himself, to see his dick get 
hard for me then tease my clit as I watched him jerk himself off but
afterwards I'd just long for the feel of his body even more. His chest
and shoulders were so well defined and his tight abs felt so firm and
muscular against my tongue.
 The closet doors in our bedroom were 
mirrored and one of my favorite things to do was watch him as he
fucked me, the muscles in his back rippling everytime he thrust into
my tight pussy. He'd been a dancer in his younger days and he still
knew how to move his hips to get me panting and moaning.
 I'd lost 
count of the number of times he'd had me pleading and begging him to
make me come all because of the way he moved those hips, when he
wanted to tease me he could slow grind me into a state of near
. Just thinking about all this was making me wet so I decided 
to go in the house and cook myself a quick dinner before going
upstairs to relieve some tension. Even though Josh was getting in
tomorrow it'd be a while before i'd get laid, he'd probably be tired
plus we sorta had an argument before he left and i knew he'd want to
talk about that first.
 There was still lot of tension between us 
because of that argument, we'd silently decided to put it to one side
while he'd been away but we both knew the topic would come up again
when he got home tomorrow.

I punched in the code for the front door and carrired the groceries
through to the kitchen, if I hurried I could be done with dinner in
half an hour and then get down to the important business of pleasuring
myself. The way my pussy was aching I knew only my rabbit was going to
be able to do the job right and make me feel sated.
 I started 
unpacking the groceries trying to be as quick as I could, I was
getting hornier every minute and could feel my wetness as I moved
around. I started to pour myself a glass of wine when I heard a
movement behind me. I quickly spun round to see Joshua standing in the
doorway looking all hot and intense.
 It was clear to me from the look 
on his face that he was still mad at me but right now that was just
making me hornier. 'Baby', I said crossing over to him and kissing his
mouth gently, 'I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow'.
'I finished up early' he said, his arms snaking around me, 'So I
thought I'd come home and surprise you'.
'I'm glad that you're home' I said as I pressed myself into him, god 
the feel of him was unreal, he was warm and firm and inviting. 'when
did you get in?' I asked still savouring the feel of his body, I was
nuzzling his neck now, eyes closed just taking in the scent if him.
couple hours ago, I took a shower, had a nap so I'm not feeling too
'You hungry?' I asked him. He looked down at me intensely and licked
his lips, 'starving', he replied.

He stepped back out of the kitchen pulling me towards him before
bringing his lips down to taste my mouth. I let my tongue mingle with
his as I ran my hands all over his chest and back. His hands were in
my hair as he kissed me over and over again, I moaned suggestively and
that just made him pull my body even closer against his.
 I'm not even 
sure how we made it upstairs but before I knew it we were in our
bedroom and he was taking my shirt off. He tossed it into a corner and
my bra quickly followed in the same direction. Still kissing me he
slid his lips down to suck on my neck as he eased my skirt down past
my hips
. As it dropped to me ankles he motioned for me to step out of 
it. I was now wearing just a tiny lace thong while he was still fully
clothed. I reached for his shirt but he slapped my hand away, his lips
never leaving my neck. His hands slid up my body and found my breasts,
he kneaded the fleshy mounds for a while then moved his mouth back up
to my lips.
 We tasted each others tongues over and over again as he 
used just the tips of his fingers to lightly tease my swollen nipples.
I moaned into his mouth and held onto his broad shoulders. He was
still fully clothed and enjoying the fact that this made me

He sat on the bed suddenly and motioned for me to straddle
him. As soon as I did he took one of my erect nipples in his mouth and
gently sucked on it. I moaned again and moved my hand down to my clit.
Still sucking on my engorged nipple he reached down and plucked my
hand away from between my thighs, slapping my wrist firmly.
after what seemed like hours, he released my wet nipple blowing on it
gently while looking me in the eye. I felt it stiffen and tighten
before he gently took the other nipple in his mouth. I was panting
hard now, holding either side of his head in a futile attempt to
direct him. He started licking circles around my nipple with his hot
tongue while fondling the other one in his large hands.
 I was 
squirming in his lap, trying my hardest not to scream out in both
pleasure and frustration. After what seemed like forever I felt his
fingers as he stroked my pussy through my thong. The thin scrap of
material was now soaking wet. He slid it down over my hips as far as
it would go, then he kissed my mouth roughly as he ripped it off my
. Unable to contain myself anymore I pulled his shirt over his 
head and let my hands roam all over his hard body. He wrapped my legs
around his waist before standing up and dropping his pants, he wasn't
wearing any underwear.

He sat down again, with me still straddling
him, I got to work licking and sucking every inch of his chest, paying
special attention to his flat nipples while he played with my breasts.
As I moved down lower to lick his abs I slid off his lap down in
between his legs, it was my turn to tease him now as I licked and
sucked everywhere but his groin.
 I heard him groan and looked up at 
him with a smile of satisfaction on my face. Only when he was so hard
that I could feel his solid dick against my cheek did I pay his cock
any attention. I licked the head slowly while making a fist around him
with my hand.
 Then I gently lifted his hard cock and dipped my head 
down to take his balls in my mouth. I sucked slowly, taking my time
and savouring the gutteral sounds he was making. 'Mmmmmmm' I moaned as
I sucked harder and heard his sharp intake of breath. He still had a
breast in each hand and was palming and squeezing them almost
 After deciding I had teased him long enough I moved 
mouth back up to his cock which by now had swollen to three times it's
size. I kissed the head lovingly before taking it in my mouth and
sucking up and down. I still had my fist around him and pumped
steadily as I sucked him off
. He kept one hand on my breasts and moved 
the other up to the back of my head holding me firmly in place. He
started thrusting, the hand on my head moving to the same rhythm as
his hips while his other hand pinched and fondled my nipples. His
strokes got faster and harder as I sucked him tight into my mouth
creating a vaccuum
. He moaned loudly as he came in my mouth, his 
sounds incomprehensible. For a few seconds everything was still, then
I felt his hands pulling me up into his lap again.

This time his kiss was softer, I let my hands roam over his body once more as he twisted
my nipples over and over. In what seemed like no time at all he was
hard again and guiding me to mount him. I slid down onto his cock and
wrapped my legs around him as he put his mouth to my nipple once more
and started to slowly grind his hips against mine.

My breathing was
quickly ragged as I panted in his ear. 'Deeper' I moaned as he fucked
me harder, 'Fuck me deeper, Daddy'. His dick seemed to get even harder
at my words, he loved it when I called him daddy. 'oh yes baby', I
moaned as he switched up the pace, 'Oh yeah, do it like that'.
He was 
rolling his hips around in a circular motion now and my body felt like
it was on the verge of explosion. He grabbed my hips to force me to
slow down and took his time flexing his hips up and down over and over
again. 'Oh yeah......' I was moaning in his ear, 'Don't stop
Daddy.......' The pressure in my body seemed to be growing and growing
for the longest time as he slowly teased my body, more than once he
brought me to the edge before stopping, then starting up again.
Finally I couldn't take it any longer, 'Please Josh............' I
begged moaning in his ear, 'Please just do it..............just make 
me.........,' I was pleading with him and he smiled at me smugly
before picking up the pace and reaching down to fondle my clit. I
closed my eyes as threw my head back as wave after wave of pleasure
washed over me. I was moaning so loud that i'm sure the neighbours
could hear me.

As I rode the last wave he grabbed my hips roughly and
pounded me harder and harder, with one last burst of energy he
exploded into me crying out like a wounded animal. We stayed like that
for a long time, trying to catch our breath and regain some composure,
after a while I felt him gently move the hair out of my eyes and
looked up at him


, 'I missed you' he said softly, I moved to kiss his
mouth once more.......... It wasn't until later as he fell asleep on
my chest that I realised the argument had been completely forgotten.

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