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Categories: Force/Rape, Oral Sex, Identified partner, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: Cocksucking Fantasy couch. mistress Fetishes
Location: My House
Roleplay: Master/slave
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Nature: Humiliating

I enter the living room and see Therese standing on a chair with Christmas lights in her hands. She wears a brown pantyhose, small blank boots, and a very short plaid dress. From the door I can see where her shapely legs meet her bottom. There the color of the pantyhose is very much lighter, due to her white panties, which are visible through the brown fabric. From where I'm standing I have a very good view of the curvature of her body. As I stand there amazed on my good fortune and relish the view before me, I fail to notice that she turns her head and looks at me.


I quickly compose myself and walk further into the room. “Can I help with the decorations?”

“Yes, you can give me those silver balls,” she replies with a hint of wickedness in her voice, pointing to a couple of Christmas balls lying on the table. I walk to the table, pick them up and walk up to Therese I look up to her along her shapely body as I hand her a Christmas ball. Seeing her from this angle in that dress is quite arousing and I feel my heart quickening. She turns her attention to the lights on the wall and hangs the Christmas ball to the nail in the wall.

I quickly lower my eyes as she stretches to reach the next nail. Her short dress rides up, revealing the bottom of her panties, just in front of my face. I look up again and hand a new Christmas ball to her. Again she needs to reach for the nail and I can enjoy the sight in front of me.

But this time she catches me and slaps me on the back of my head. “No peeking!” I step back nursing a painful head, while she steps down from the chair. “I know what you were watching, and you will get it... in time. But first the decorations.” She gives me a playful smile and walks to the couch. “Help me,“ she orders me, while holding out her hand to me. I take her hand and stabilize her as she steps on the couch. “Hold me steady,” she orders me again. I place my hands on her hips as she balances on the couch, knowing my face is just inches away from her sweet ass.

She continues to hang the decorations, while I enjoy my task of holding her steady. During the time we work together I slowly slide my hands up her body, feigning to get a better grip. This way I can move her dress up more and reveal more of her bottom and well-formed legs.

Finally we are done and I help her from the unstable cushions. She nearly looses her balance in the process and pushes her soft ass against my chest to remain upright. She slides down my torso and must have felt the hard-on from my fantasies. She turns around and pushes me onto the couch. She jumps onto the couch, landing with her knees on each side of my body. With her weight on my stomach and one hand on my neck, she has subdued me, for I know that if I struggle she will strangle me with her  hand. “You were quite naughty. Did you think you could enjoy yourself with me that way, without me noticing it?” My heart starts pounding with fear: I'm in trouble. “You will get your just deserts after diner.” With that she pinches my neck to indicate her seriousness and then she rises from the couch and walks away.

* * * * *

That evening I sat down at the diner table with a knot in my stomach. To my horror both Therese and Emma sit down opposite to me and both smile at me with playful wickedness. Diner proceeds as normal. I'm drawn into a conversation about physics with my neighbor and I almost forget what will happen later in the evening. Therese and Emma are talking with each other and the men next to them. After that first smile I never saw them looking my way or even indicating that they are up to something. Partway through the second course I finally felt relaxed and was enjoying my food and conversation. Suddenly I feel a foot brushing against the insides of my leg. In shock I look up and see how Therese is looking at me, giving a curt shake of her head.

Then she returns to her conversation. Her foot is still moving upward. I discretely try to move away, but the back of chair is in the way. Her foot continues it's path up my leg. Then the heel digs it's way into my crotch. I try to keep my composure, since I don't want any of the others to know what happened or what is coming. Seeing my horror Therese throws me a smile and backs away. The rest of the evening I never again relaxed, fearing what Therese might do next.

* * * * *

Slowly (too slow to my idea) all the guests leave and only Emma, Therese, and me remain. Emma kisses me goodnight and goes to bed. I try to go with her, but Therese stops me. “No, you and I still have something to do.” She grabs my arm and painfully pulls me to the couch. “Sit!” and I sit down on the couch, while she stands before me with spread legs. “I know you want this,” and she lifts her dress up to her waist,  showing me the top of her pantyhose and her panties. With my fantasy I look through her clothes, and image fucking her, which is enough for my dick to react:

I slowly get an erection within my pants. Seeing the bulge form between my legs, she smiles knowingly. She then sits on my lap and takes my head in her hands, placing a sweet kiss on my forehead. Feeling a bit courageous I place my hands on her thighs. She smiles and kisses me on the mouth.

While kissing me she rocks her hips forth and back, massaging the bulge in my pants. My erection grows and grows. The stain against the fabric of my pants becomes a bit painful. Moving my hands to her hips I try to stop Therese from rocking. At that time she stops kissing me. “I'm having fun here. You had your fun this afternoon; now it is my time. Stop me once more and I will make you regret it.” At that she takes my hands and places them back on her thighs. She then resumes her rocking, grinding her mount along the hard dick in my pants, chafing them together. This becomes more and more painful.

After some time she rises from me and sits down next to me.

She lifts her dress again, and I watch the curves of her tummy and beautiful legs. Grabbing the hem of her pantyhose she lifts it and the top of her panties with her right hand. I can see the curls of her public hair within the shadowy light. “Just a little higher,” I think and wish, “just a little higher.” But she stops and slips her left hand into the gap. I can see her hand moving beneath the fabric and know from memory, that she positions it in such a way that she can finger herself. Then she let the clothes fall back again and obscure the sight of her private parts.

A soft moan crosses her lips as she start to pleasure herself. Thinking this is my queue I open my fly. * Slap * She painfully hits the back of my hand, causing me to pull back. She slips her right hand into my pants and wiggles my underpants out of the way. My erect cock now lies against the inside of my left thigh. At that she pulls her hand back and orders me to zip up, which I dutifully do.

With her right hand she takes hold of my erect dick through the fabric of my pants and starts to wank it. The chafing became a bit less pronounced, since my dick has been released from my underpants. Our breathing becomes more and more heavily as time passes. My sight is still transfixed on her covered private parts and her left hand, which is moving down there. With pull towards my groin Therese pulls back my foreskin and exposes my head. She then starts feverishly rubbing through my pants, in tandem with a quickening of her movements in her pantyhose; and the subsequent quickening of her breathing. Then the muscles in her legs tense up and she is having an orgasm.

During her orgasm her right hand squeezes my head forcefully. After the spasms subside, she releases my dick and also removes her left hand from her panties. Holding her glistening hand before my face I can smell the sweet scent of her love juices.

She rises from the couch and orders me to undress. Happily I comply, since that would release my tortured erection. Therese looks me over, enjoying every bit. “Now we are even. Come,” she says, grabbing my erect dick. Using my dick as a leash she leads me to her bedroom. She guides me so that I'm standing with my back to her bed, and then she pushes against my chest. I try to make a step back to keep my balance, but the bed is in my way. As I fall backward onto the bed, I realize she still has a firm grip on her “leash”. With a scream from my lips I hit the bed and my cock slips from her grasp. I double up from the pain.

After several moment I'm forcefully turned on my back. Therese takes her seat on my chest, pinning me to the bed. “Hands away. Let me make it better,” she says in a playful tone. At that she wraps her hand around the base of my cock and my ball sack. Her lips surround the head and a pleasurable warmth spreads from it. She sucks the head down and keeps on sucking until my somewhat soft member is completely enveloped in her mouth. She caresses it with her tongue and my cock hardens in no time into her throat.

Meantime I can enjoy the sight of her pantyhose-covered curves just before my eyes. Oh how I want to take her then and there, but I know that she is in control. She changes what she does; she now bobs her head up and down. I enjoy her attention fully and she notices it. After a few minutes my own orgasm is drawing near. I feel how my balls contract and are getting ready to shoot their load into her mouth, when she suddenly releases my dick, and quickly slaps my dick twice; once to the left and at the rebound to the right. I scream again from the pain. My orgasm was completely gone and my dick lost its firmness again. Before the pain had subsided, I felt her soft lips enveloping my cock again. The sweet touch of her tongue intensified the pain at first but then the pleasure returned again.

When my dick was firm again, she stood up and looked down to me. She then sat down on my stomach, pinning my hands to my sides with her knees. She lowers her pantyhose and panties enough to allow access to her private parts, but not enough to allow me to see them. She takes my cock and sits down on it. Then she starts riding it. Quickly the pace increases and I start to buck in the same rhythm. Together we buck and grind and I feel my balls contracting again. Concentrating I try to hold my orgasm at bay, but fail miserably. Way too soon I shoot my load into her pussy.

With a wicked half-smile on her face, Therese keeps on riding me. The pleasure of the orgasm subsides and becomes the agony of sex after the orgasm. After several agonizing minutes I feel her pussy clench together and she has her orgasm. She slides from my half erect cock.

“Now get out!” With a tear filled face and a glistening, dripping dick I leave her room.

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