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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Virgins/Young women, Oral Sex, Force/Rape, Steady Partner, Anal Sex
Tags: Athletic juicy TwoWomen romantic lover swallowing sentual
Location: My House
Roleplay: Student/Teacher
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

My dream job is to be a mature age  math teacher.  Now don't get me wrong if I were to ever achieve this dream goal I would never act on any young lady.  It's a fantasy though.

I am at home in my one bedroom apartment and I get a phone call from one of my favorite students.  She has had a big fight with her parents.  I tell her that I don't give out my number so that students can call me with personal problems, I gave it out to help with homework.  She apologizes and begins to bawl her eyes out.  I tell her that I'll talk to her.  She tells me that her father thinks that she is pregnant and won't listen to a word that she is saying.  I ask if she has had sex and she says yes, but he doesn't actually know that.  She tells me that she has always used protection and that she couldn't possibly be pregnant.  Well fathers tend to be a little bullheaded when it comes to their daughters.  I'm sure he loves you very much and just wants  to make sure you're going to be safe and not put a huge snag in your future by having a child, I tell her.

We talk for about a half hour, the time just flew by.  I tell her I have to go, that I shouldn't have been on the line with her for this long, but before I go she tells me about how cute she has always thought I was.  She tells me that when I wear my favorite sweater that I make her so hot she gets wet just watching me write on the bored.  I am completely flattered, and I tell her that she shouldn't talk like that.  She tells me she wants to thank me for helping her by buying me dinner.  I tell her that isn't necessary but she insists.  I ask where she wants to eat at and she says it's a surprise I'll pick you up.  I tell her that is absolutely out of the question.  I don't want her to know where I live.  She spouts off my address without hesitation.  I'm shocked and ask how she knows that.  She tells me I'm listed online.  I tell her that she may come pick me up.

There is a knock at my door and I open it, there she is.  She has on the tiniest skirt I've ever seen in my life, thigh high lace up boots, fishnet stockings, and a small little shirt that shows her mid drift and a good portion of her cleavage.  I freeze just staring at her.  She says aren't you going to let me in?  I thought we were going out to eat.  She tells me I misheard her, she asked  if she could buy me dinner.  She holds up a grocery bag and says here it is.  She pushes me aside, shuts the door and locks all three locks.  Still in awe from how sexy she looks I just stand there.  Can't I have a tour she asks.  Uhh.. yeah sure... I stutter. 

This is the living room and over there is the kitchen, down that hall is the bathroom and my bedroom.  Aren't you going to show it to me?  I'd rather you not see my bedroom I tell her.  By the way what's for dinner?  Ignoring me she says oh come on and starts to run down the hall toward my bedroom, I chase after her grabbing her arm at the end of the hallway.  She falls into the door and it slams open, we both tumble to the floor.  I am laying on top of her now, my lips so close to hers that I really want to kiss taste them.  Trying to be most professional I finally get off and apologize.  I plead she leave the room.  Before I know what's going on she pushes me onto my bed and climbs on top of me. 

She immediately begins to press her sweet 18 teenage body against mine.  She kisses my neck and holds my wrists not letting me move my arms, truth is I don't want to, just trying to make is seem like I do.  Her body writhes against mine.  After a few seconds I tell her we can't do this and attempt to get up, she puts both hands around my throat and pushes me back to the bed by my neck.  She begins to kiss me.  I can't help but kiss back.  Her hands slide down my body, and begin to undo my belt.  My hands immediately go to hers to try to stop her. 

She bites my lip hard enough to make it bleed and then says, look, I get it!  You're a good guy and don't want to take advantage of me.  But guess what ... I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!  I know you want me and I've wanted you for a long time now.  Just go with the flow, it's okay.  I reluctantly let go of her hands.  She takes my belt off faster than I can and tosses it to the floor.  She begins to rub her hand on the outside of my pants.  I'm already at full attention if you know what I mean.  My cock hasn't been this hard since I was a teenager.  She stops kissing me to make a comment about how hard I am. 

She makes my hands run up her back.  Guiding them all the way up to her shirt.  She has me help her take her shirt off.  She isn't wearing a bra and that is a huge turn on.  She has beautiful breasts.  I hate big breasts but hers can't be bigger than a 34C, I'd guess they are 34B's though.  She guides my hands to play with her nipples.  She unbuttons her skirt and takes it off, she's not wearing any panties and is already soaking wet.  She takes my shirt off and then begins to unbutton my pants. 

It's laundry day, so I don't have any boxers on.  I figured I wasn't going anywhere why wear them?  Oh Mr. S that's so fucking sexy that you don't wear underwear.  She takes her boots and fishnets off as I plead my case about laundry day.  She pushes me back down and says I don't care it's still sexy!  She walks to the bag and says want to know what's for dinner?  I say ... sure?  Thinking what awkward timing.  She pulls out whipped cream, cherries and strawberries.  She shakes up the whipped cream and pops the top.  You, she says.  What? I question as she begins to put the cream all over my shaft.  I have a thin seven inch cock, but I know how to use it.  She slowly licks the whipped cream off.  She starts by putting my balls in her mouth and sucking on them hard.  It hurts, but in a good way. 

Then she licks all the way up to the head.  Her mouth is so warm and her lips are so soft and wet, my cock inside her mouth feels amazing.  I haven't had this much fun since I was in college. She begins sucking my cock hard and licking the tip, while still inside her mouth.  Her hands are playing with my balls.  This girl is so good and so sexy that it doesn't take long for me to erupt.  I tell her "I'm going to cum" she says I want every drop down my throat! Hearing her say that makes me cum immediately. She has every inch of my penis in her mouth somehow not spilling a drop.  I'm amazed.  She takes me out of her mouth and says thank you for helping me with my dad and hops off of me and grabs her shirt. 

I stand up rip the shirt from her hand.  I throw it across the room and tell her, "now it's your turn hunny."  I bend down and pick her up by the legs so that she is sitting on my shoulders, her sweet pussy in front of my face.  She squeals with laughter.  I start licking her sweet pussy, first tasting her juice.  It is the best most sweet thing I've ever had.  She smells amazing too, I didn't know pussy could smell so good.  I walk over to the bed still eating her and try to place her on the bed.  She slips out of my hands and falls hard onto the bed.

  Before I can say I'm so sorry she moans with a seductive smile on her face.  Are you okay?  I ask.  Mmmhmm.  She looks away shly and said I liked that a lot.  I said what?  And she said I don't know, I guess being rough, I've never had it rough before.  I smile because that's how I like sex.  I spread her legs and go back to work.  One hand spreading her lips apart so that my tongue can rapidly lick her clit.  My other hand has two fingers slowly going deep into her, searching around her tight tight pussy for that elusive "G-Spot."  I finally find a spot that makes her twitch.  Do you like that.  She moans ridiculously loud and just blurts mmmmmmmhhhhhhhmmmmmm!!!!  I slow my licking speed down and speed up my fingers.  The two different speeds make her go crazy.  She is writhing and moving all over the place. 

Suddenly she blurts out Fuck Me Mr.S!!  Fuck me now!  I want it hard and rough, I want to try it with you!  Without thinking about it I shoot to my feet and begin to walk past her on the bed to grab a condom.  On my way I begin to ask how rough she wants it but she cuts me off at wants and says what are you doing fuck me already!  I tell her getting a condom, she says that she wants to know what it feels like with out one and wants to share that with me.  I stop for a second and think, first of all I've never had sex without one and second of all that is taking a mighty big chance.

  I decide to put one on and so I continue over.  Out of no where she grabs my cock and pulls it hard forcing me to my knees.  She squeezes my nuts with her other hand.  It hurts so good that I have to moan.  What are you doing?  I said fuck me now with no rubber!  She pulls me on top of her and I shove my huge cock into her tight pussy.  OH it's so wet and feels so good.  I shove every inch of me into her and she moans while wincing. 

Does that hurt?  Not enough she says.  That is so fucking hot! I think.  She scratches my back so hard I feel like it's bleeding.  I put one hand around her neck choking her, not too hard, but enough pressure that she feels it and my other hand grabs her wrists as tight as I can.  I am rapidly fucking her with all 7 inches.  She is totally into the choking.  She wiggles a hand loose and pushes my other off of her throat.  I had my weight on that arm so I end up falling a bit.  She pushes me onto my back as I'm off balance and quickly darts to the grocery bag.  Where the fuck are you going?  I say. 

She pulls out some lube and begins putting it in her asshole.  You are going to fuck my ass, I've never done it but I want your cock in there!  I want to reward you for fucking me with no rubber.  As she plays with her asshole getting it ready, she takes my cock into her mouth again.  Finally she lubes up my cock too and slowly forces herself on top of me and into her ass.  I've never been into that, but it feels better than I could have imagined.  She moans and shouts I LOVE THIS!  Then she whispers I love your cock, and want you to cum in my asshole.  She begins bouncing up and down on my cock.  I focus on her sexy breasts bouncing in rhythm with her.  She rides me hard for about 15 minutes then makes me fuck her doggy style.  She loves this as I can fuck her harder and deeper.  Finally after a half hour of anal sex she begs me to cum in her and so I do.

We enjoy this so much it becomes a weekly thing, no one ever finds out.

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