a recurring fantasy   added 6 years ago
  By: rockowler  Age: 63  Country: France

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Oral Sex, Force/Rape, Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: Want! restraint
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

It is the inevitable bedroom scene, where the woman has tied me bent over the foot of the bed, so that my naked derrière is exposed. I am strapped down in a way that prohibits any form of movement whatsoever - utterly immobilised.

She then lies on the bed with her legs over my shoulders, so that my face is buried in her pussy. She then works her wicked way with me, until she reaches orgasm due both to her own exertions, and also a little help from my tongue. After she has had enough, she blindfolds and gags me, before making a quick telephone call, saying only "Hi, it's on, come now".

Several minutes later, I hear someone else enter the room, and from the voice - it is a man!.. This man then proceeds to give my exposed butt a severe rodgering, "taking my virginity" in the process, and I am helples to resist, or do other than grunt because of the gag.

Sometimes it is actually two men who arrive, and they take it in turns to slip into me, until they too have satiated themselves, whereupon they leave as quietly as they arrived, and I am none the wiser as to who he was/they were. The woman on the other hand,continues to use me as before after we are alone again.

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