69 with a Twist   added 6 years ago
  By: affectionate4u  Age: 51  Country: United States

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Categories: Oral Sex
Tags: 69
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

Out to dinner with you dressed in your usual elegance; dress showing your lovely curves, legs wrapped in seamed stockings, heels highlighting your tiny feet and shapely calves. Seated in a cozy table for two, secluded from prying eyes, I cannot keep my hands from running up your legs, feeling the lace of your thigh highs, garter belt straps, and I imagine, no panties. Your beautiful sex framed in such a wonderful lingerie attire fills my mind with desire. I notice your enticing mouth as we talk, and I think of the feel of your luscious lips around my thick cock. I also am thinking of my warm tongue on your wet clit and pussy. Sounds like a session of 69 is called for, but I want something of a twist to that alone.


As we get back home, and I undress you to reveal the perfect feminine form that is you, pure woman, pure sex. I undress and put you on the bed spread before me. I tell you to relax, only to "play" with my swollen cock while I taste you, suck you and make you cum. In addition to waiting for your pleasure, I have a special treatment in mind for you prior to you taking my pleasure. You will have an inflatable butt plug inserted into your bottom, and I will gradually inflate it while you stroke and swallow my cock. 


As you cum and I tease the last spasm out of you, I begin to prepare your bottom for the large plug. I work my lubed finger into your bottom, ignoring your whimpering. I then slowly slide the plug into you, and once fully inserted I tell you to take me into your mouth, make me cum all over you. Hurry I tell you, I need to explode before your bottom does. You suck my member, stroking it at the same time to increase the friction. I give your plug a pump, and you moan in pain/pleasure. The race begins, my release vs your pain. You win, releasing my load all over you shapely breasts.


We are not finished yet. I push you to the edge of the bed, bottom up and begin to spank you. I spank you to take control of you and excite us both. I spank you until  your cheeks are red, . By now I am swollen with lust again. I flip you over and push you legs toward your head, and tell you to grab onto your heels. You do as told, and I place my member into you, slowly driving deeper until I am fully inside you. I fuck you long and hard, reveling in your wetness, pleasure your giving me. I finally reach my climax, pulling out to cum over you. Much better than dinner and a movie!

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