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This True story happened when I was twenty. I was working as a handyman for a local builder and was sent to a borstal/home on the edge of our town to replace a broken mirror, I arrived and went to the office and was told to go to block D and ask for Carol and she would show me where it was
This I did and was shown by Carol, an attractive dark haired woman of about 35 ,to a utility room on the second floor, it had two toilet cubicles on the right and two large china sinks on the left hand wall Carol left saying she would be back soon as she had some washing to do ,I thought no more of it  put the new mirror on a small stool that was just a little bit in front of the sinks and got on with taking down the old mirror which was on the wall between the two toilet  doors  . It was about ten in the morning so all the borstal boys were at lesson's so we were the only ones in block D.

 Carol came back shortly with her arms full of bedsheets,she put them in one of the sinks filled it up with hot water and began her washing. She was very friendly and was chatting away all the time with her back to me. 
The old mirror had been there for a long time and I was having a bit of trouble getting the old screws out of the wall.I was working just behind Carole and when I looked down at the mirror on the stool I saw I had a perfect view right up her short flared grey skirt and between her legs, it could not have been a better view if I had laid on the floor with my head  between her legs. Carol was still chatting away but by now my answers were reduced to yes’s and no’s ,my mouth had become very dry and I had a large erection, which  I could not help but rub through my jeans I got bit closer to get a better view and saw that her pale blue knickers were not quiet on properly and one side was sort of in her pussy  giving me a great view of a hairy pussy lipand a bit of ass cheek , that was it, I just had to get my cock out .I turned my body away from her slightly, in case she turned around but kept my eyes firmly fixed on the mirror. Her legs were now a bit further apart and she was bending further over the sink still splashing, and chatting away like a budgie. I was wanking  away slow and hard trying not to be heard ,this went on for a a little while till my cock was  now so full of cum it was starting to seep out of my by now swollen bright purple helmet, just as I thought I was going shoot my load across the room Carol said she had finished and without looking around went out of the room, I quickly stuffed my  throbbing cock back in my jeans and feeling disappointed and randy as hell. I got back to my work,I couldn’t even finish myself off in case  she came back in.

A short while later Carol came back in with another arm full of washing. I couldn’t believe my luck the mirror was still in the same place and Carol made a joke about me dragging the job out a bit

She then carried on with her washing  still splashing and chatting away, I tried to answer her as best as I could but was not really listening, as I tried to get into a good position again, this time when I looked down at the mirror  I nearly let out a long moan as when she has gone out she had taken off her knickers and I could now see  both her beautiful dark pussy lips, although they were covered with  dark curly hair they hang down and sort of parted back a little bit to show a lighter pink colour .
 My cock was out and rock hard in no time with me wanking it for all I was worth , Carol’s  legs were further apart now and she was really bending over the sink pounding on the washing but not talking , her ass was moving slightly from side to side as she did her washing, and I was right behind her, just as well she was splashing a lot as I’m sure she would of heard my juicy foreskin rapidly going back and forth,  I didn’t last long as I thought iwas about to cum I slowed down my wanking to enjoy the sight of her loverly round ass and pussy for a little longer but it was just to nice and  my cock shot its load across the room and onto the toilet door about two feet away it was all over the mirror on the stool  and a large white blob landed on Carols skirt .

I was quite cold in the untility room and as I looked down it looked like steam was coming from my still swollen helmet I quickly put my still solid cock back in my jeans cleared my throat and tried to get on with my work hoping she wouldn’t turn around and see all the cum everywhere . Soon Carol again said she had finished her washing and asked if I wanted a cup of tea I said yes , And without turning round she took her washing and went.

I quickly wiped up the cum that was running down the door and then cleaned the mirror. As I was washing the last of the cum from my hands in the sink I looked down at the mirror and realised that she must have been able to see every thing I had been doing as she lent over the sink, I  blushed bright red and finished putting the new mirror up as quick as I could ,just as I was about to creep out  Carol came back with my cup of tea. I again went bright red ,But she just turned round and started cleaning up the sink still chatting away,  The blob of cum that had landed on the back  her skirt had now soaked in and made a a dark damp  mark on her light grey skirt ,
I said my good byes left ,but as soon as I got home I had to have another wank, well I was only twenty.

I’ll Never know if she was watching me or not ,but if not why did she take off her knickers off .

Since then I’ve  had many  fantasies and wanks  about all the things I should have done  but was to scared to do at the time , To this day its still one of the sexiest things ive ever seen;. thanks Carole

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