My lovely cheating waitress wife..........   added 6 years ago
  By: yorkee2009  Age: 58  Country: United Kingdom

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About ten years ago i discovereed my wife of 24 years was having an affair with a workmate at the hotel they work at, they were actually shagging in stockrooms, wine cellars etc.   At the time i wasnt to impressed, we argued for weeks about it.           

      Time is a great healer isnt it, and a few years later my fantasies began to veer toward imagining my wife and her fuck mate in their various scenarios.  Eventually i began to question her about it whilst shagging, she was very suspicious of my motives at first and didnt respond.  Slowly it dawned on her that i was genuinly turned on, and she began to relate all her experiences of the three years he was shagging her, in extreme detail, places, positions, the sexy waitress clothes she used to wear,etc etc,and we shagged until we were sore. 

      Since then i have broached the subject of inviting him round for a drink at christmas, she was horrified at first, but has come around to the idea, i cant wait, my camera is at the ready.   Will let you know what happens, this is mostly true by the way.

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