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I'm with my girlfriend in her room and no one is at her house so we start making out. I finger her and she starts to get wet so I slowly make my way down to her pussy with my mouth. I start to eat her out licking her pussy and working on her clit. After about 15 minutes of eatting her out she want to suck my cock. So she starts blowing me and about then her mom comes home but we're too busy to hear the front door open.

After she blows me a for a while she gets up and mounts on my hard cock and starts to ride it. She starts moaning and sreaming that her mom hears from downstairs and wonders whats going on up there. She makes her way up and comes in the room where she see me fucking her daughter. She says "what did i say about fucking in my house?, I'm going to have to teach you two a lesson." So she walks over pulls her panties down under her skirt and says "let me show you how its done" and starts riding my cock. So i fuck both my GF and her mom and then shoot my load in to their mouths and watch them swallow it,

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