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  By: mencunfem  Age: 64  Country: Malaysia

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Categories: Virgins/Young women, Oral Sex, Steady Partner
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Location: An office
Roleplay: Doctor/Nurse/Patient
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I have so often imagines myself being the male therapist for females wanting bigger boobs.

My virgin clients are in the 22-30 age group, and are keen for enlarged and firmed breasts. Coming to me for therapy, and sitting across the desk, firstly a thorough prestructured questionaire. is answered and signed in.

Following this, she accompanies me into a treatment room, and has to stand against the mirrored wall, as straight as possible, for 2-3 minutes.

Then she has to face the mirrored wall and stand about a metre away. From behind, I cup, massage and and squeeze gently on her boobs thriugh her clothes.

Always talking and calming her and explaining my actions, I undo the front buttons of her blouse or lift the t-shirt as high as possible. My palms work on all areas surrounding the boobs, caressing and gentle squeezing.

When she is getting warmed and comfortable with my touch, the tips of my index fingers land smack on the nipples and press in. 

This is when she leans on me. The knees are weak. A little quiver and very assuringly, both fingers circle the nipples a while, before flicking gently.

My thumbs close in, and between my thumbs and fingers are her nipples, now already stiff, and being gently tuned.

The blouse ot t-shirt and bras come off. She is topless and facing the mirror. Her boobs are cushioned in my palms, and ask her to be comfortable for the next session.

Walking to the sink, and reaching for a new towel, I remove the plastic wraps, and soak the towel in hot water. Squeezing the water, the towel is spread across her boobs and my hands hold the towel as gentle massages are relayed.

Two or three times, this is done, and finally for the first time she is turned around to face me, topless. 

Drawing her close to me, I whisper her readiness for my mouth, lips and tongue to stimulate. Explaining why for logics purpose, I swallow as much of her boobs, in turns and give a good suck session.

My lips and tongue often stop to tease the nipples and give soft bites between my lips.

Taking any one of her hands, and placing on my crotch, I say go ahead and stroke and hold or massage as she pleases.

Walking her to the bed and seated on the edge, my sucking continues as my hands, work her thighs.

Loosening my trouse belt and buttons, I ask her to go ahead, take it out and play. Hold it. Feel it. Size up.

Talking all the time, I plant dirty words like cock, cunt; suck; fuck; lick and so on in the conversation. Having got her comfortable, I stand to remove all my clothes as I ask her to get ready for the next session.

Standing her up and removing all her clothes, it is straight to the shower for a good wash. Dried and returned to the bed room, I ask her to sit on bed edge and keep legs wide open, to see me mouth her cunt.

Reluctance is a while only, as I go on my knees and part the legs, to bury my face and kiss the deep inside of her thighs. One love bite on the thigh inside and the licking begins. She watches a while. .

I stand to lie her down, and do do a good licking session. I lift her up to suck and relax. Then the second round of intense licking begins, tongue probing, shooting in and out, hood stretched and inside gets licked very profusely.

She gets to suck me second time and the intense of sucking has come by itself and almost like joyous relief.Automatically, she is taking my cock deep in and sucking wild.

As she cools, I sit next to her for final boobs sucks. Her hands never leave my cock. We dress, and return to the table.

You did want a fuck, a while ago. A soft head shake agrees. You are a vrgin. For the next 6-8 weeks, you shall be a virgin. You will get the fucks, later.

I tell her that this is respect. I tell her that I do not take advantage of the moment. I build her confidence in her to return for more sessions.

Giving her the appointment for two days away, she is told all is confidential between the two of us. She is happy, paying the fees now.

Before she leaves, I say to her that two days time, is when she gets 69 and 96 and other introductions ( to lessen her inhibitions) and she gets all these for 6 weeks of boobs therapy.

FUCKS is a special session, when you are ready, I tell her.

She wouldn't be able to wait for the next episode.  


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