Tongue Tied.   added 6 years ago
  By: leggyjo  Age: 39  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Other women, Group Sex / Threesome, Oral Sex, The Audience / Voyeur
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

i,m blindfolded,tied to a bed and have just been fucked hard by my husband,suddenly i feel lips kissing me,but they are more gentle than my husbands,a hand starts rubbing my soaked pussy and i respond by grinding against it.The familiar sound of a vibrator comes near and teases my aching vagina before entering me,the mystery person fucks me with the toy untill i cum again.

I,m begging to taste whoever it is and they oblige with the wettest pussy lowered onto my face, i lick and suck untill they cum on my face then my blindfolds removed,i look across the room and my husband and his friend are sitting watching and wanking as i continue to be used by his wife,just a little dream i had last night,hope it comes true.

jo xx

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