What a time the three of us had!   added 6 years ago
  By: outlawandy  Age: 37  Country: United States

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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, Anal Sex, Other men, Oral Sex
Tags: assfucking double-penetration sex watchin wives involved 69.
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

    We had talked about haveing another man in our bed to have a threesome with for quite some time. I told my girlfriend when we started dateing that i liked anal sex. She said she loved the feel of a cock deep in her ass. I told her no, I mean that I like haveing my ass screwed too. She was thrilled and reached into her backpack and grabed a strap- on out of it. She was very into the idea of fucking me that she just had to do it that moment.

    Later as time passed I told her of my gay experiance as a teenager and that I would like to have a guy fuck me again. She was willing to allow me and not get mad aslong as i shared him. So we begain our search for a dominate man to fuck us both.

     Awhile went by and we finnally found the perfect guy. He was straight in the sence that he wouldn't touch another guys cock, but he would fuck, and get blow jobs from guys and he was married. Which we didn't mind cause that ment no strings to worry about. So set up a hotel for us to meet him at for the night.

    We got there first ofcourse and began by ourselfs just thinking of what we were about to do. So shortly later we hear a knock, its him. I get out of the bed and answer the door my girlfriend laying on the bed naked. He looked at us and started takeing his cloths off. He said I feel out of place dressed. By the time I closed the door and turned arround he was already at the bed getting head from my girlfriend. I went over and started to take turns with her sucking his cock back and forth. Then he grabs my girl pulling her up to sit on his face while I blew him. After awhile of oral sex he wanted to know who was getting fucked first.

  My girlfriend moved to the side and said she wanted to watch him do me then she'd jump in in after a minute or two. So he grabbed me by my hips and my girl lubed me as he put on a condom and got behind me to slide into my ass. He started slowly my ass spreading stretching to fit his large throbbing hard cock. As he got deeper and I loosened up some he got a bit harder and faster. After a minute he was full out pounding my ass as my eyes rolled back in my head from pleasure. Then my girl layed in front of me grabbed my head and barried it in her pussy.

    We stayed all night switching back and forth from me getting fucked to my girl getting it even from both of us at the same time. That was part of what she wanted was a cock in her pussy and her ass at the same time. Plus one in the mouth one in the ass and getting her pussy ate was another position she liked that night.

    We decided to keep intouch with the guy descretely and have little get togethers when we all wanted to. Now we're just trying to get his wife to join us in the fun...

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