Pleasing my Master   added 6 years ago
  By: Ownedslave  Age: 31  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Oral Sex
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

i remember another time when i was honoured by being allowed to please my Master.  I had gone to see Him and spend time serving Him.  We had been to see a show and were travelling back to my Master house in His friend’s car.


 We were sitting in the backseat all talking when my Master started playing with my hair, pulling it and twisting it.  He started sending me text messages telling me how and what i was going to do when we were alone.  i was getting so horny and desperate to please my Owner.

The feel of His hands in my hair was sending shivers down my spine and Him telling me how i was going to suck His Cock and swallow His Cum was getting me so horny i could barely sit still.  i was so desperate to serve Him and please Him anyway He wanted but i knew i had to wait till we were alone. 


The evening passed so slowly and all i could think about the whole time was serving and pleasing my Owner.  Eventually we were alone and went to bed.  i was so excited and honoured.  At last i would be able to taste my Master Cock and be fed with His Cum.  It had been felt like so long since i had been able to taste my Owner and i couldn’t wait. 


i kneeled before Him smiling up at Him, my mouth open and ready in eagerness to please Him.  i licked my lips to ready them for sliding His Cock inside my mouth.  i leaned forward and spread my lips round His Cock.  i couldn’t help but moan at the honour my Master was allowing me. 


i started to eagerly suck on His Cock, wanting desperately to please Him and show my devotion.  i sucked and licked and played with His Balls as i moaned eagerly round His Cock.  i wanted to taste my Owners Cum, to feel Him fill my mouth with the sweet taste.  I could feel His hands holding my head firmly, pushing my mouth further onto His Cock.  His grip got tighter and in response i sucked harder and faster on His Cock, savouring every moment of this honour. 


All too soon though i felt His Cock start to spasm and then my mouth was filled with His delicious Cum.  i eagerly swallowed it all and then licked Him clean like a good slave.  A smile was etched on my face from the honour and then i was allowed the greatest honour of lying in my Masters bed, ready to be used should He need me. 

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