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Categories: Steady Partner
Tags: sport and sex
Location: In the forest
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later



One of my favorite sports is mountain biking I may do that every spare moment I have. This particular weekday I took my time off, drove home with a sensation over me to jump on my bike and reach the moantain.


At home I undressed me and took my lovable cycling tights, it’s a kind of footless tight together with a armless body and mostly I take a T shirt over it.
It’s getting colder in the hills so for that reason I had some leg warmers extra. I love to wear this combination. Ya,Ya, I hear you thinking.. Yes i like to see also my dick and balls in that dress, it gives me a kind of proud feeling or even sometimes a horny feeling.


Hiding the road, I have to find a good balance for my energies so the first miles are mostly ease on. There is one rest points before I reach the steep last 4 miles off-road. A mile and a halve before me I see a other biker. So my first challenge was to reach that target. A good rhythm peddling broth I in a view minutes not close from what appears to be a girl.
As men you always look a side when you pass a lady, gents don’t say it isn’t!!
I didn’t see much but the contours forced me to say “Mmm nice looking” but concentrated as I was on my first rest point I continued.


I always have a little titling in my seat part when I drive on my bike; apparently the blood stream is than not 100%. But used to deal with that, I peddle trough.


I placed my bike against a tree. I felt down on a wooden bench and struts my legs. The blood stream starts floating again. Enjoying the moment of rest and the light swollen dick after the new blood supplies, I closed my eyes and let the world come over me. It was a nice and satisfied feeling. 


“It’s always nice reaching this point, isn’t “A voice was saying.


I opened my eyes and there the girl was standing in front of me.  Here eyes focused on my swollen part of my cycling pants. A bit of shame took place, but I could not change position anymore.


She took place on the bench next to me. Opened here trainings jacket to breathe the body sweat. I was looking to a nice curved sweated upper body covered by a sports bra. 


I love to see a glittering women’s body and like to pick up the smell. It gives me always a sensational feeling. She reached me her drinking button and we started talking. Looking at and smelling here, my adrenaline stream turned over in horny gasp and my dick nicking against the tight paints.


 Here jacket was wide open letting in the sunshine and cuddling in its warmth.

 Wrapping here sweat off face and body with here hands a shiver took overhead of mine.


“MMmm” I can site here for hours” she said. “Yeah” I answered, with a silly smile. Eyes stacked on here tits, nipples hardened by here touches.


“he likes it as well, ill see” and than I felt here hands on my hard one. He started giving off pre moister in my paints and a sensational trill activated my body.

Here hand tensed my dick and changed him over in full sized hardness. Slowly she worked here way up in to my paints and I could not hold my pulse. Pulled up my tights a moan reached my troth.

She hesitated and I knew what she wondered. A rush went through me when I said “Just undo it if it’s in the way.” It didn’t take a second before I felt the pressure release and her hands rubbed deliciously my dick.

When she leaned over to take my stick in here mouth! My hands could reach here breast and shoulders. Moaning she continued sucking when I started playing with here hard nipples.
I slides with my other hand from here shoulders down to here but and with an enjoying shiver she pulled up here ass.  I didn’t hesitated to slide in to here paints straight to here soft buttock. The moisture on here ass felt nice and hot. Inviting pushes up wards broth here labia closer to my fingers.

This position made our sportive and horny minds in to a combined climax, our cum shared the sweat on our body’s and we both reached the top of the erotic mountain.

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