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  By: Ownedslave  Age: 31  Country: United Kingdom

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i was going to meet my Master for the first time. It was a big day and i’d travelled a long way to see Him. The closer i got to the honour the more nervous i got. i didn’t know what to expect really and i certainly didn’t want to let Him down by not pleasing Him.

We met at the train station and i knew from the first time i called Him Master, it felt right. i felt i was home. we walked around for a bit and went to the pub. i was feeling more at home all the time and looking forward to the honour of serving and pleasing my Master.

We had to go to His college to pick something up. Whilst we were there He took me into a storage room. Suddenly as i realised we were alone, He grabbed me and pulled me close. my heart skipped a beat, i was excited and nervous. Just my Master grabbing me turned me on. i would have done anything for Him there and then. i gasped and stared at Him wondering what my Master would ask of me. He pushed me down to my knees roughly. Before i knew it, i was on my knees looking up at my Owner. i was where i belonged. my Master looked down at me, i smiled up at Him, waiting, wanting.

So horny and so desperate to please Him. He unzipped His trousers. i knew what He wanted and i was delighted and honoured to be able to suck my Master Cock for the first time. my Master grabbed my hair roughly shoving my face towards His magnificent Cock.

i opened my mouth eagerly and for the first time had the honour of tasting my Masters Cock. He tasted so wonderful and delicious. i desperately wanted more and sucked eagerly away on His Cock, feeling Him grow in my mouth. Feeling His hands pulling on my hair and feeling my body respond to Him, wanting Him and needing to serve Him completely. Before i knew it though He was pushing me away and zipping Himself up. i didn’t want it to end. i was enjoying the honour of sucking His Cock too much. i was still shaking from having the honour of tasting His Cock as we left the college and headed back to His flat.

We had to take the bus there and luckily for me this was another opportunity for me to show how eager i was to serve Him. As we sat on the bus He took hold of my hand and placed it on His lap, so near to His Cock. i didn’t need any telling what He wanted and couldn’t help but smile as i was allowed the honour of playing with my Owner’s Cock. It felt so wonderful and exciting. Knowing we were in public view and although our bags were covering anything i was still serving my Master in public and this gave me such great honour and i was proud to be able to

. The bus ride wasn’t near long enough and i had to stop playing with my Master Cock as we walked to His flat. i was getting more nervous the closer we got to His flat. i would be alone with my Master for the first time and i was worried i wouldn’t be able to please Him in every way He desired or that i do something wrong. As soon as we got in and put our bags down He ordered me upstairs and told me to strip. i didn’t hesitate and before i knew it i was experiencing the greatest honour i could imagine. my Master pushed me roughly to the floor and without any care ploughed His massive, magnificent Cock hard into my waiting pussy.

i gasped in joy as i felt Him enter me and stretch me. i was shaking nearly, i was so turned on by feeling my Master’s Cock pump hard and fast into me, using my hole, using my worthless body to bring Him pleasure. He slapped me and spat in my face and i felt so honoured to be His slave, to be there with Him and to be able to serve Him. At last i felt i was home and never wanted it to end.

This is a completely true story.  Please feel free to comment, and also please feel free to verbally degrade and humiliate me, this is my Master's wish.

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