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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: will never forget this.
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Nature: Romantic
We had big planes to go out tonight, so I was on my way to Dani to pick here up.
Have been friends sends school and working with each other now for several years.


I cam at here place and parked the car in front of the house. When I went in the kitchen I didn’t saw here, so I call here and she answered from upstairs. She was telling me that she needs a view minutes more and invited me to come upstairs.
Still talking with here I went up came in the room where she was and still talking I set down on one of the old fashion chairs she had all over the place. She was always chasing antics and love to fill here whole house with it.


She was standing in front of a big dressing mirror doing here hair. We talked about all things and on the changed subjects you could see that we where filling the time.


I didn’t notice when I came in but sitting there I realized that she was not fully dressed, and I shamed my self a little that I walked in without any announcement.  
But she kept talking like it was a normal thing. So my shame went over in an interest for the view I had. In all those years we know each other I was definitely not attracted to her, we where best friends and that was it. But now…. Looking to a woman in front of a mirror gives the change to look to all sides in once.


She was wearing a satin bleu Lingerie set covered by a thin black silk kimono with was still open on the front and reached halve on here but. It still exposed the bottom part of here buttocks. She had a nice ass, it was full strong shaped and the cheeky thong, was fitted perfect around here pubes. Here well shaped breast where a bit pushed in here demi bra. Here thorax lined the sides of here breast. On both sides you could see the brown top of here areola while the nibbles where just covered.
Every movement of the brush, made here breast move upwards in harmony with here stretching arm. I had the feeling she was enjoying here self by seeing the movements in the mirror.


She had long athletic shaped legs, covered by soft black shiny thigh stockings and wears bleu high heels with made the whole conjecture complete. Here brown curly shoulder long hair, was hold up by one hand and It was in one sense “Jesus, what a women” and I could not keep my eyes of here and the mirror.


It felt me in that we already stopped talking for a longer time. And saw here eyes reaching mine in the mirror, while she continuing brushing here hair. O my God, she notices that I was staring at here…. But she didn’t say anything. What is going on here?  I kept saying to my self. But held the view I had, saw the lines of here body and a shiver through mine.


Here brushing changed, it went a more sensual dance. Here ass was also part of the movements now and after a while she dropped the brush and slight with both hands along here body down to here breast and labia. Still looking in the mirror I started to enjoy the game she was playing with here self and took a more convertible place on the seat. Here eyes faced the mirror and where following every touch of her fingers in this sensual dance and she started to explore here self.


One hand played with here nibbles, still covered in here bra, but growing by the teases she made. The other was scrubbing against the satin cover of here labia. The massage turns a change of color in to a darker bleu, the wetness took the overhead and by some soft pulls she made with the thong. I could follow the nice lines of here clit in the now sticky material. Here hand slight inside and the fingers start playing with the clit; she starts moaning softly, watching here self in the mirror. And I still am following the sensual expression in the same mirror.  


I feel my dick knocking against my pants, slick as he is from the whole game we see.
I can’t take him out now! The hypnosis the mirror broth me in was a sensation to see and I don’t want to miss one moment of it.


The dancing stops and goes over in shocks while masturbating here self in to a great and load climax. She lift here delicious breast out of here bra and pull the nipples
Teasing them to fulfill here play even more, here eyes width open. She shocks and shiver with here whole body. The smooth clit play gets in to a fingering rhythm and load breathing overrule the squishing moaning. Here eyes focused on here game, enjoying the mirror view. A load and wild climax makes here shake on here legs and she falls down on the footstool in front of the mirror.


Inspired by the whole game I find my self rubbing my dick that’s still in my pants.


After a moment of rest she stands up. Looks satisfied in the mirror, Bring here breast back in here bra, closed the kimono to cover the sticky thong. And looks amused in to the mirror in my direction. A bit shocked I stop rubbing my self and a shame takes place.


She turns here self to me, walked my way. kiss me on my mouth and ask if I don’t mind that she first take a shower before we go. Without waiting for a answer she walked out of the room and left me there. My hands covered my hard dick. Eyes still focused on that mirror.    


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