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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: swap
Location: A remote island
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

Another summer cums to an end, time to cover up the poolside
furniture and drain the over sized luxury pool that once
echoed with laughter and drunken chatter. Marking the
beginning of another lifeless drab Winter season on "Fantasy


. But Mr. Pourke was no stranger to such events
being that this was his 22nd year as the island's director.
He was accompanied bi his long time friend and employee
Fucktu who aided Mr. Pourke during the prosperous and wild
Summer season.

The "Bi-land" had seen and heard
more fucking and debauchery throughout the years that
the Playboy Mansion seemed more like Sunday Bible study
in comparison. (maybe church was a bad example cuz there's
more fucking and debauchery happening there then on Fantasy
Bi-land!) anyway..that suited them just fine

. But this
season they witnessed an act of lust full pleasure so fuckin'
hot that it permanently burned a hole into their memory.
The Fourth of July was perfect. It is also the day that Mr.
and Mrs. Supercalifragilisticexpialidoshious arrived
for their two week stay. Between the both of them they brought
one backpack acting as their their luggage. This seemed
odd but their attitude was to be commended.

They came to
the Bi-land for sum serious business. No need to bring clothes
when they didn't plan on wearing them was there motto.
They had only two things on their horny lil minds 1. fuckin'
all day and 2. fuckin' all night.

After the usual meet n greet with Pourke and Facktu they
began hungrily seeking out their prey. Mrs. S. stood _'_"
(fill in desired height) with (circle one of each) Long
short curly straight bald - blond brown red black plaid
hair. and was built (check one) __ bi Roman gods, __ like
an everyday MILF, __ bi Frigidaire.

Mr. S was the poster
child for __ the UFC, __ an everyday DID, __ Wal-Mart. After
an hour or so of pointless chatter they met a young couple
from California who received their trip as a gift. They
agreed to meet up around sunset in the S's room. Vince
and Claire were hesitant as to follow through with the rendezvous
they scheduled. But they figured they were here might as
well go with the flow.

They took deep breaths, then knocked
on the door of room sex-t-nine. They were greeted with open
arms and smiles and asked to cum in. Drinks were offered
but refused.s Mrs S was pleased bi this. "Well shall
we get down to today's biz ?" leading Claire bi
the hand into the main bed room. She didn't give Claire
a chance to think, their mouths were locked.

Mrs. S hungrily
lapped at Claire's mouth, nibbling and biting while
her hand found it's way into Claire's pink cotton
panties. Mr. S came from behind, wrapping his arms around
her waste he began to undo Claire's white knit skirt.
He tugged at the skirt until it hit the floor. Mr. S began
pawing and rubbing Claire's butt cheeks. He dropped
to his knees and continued squeezing.

With one cheek in
each hand he parted her ass and began licking her crack.
Her thong was the only thing between his exploring tongue
and her un-chartered backdoor.

Vince had entered the room a few minutes later. What he saw
upon entering the room was nothing short of a turn on. He
couldn't believe that his usually shy wife was the
center of a MFF sandwich. Immediately he felt his heart
pumping harder while his cock began swelling rapidly under
his shorts. The trio found their way to the bed. Claire was
told to lay on her back, which she did without fuss

. Mrs.
S stood over her looking down and rubbing her mound through
her own damp panties. Mr. S led Vince to the bed on sat him
down beside his wife. He reached in between Vince's
left thigh, making Vince tense and uncomfortable. He assured
him that nothing would happen he didn't want. He continued
rubbing Vince's inner thigh while slightly moving
in closer towards his swollen member.

Mrs. S pulled her
soaked panties to one side and lowered herself inches away
from Claire's panting mouth. She inserted her middle
finger and began rubbing and penetrating her swollen entrance.
Claire tried to get a taste of Mrs. S offering but she was
out of tongues reach. Mrs. S noticed Claire's enthusiasm
"not yet" she giggled then removed her finger
and placed it in Claire's mouth.

she moaned as she sucked Mrs. S finger clean. Mrs. S inserted
it back into her slit accompanied bi another finger. Her
excitement was evident. Her puss began dripping as her
finger fucking intensified. Claire's face was now
beginning to glisten, she had streaks of female juice running
down her cheeks. Finally Mrs. S legs gave out, Luckily she
found herself straddling Claire's soaked face

. Claire's
virgin tongue began exploring as much of Mrs. S twat as it

Mr. S had been trying to comfort Vince during all the female
commotion. He still wasn't completely sure about
Mr. S advances but figured If his wife could do it he would
at least give it the ole' college try. Mr. S reached
fro the waistband of Vince's short and began to wiggle
and tug them off. Vince's rigid cock sprang to attention
once his shorts were pulled over it.

His beet red helmet
looked as if it might burst at the slightest touch. Mr. S
admired this sight for a moment, then eased his hand under
Vince's nut sack. He began fondling and caressing
Vince's heavy package. Vince had often wondered about
his Bi side, but never took the initiative to act upon his
confused thoughts, so rather than resist he submitted.

Mr. S began moaning lightly as his fondling speed increased.
He paused for a moment so that he might see Vince's reaction,
this would be the point as to continue or retreat. Vince
seemed a little tense but bi no means did he want Mr. S to stop.
Mr. S moved in slowly between Vince's legs and grabbed
hold of the rock solid shaft. in front of him. He took hold
of it firmly and began stroking up and down. He developed
a nice pace which sent Vince's head back.

He moaned
and squirmed, eyes shut tight. He could hear his wife next
to him devouring the delicious pussy seated on her face.
The steady pumping of his cock paused, then was replaced
with the wet and warm mouth of Mr. S. He looked down to see
the top of Mr. S. head slowly going up and down on him. This
sent him into an unknown level of horniness that he had never
felt before tonight.

Mr. S. was no rookie when it came to
sucking cock and Vince could attest to that. He sucked the
tip a lil then gulped down to the base where he held there
three or four seconds. Then back up to the tip exploring
every bit of Vince's raging meat. He grabbed hold and
started pumping rapidly, during this time he lowered himself
and began lapping away at Vince's sack.

He took in one
side then drew back releasing it with a loud "pop".
He did the same with the other side "pop" then
positioned himself lower and took in both nuts at once.
He massaged Vince's sack with his tongue for several

Vince was lost in a cloud of lust and pleasure.
Little drops of pre-cum began leaking from Vince's
cock slot. Mr. S. smiled up at him as he swirled his tongue
around the head, he placed the head onto his lips and began
sucking to draw out any semen still inside

. Before he could
pull out he started twitching and writhing about which
caused Mr. S to pound harder and swallow up half of Vince's
member. Vince let out an enormous moan, he bucked wildly
as he began pumping Mr. S' mouth full of cum.

It shot
so fierce Mr S couldn't maintain his swallowing pace.
Hot semen oozed down The shaft as they cooled down.

The sight of Vince getting blown bi another man was too much
for Claire, she twitched and flailed as she formed a rather
large wet spot on the crisp white bed sheet. She howled directly
into Mrs. S snatch who refused to move during her display.

Vince began to gather himself and was still dizzy from his
orgasm when he felt something warm pressing against his
lips. He focused and realized Mr. S was standing in front
of him waiting for a little courtesy head. Not wanting to
seem like a selfish turd he opened his mouth slightly and
closed his eyes.

Mr. S was not completely hard so he slapped
his cock around Vince's face and lips. This made Vince
feel like a shameless lil' whore. Light smacking sounds
echoed throughout the room as Mrs.S stood up and made her
way to the dresser. She opened a drawer and removed a flesh
colored strap on

. As she put it on Claire joined her hubby
during his maiden blow job. Claire moved lower and started
kissing Mr. S balls while Vince continued sucking away
on his first cock. Mrs. S stood between Vince's legs
sporting her new toy. She pushed him so that he was lying
on his back.

This didn't keep Mr. S from getting his
dick sucked he simply followed Vince and eased himself
along til they both came to rest. Mrs. S grabbed Vince behind
the knees and lifted them so that his calf's rested
on her shoulders.

This position left his virgin ass exxxposed
and inviting. He was at the mercy of these two One with his
cock stuffed down his throat while the other began lubing
the shaft of the phallus she started nudging at his virgin

Claire moved over to where Mrs. S was and grabbed hold of
the shaft. she directed the head toward her husband's
hole. Mrs S leaned forward applying light pressure against
Vince's rectum. With a gentle humping rhythm she managed
to breach Vince's hole.

With the tip now inside she
paused for a moment giving Vince's entrance a chance
to relax. she started in with a slow humping pace easing
in deeper with each thrust until finally Vince's balls
were resting in Mrs. S neatly trimmed bush. Mr.S made found
his way over and positioned himself behind Claire.

his rock solid cock in his hand he guided himself towards
her soaking slit. The beet red helmet still slick with Vince's
saliva made spiting Claire's swollen lips easy. He
gave one hard thrust and and buried all he had deep inside
of Claire. He pounded away at Claire's sopping puss
like an over anxious teen getting sum on prom night.

sound of moaning and smacking skin could be heard well past
the confines of suites walls. Vince had lost all restraint,
grabbing Mrs. S behind her thighs he pulled her in forcing
her to penetrate him as hard and deep as possible.

getting plowed from behind Claire positioned herself
so that she could suck her husband while they both were being
reamed. She now had one cock deep in her snatch and another
down her throat.

Thinking about her dual impalement sent
her over the edge. She bucked and squealed like as never
before. Mr S began tensing up and slowed his drilling pace.
He grabbed hold of Claire's hips pulling her in. Letting
out a tremendous "Ahhhh" he began pumping his
load into Claire's boiling slit. Claire's slit
had become like a clamp and milked Mr. S cock of every last

Intense sensations rang throughout Mr S sweat soaked
body, from the tip of his engorged penis to the very tips
of his hair and toenails. He shuttered and jerked as his
hot semen deposit began overflowing from Claire's
puss. Slick streaks of mixed cum ran down between her thighs
forming dark spots on the smoldering bedding.

With Vince's cock still in her mouth Claire had an orgasm
which flooded and soaked Mr. S midsection. Leaving him
looking like he had just taken a shower. Mrs. S was still
pounding away at Vince's stretched rectum, she took
hold his nuts tugging and squeezing them while Claire was
busy working on his rock solid shaft.

Mr. S remained buried
inside of Claire's soaked puss until his cock had grown
limp and the electric sensations ceased. Claire sucked
cock like her life depended on it. She used only her mouth
to bring her husband to the level of exxxtasy she was still
perched upon.

He grabbed the back of his wife's head
forcing her nose to rest in his sandy blond patch of hair.
She resisted briefly, but only because of her bodies natural
reflexes. Mrs. S still pounding away on Vince's stretched
asshole could see that it was nearly time for him to explode.

She delivered a few more deep thrusts then jerked the rubber
cock from Vince's wore out hole, dropping to her knees
she slid in and took his balls into her hungry mouth. The
salty taste of sweat and Claire's saliva excited her.
She was too hot to remove the strap on she was wearing making
it difficult to play with herself.

She smacked and frigged
her snatch as best she could. Vince had taken all he could.
His ass lifted up off the bed as he began pumping his load
into his wife's eager mouth. She couldn't swallow
at the pace he was serving. Lifting her head to get a bird's
eye view of his flesh fountain she continued stroking him
with a firm grip.

Mrs. S not wanting any to go to waste replaced
her mouth where Claire's had been seconds before.
She gulled down the remaining spurts of cum Vince had left.
When he was finished Mrs.S took Claire by the back of the
head and moved in for an exxxtremely hot kiss.

their tongues inside each others mouth they lapped up any
remaining cum they had neglected to swallow.

Meanwhile in the Resort's main lounge Mr. Pourke And
Facktu had switched on the rooms cameras and had all the
action displaying on the big screen monitor behind the
bar. All the rooms were equipped with cameras and mics,
sum guests were aware of this while others were not.

twenty or so guests had gathered to check out the show. But
twenty was nothing compared to the 1000's of spectators
watching the live cam feed via the Bi-land's web site.

Mr. Pourke sporting an ear to ear grin looked down at faktu
"I wonder what they have in store for day two here on
Fantasy Bi-land ?" I dun know bozz........I juss
dun know......
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