Fucking and sucking for my wife... and me!!   added 6 years ago
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Partly fantasy… mostly true.


My wife, Dot, and I shared a daring and adventurous relationship with sex for all of our married life. I was drunk the first time we had sex and I talked dirty to her for the first time in her life. She loved it. I taught her how I liked my cock sucked and she was very helpful instructing me in the fine art of cunnilingus.


On an evening with Fred, a friend of mine, I mentioned that Dot gave one of the greatest blowjobs in history.  Before long, I found myself encouraging Dot to “go ahead and show him.” Dot asked if I didn’t care and I told her “care” wasn’t the word. I told her I didn’t mind.


Dot and Fred got to it and soon, Fred became our partner in sex. He and I never touched each other except by “accident” but we had accidents fairly frequently and I always found myself to be somewhat jealous as I watched Dot suck Fred’s thick cock. I wasn’t  jealous about Fred being sucked rather than me; I was jealous because I wanted his cock in my mouth to see what it felt like.


One evening, while Dot and I were watching a lesbian porn movie, she surprised me by saying: “I want to do that, Babe.” My response was immediate: “Can I watch?”


Dot embarked on a number of relationships with lesbian women over the next three months with a couple of them becoming regulars in our bed. I was always amazed at the supposedly “lesbian” women that went, almost immediately, for my cock with either their mouths or vaginas. In one case, the first place I fucked one of Dot’s lesbian friends was in the ass. (She said that her “va-jay-jay” was only for girls.)


On a warm night in September, Dot and I were making dinner together and waiting for one of her girlfriends.  We were enjoying a drink and the activity together. “Have you ever sucked another guy’s cock?”  Coming from Dot, the question wasn’t particularly surprising but it caught me off guard.


Sensing where her  curiosity was taking her, I lied. “Yeah,” I said. The truth was that while I was in the Navy a fellow shipmate blew me while I was in a drunken stupor and although I was more than willing to return the favor, he passed out shortly after I came. Oh well.


“Would you do that for me?” she asked. There was a stirring between my legs as I thought about being with another man. “Sure,” I answered.


I set up a meeting with a man over the phone lines and the next night, Dot and I were mostly naked when he rang the doorbell to our condo. Dot and I both answered the door. The only clothing between us were the panties Dot was wearing.


Tony presented flowers to Dot and kissed her. Then, he kissed me lovingly. It was tender and exciting. Tony took little time to join us in our state of undress and when I first saw Tony’s cock, I marveled at its beauty. It was not particularly large. Semi-erect, he was only about four inches or so, but his girth dwarfed mine. His cock was circumcised and thick with a bulbous head that topped off his shaft.


The three of us enjoyed a drink together and “chit-chatted” for a while. Dot was sitting on the love seat, her small breasts particularly beautiful that night. Tony and I sat next to each other on the couch, our thighs pressed together and our hands touching and brushing against various parts of our bodies.


My excitement was wonderfully evident by a much hardened cock when Tony kissed me. Tony had stiffened up, too, and his penis was thick and warm when I took it into my mouth. God, I loved the sensation! I felt almost as if something I had missed all my life was suddenly coming true and I began to minister to his beautiful tool with enthusiasm. Dot was enthralled.


Tony and I alternated between doing what came naturally to us and performing for Dot over the next hour. Neither of allowed ourselves to come. We licked each other, kissed tenderly, rimmed each other’s ass and sucked on fingers and toes. We moved slowly until Tony sat me up and raised my ankles to his shoulders. Dot and I had provided for this with a generous supply of lubricant and she generously slathered my crack and asshole as Tony held my ankles aloft and pressed the bulbous head of his prick to my greased ass.


He pushed suddenly and I felt the head of his cock pop into my tight ass. I felt more pain than I remembered having before and nearly screamed, but Tony soothed me. “We’ll go slow…” he promised. He didn’t move for a time as I became used to the sensation of having something inside me that I was certain would rip me open. It didn’t and after a bit, my lover began to move slowly in and out of my tight little ass/cunt millimeters at a time until after many gentle minutes he was stroking in and out of me, a good three or four inches to each of his thrusts.


Tony looked at me below him as I rocked with him. “Do you like this?” he asked. “Oh fuck yeah,” I moaned and he began a vigorous fucking of my lubricated ass. I told him I wanted him to come inside me, to see if I could feel his load of juice as it came out of his cock, but he told me that “no, I’m going to fuck your face for that.”


A few minutes later, I was on my knees in front of the love seat, my wife and lover only inches away.  I opened my mouth eagerly and willingly. Tony placed his hands on my head, immobilizing me. He began to fuck my face. He moved my head to meet his every thrust. I felt completely powerless and bereft of any control as Tony fucked away, oblivious to anyone’s pleasure but his own. For a moment, I remembered fucking women’s mouths like this, ramming cock into their mouths with no concern for their comfort. I was in control with these women and now Tony was in control of me and I loved the way he used me like a fucking little whore, a cunt that he had just fucked.


He pulled out to let me speak and demanded “Mouth or face?” Dot answered for me. “Face!” she said and Tony began to pour his insides onto my upturned face and into my open mouth. His slippery warm jism coated me in thick, milky gobs and ran into my eyes and down my chin. Then he was done. I sucked at him gently until he collapsed back onto the couch. Dot quickly took my face in her hands and began licking the cum from me and placing it in my mouth. We licked and slathered each other with Tony’s goo for a while and then we were spent, too.


“God, I love you so much!” Dot whispered as she looked into my eyes and I felt complete.

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