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The first time I fucked Cam was too intense. The mere expectations of my bold erotic"I lust you", led to this horny encounter of a gorgeous brunette ten years my senior. Cam grabbed my balls in response, tongueing my ear whispering "you lust me? What the fuck Jimmy?"

I put my hand against the crotch of her jeans squeezing her mound saying "I just want to fuck you anyway you want it, over and over."

We quickly got naked and she straddled my legs. Cam took hold of my cock and started stroking till its full eight inches. With her other hand Cam was playing with her small tits. Squeezing her tiny tit to the end then pinching and pulling her nipple taught. She alternated between her boobies always pulling her nipples, She was really getting into it, still stoking my hard on, when she slipped my cock up her pussy. God, she was tight. So fucking tight that when she clamped her pussy muscles around my cock, I shot my load so quickly. Cam had worked me up so much while rubbing my cock and her rubbing her tits and pulling her nipples , I climaxed way to soon.

 Trying to hide my embarassment, I pulled out of her stating "I have to lick your pussy first" and slid my body down to under her pussy and dove in tongue first. Not realizing if she knew I came, I managed to say after several deep tongue probes "mmm, you're real wet and juicy".

"That's all you Jimmy." Cam responded. "Enjoy! Lick me clean so I can come now"

Cam then started pulling  both her tits while grinding her wet sperm soaked pussy on my mouth. As I licked and sucked her pussy all my sperm drained down my throat. This was not my original intentions to hide my pre ejaculation by eating it. But Cam knew I did, and now her pussy was pushing the last of my drops out,. Cam lowered one hand to her pussy and started fingering her pussy hard. First one, then two and three fingers were slamming her own pussy just inches above my face. Her other hand was pinching her nipple so hard, pulling it away from her chest. Cam arched her back, jutted her chest forward. She squeezed her large nipple again, and with her other hand, two fingers clenched her swollen clit, then spread them away, Again and again she pinched her clit between her fingers above my face.

Her juices started to flow. First as a trickle, then a quick spray. "Suck my pussy", Cam shouted. Lowering her pussy on my mouth I had no choice. My tongue reamed her pussy and drank her juices. When her climax was over, she lowered herself down and kissed me deeply. Our tongues entwining, she licked my mouth and face.

"mmm delicious." Cam purred. "But you ate all your cum and I didn't get any" She grabbed my still semi rigid cock and started stroking it. "Next load is all mine" Cam said."But I'll share if you want some"

Thus began an orally satisfying relationship with more encounters to follow.

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