wake me to fuck   added 6 years ago
  By: smoothballs  Age: 55  Country: United States

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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
she woke me at 2am stroking my cock. she was already naked lowering her smooth pussy on my mouth. the 69'ing lasted too short but she promised i could lick her again after i fucked her hard.
she turned around and slipped my hard cock up her cunt with ease, she slowly rode me then bent forward with a tit in my mouth. fuck me hard now! i grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide and slammed my cock into her again n again.pounding her pussy, she arched her back. she was ready. clenching my cock with her pussy she pumped my sperm into her.

keeping her promise, she inched up and lowerd her moist pussy over my extended tongue. sperm dropped out in globs down my throat, my tongue lapping up her inner walls. licked clean, she rolled off me and into my arms as we nestled back to sleep.

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