Spice Girls changing room - part 2   added 6 years ago
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Emma climbed off me - she’d done her job of getting me rock hard.  Now the whole group stood around me as  Mel B grabbed my boxers and ripped them off.  My cock sprang to attention to the delight of the whole group.
“OK - I’m first - keep him held down girls!” said Victoria.
She climbed on top of me - her legs either side - her firm bum in skimpy silver hot pants resting on my now aching-to-be-touched cock.  She undid her bikini at the back - and let it just rest on her boobs tantalisingly close to falling off.

“Do you think he’d like to see you suck on my boobies Mel?” said Vicky with a cheeky look in her eye.
“I don’t know but I’d love to!” Mel replied - and without hesitation had popped off Vicky’s bikini top and was rolling her tongue around Vicky’s large erect dark pink nipples.  Vicky gasped in delight and before she knew it Emma had come up behind her and was pulling at her hot pants in an attempt to get them off.
“Stand up a minute Vicks!” she said.  So Vicky did - and Emma pulled down her pants to reveal a very sexy completely shaved bald pussy.  Victoria slowly lowered herself back down onto me - her pussy lips pressing my cock against my belly.

“I’m so excited - I need a wee!” Vicky squeeled.
“Just go for it then Vicks!” said Geri.
Victoria got that cheeky look in her eye again.
“Here we go!”

“What the…..!” but before I could finish - a trickle of Vicky’s warm pee was running over my cock and belly.
“Ooh that’s so sexy!” said Mel as she resumed sucking on Vicky’s nipples.
This was new territory for me, but I had Victoria Beckham sat on my cock and a naked Mel B sucking on her tits - I wasn’t about to complain.

Victoria then slid herself forward toward my face.
“OK - now you’re gonna lick me clean…….!” she said with a grin on her face - before proceeding to raise herself up - and then lower her dripping pussy onto my mouth.  The taste was amazingly sexy - so I immediately began lapping away with my tongue.

Just as I was getting into a rhythm and enjoying intermitting between gently nuzzling Vicky’s pussy lips and then probing my tongue deep into her - I felt someone grab my cock.  Looking up I was just in time to see Emma holding the base of my cock - and begin licking it like a lollipop!  My hot throbbing sausage pulsed at her every lick.  Before I knew it - Mel C and Geri went over to join Emma and I had three hungry tongues on all sides of my cock - licking it from the base to the tip.  I was in heaven!

Vicky was now close to orgasm.  She was rubbing her pussy up and down my face and moaning in ecstasy as Mel B flicked her tongue over her nipples - and in return Vicky let her fingers explore the dark hairy pussy of Mel.  I was close to cumming too - and the girls could sense it.

“He’s gonna cum!” said Emma.  And all three of them began licking faster and tugging at the base of my cock.  Vicky gave her final thrusts of her pussy into my face before she gave out a yell and a gush of her warm juices trickled into my mouth.  Mel B held Vicky’s tits as she too had a mini orgasm from Vicky’s skillful finger work.  Almost simultaneously I felt the biggest tightening of my balls I’d ever known and a stream of my hot spunk squirted at high pressure onto Emma’s milky boobs - before she hastily burried my cock in her mouth and swallowed the remaining cum pumping out of my dick.
“Shit that was amazing!” I said.

“You’re welcome babe” said Geri, Vicky, Mel B, Mel C and Emma - almost in unison.

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