Kinky Christmas Party Part II   added 6 years ago
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kinky Christmas Party part II

Ok, so after that passionate kiss, we all just sorta sat back at the same time. We were all kinda catching our breath and were taking in the moment. I started some conversation by saying "For my first time, it wasn't all that bad. But i think it's because i was lubed and prepped so well." and i smiled at the two girls. They were giggling and when i looked down they were still fingering themselves.

Ron got up to get us a round of drinks to cool  us off a little. My cock had gone soft enough to rest on the carpet. It felt funny rubbing when i moved. I reached out and was gently rubbing the two girls backs when Ron came back. He stood there handing out drinks and his half soft cock was at Tammy's face level. She gave it a little peck as she reached out for her drink. His cock throbbed a little.

While having our drinks, Lynn asked if we were up for more fun or were we going to try to brave the storm. She told us we were welcome to stay in the guest room. Or if we wanted, we could just hang out for some more fun. Tammy looked over at me and was like,"Oh I think we're up for more fun.".

Lynn finished her drink first. She put her glass down and leaned over to Tammy and started giving her the most passionate tongue kiss I had ever seen. Then , she reached out to stroke my cock and Ron's at the same time. This girl was on a roll. Tammy managed to put her drink down without spilling it. She reached out and pulled Lynn in closer. Now Lynn let go of our rock hard cocks to hug Tammy.

They leaned back on top of each other. Ron and I were just watching, playing with our cocks. What a sight. Lynn then spun herself around to a sixty-nine. They were licking each other and spreading each others ass cheeks to expose their cute little butt-holes. We could smell the sex eminating from these two vixens. They slowly rolled over to their side. Ron and I moved in on the girls and were rubbing them all over.

He motioned me to Lynn's ass and he went to my wife's ass. At the same time, we started licking each other's wife's asses. Once Lynn's ass was soaked with my saliva, I got on my knees and started to put my cock in her ass. She let out a welcoming moan and pushed her ass onto my cock. After a few seconds of a little pushing, the head popped right in. She inhaled and cooed "OOHH!".

At the same time, Ron was doing exactly the same thing. In no time, he had his cock buried in my wife's ass. Now we were ready to start pushing these two girls onto each other.  It was such a turn-on to have my cock buried in Lynn's ass and less than an inch away was my wife's face hungrily licking that beautiful soaked pussy.

It seems we were all in sync with each other, because we all were starting to climax around the same time. And on the outstroke, Lynn would tighten her sphyncter muscles to grab my cock and relax them on the instroke. I came so hard it was like a hose. It had to be four or five huge loads of cum I squirt in her ass. Ron was cumming pretty hard, too. his ass cheeks would tighten up as he was filling my wife's ass with his cum.

Once we were done cumming, we laid back on the floor. Lynn got off Tammy and got in the sixty-nine position with Ron. Tammy did the same thing to me. I began to lick her hard clit, but in a few seconds she repositioned herself so I was licking her ass. I was tonguing her still throbbing hole when Ron's cum started to dribble out. As i licked it up, Tammy was moaning "Oh yeah, clean me up, baby.".

At the same time, I heard Lynn tell Ron "Make sure you eat it all up.". Tammy asked us guys if we had one more left in us. We both said eagerly, "Yeah.". So the girls had us stand up with both our still hard cocks touching heads. Ron and I were staring each other in the face wondering what these to sex-crazed girls had planned now. Lynn was on one side on her knees, and Tammy was on the other side on her knees.

They  both leaned in and started to lick our cocks together. They would go the whole length from me to him. And when they met in the middle, they would lick each other's tongues. At times, Lynn would take both cocks in her mouth and Tammy would suck our balls. Then trade off. Tammy was enjoying rubbing the two heads together, and when she saw that that was going to make us cum again, she told Lynn to get closer.

As the sensation of my cock head rubbing on Ron's cock head grew i knew i was about to cum again. Ron wasn't too far from another explosion, either. When we started cumming, the two girls never missed a drop. They milked us for all we were worth. But never swallowed. They started kissing and spitting all that cum back and forth into each other's mouth. Once mixed with their own saliva, they started smearing it all over each other's faces.

This was so hot i never got soft. I just kept stroking my cock. Not sure where it came from, but i started to have another orgasm. I moved in and squirt another load on their faces. It was pretty hot adding to their sticky mess. After a while Ron had managed to cum again adding to the slippery pair of faces rubbing all that goo together.

Then Tammy grabbed Lynn by the sides of the head and licked her face clean, swallowing every drop. Lynn did the same. Tammy came over to me and asked if I minded staying over . I smiled and responded with "Only if i can get another cold drink.". Then gave Tammy a deep kiss on her mouth. ......................more to cum.

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