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Im 29, married etc. etc. and I have a past that makes me wet to this day. When I was 18, I did alot of babysitting. And, although I was pretty much an average girl the men (fathers) seemed to find me quite desireable.

At one point, I was being sexed up regularly by no less than 8 married men. I used to get so wet and excited just being there before the couple would leave for the night. Perhaps sitting in the living room talking about the rules or whatever and wondering if this man's stupid wife had any clue what I have been doing to her husband with my little tight pussy.

I think it was the thrill of getting caught, and for as bad as this is...the knowing that this average girl could wreck any one of those homes with just one careless word. Sometimes I would go into the couples bedroom and just lay on there bed and play with my juicy clit thinking about what I have done.

At 29, I find myself at this place in my mind where I want the same thrill. But now, with my own husband. I sit alone at home or at my job and think how much I would like to have a few guys screwing around with me right under my husbands nose. I have always wanted to let another man screw my brains out, fill me up till I am leaking....

Then go home and ravage my husband and him not realize the fact that I am not just wet from my own excitement...but much of the wettness is from some other guys sperm that is still inside of me. I resist only because of the things like aids and herpies. For me, it would be like a roller coaster....

If I did it once, Id relive the rush of my younger years and then I wouldnt stop. At the point "way back" when I was gettin it from about 8 married guys (and my stupid boyfriend) I didnt use protection and for assick as this will sound, even that turned me on. But then, I wasnt the one with a family.
My fantasy (and maybe my greatest torment too) is that deep down my sexual hungers would love for me to put my wife / mommy caution to the wind and start spreading my legs for all the cocks I used to. 

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