A Weird Walk In The Woods   added 6 years ago
  By: DirtyWelshMan  Age: 31  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Transvestites, Force/Rape, The Fetishists, Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: Dorothy Wizard of Oz
Location: In the forest
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

So, here's a fantasy I've just recently started to imagine, I'm out walking in the woods one day, nowhere special, not really doing anything when there's a loud thud and i start to feel dizzy and pass out, but when i wake up everything's changed I'm still in some woods, but the trees look somehow weird and I'm now wearing this lace-up leather halter neck teddy underneath this outfit a sexy Dorothy costume instead of my normal clothes, my cock swells hard against the outfit, and i try to calm down and work out where i am.

I find a small track and start following it, the ground under my feet looking slightly more yellow than im used to i start to feel a little dizzy again so i go and sit under a nearby tree, as i sit there and start to feel ok again i feel something moving around at my ankles, looking down i discover that the roots of the tree are wrapping themselves up and around my ankles like tentacles, i struggle to trand break free but with no luck, my wrists getting tanggled up too.

The roots of the tree start slowly pulling me onto my back, spreading my legs wide as some shadowy figures emerge from among the trees, a tall blond "tin" girl, a sexy brunette "lion" girl and this slutty redheaded scarecrow girl.

I look up at these three sexy but very strange women, hoping they will help, but i know there's no chance of that when the tin girl pulls up the front of her dress to reveal this long and shiny strap on cock, the lion girl gets down on all fours and starts licking at my ass whilst tin girl gets an oil can and starts lubing up her shaft, as this is all going on the scarecrow girl squats over my face, pushing her pussy over my mouth for me to lick, saying "you'd best eat up Dorothy, or tin girl here's gonna lose the lube"

I lick her pussy like my life depends on it, then start to relax a little when she starts to moan, the lion girls tongue moves up from my worried ass onto my rock solid cock, she starts to lick and lap at it as if it was some kind of sweetie, moaning into the scarecrow girls pussy as i feel the lion girl slowly slide my raging hard on deep into her, purring as she rides me, I'm starting to think this is pretty good, but then i can feel movement down near my ass and remember the tin girl, with her fake cock, i start to tense up a little as i feel her push the head into me, not being at all gentle, i try to struggle away from her, but the roots are holding me firm, as her friends laugh at my pain whilst they're getting pleasured.

Tin girl pumps my ass like a piston and soon i start to enjoy it, crave it, wanting more and more of her rigid shaft inside me, the others can sense that I'm becoming the little slut they could see i was deep inside, scarecrow girl starts to squirt into my mouth, her orgasm shocking me as it splashes all around my mouth, she climbs off of me and lays on the ground panting, i now see the lion girl riding my cock in all her glory, bouncing and throwing her hair about, i cant control myself any longer and cum hard inside her, my spunk seems to flow into her for hours,

After her tight velvety pussy has milked me dry she stands and moves over me, forcing my own cum back out onto my face and into my mouth, then giggling she too lays on the ground, tin girl hammers me harder than ever for a few last strokes, then pulls out and starts jerking the shaft of her fake cock, aiming it at my face i look up into her eyes, slightly confused, then shocked as a warm gush hits my cheek, then another straight into my open mouth, tasting like my own semen.

The three girls lay on the grass beside the tree, myself still held down, but now covered in male and female ejaculations, my skirt all pushed up around my waist, i start to feel dizzy again and soon i black out once more, this time i wake back in the woods, where three familiar looking girls are staring at me, looking a bit apologetic and holding a rather hard looking Frisbee. My cock realizes why they look familiar just before me, as it goes instantly rock hard in my pants, causing the girls to giggle.

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