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Categories: Force/Rape, S-M / Domination / submissive, Big Black man
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 I waited at the railroad in the pitch dark trying to keep my tears back. Danny had pushed to far this time. No means no. I was 18 and I had just broken up with my bf Danny, walking back to my foster family. I couldn’t call it my home. George, my foster dad, didn’t give a  crap about me or my four foster siblings. Jillian, my foster mom, went along with what ever George said.  I got no love from my “family” so when I meet Danny, he looked like a gift sent from god.


I was almost to my house and decided to take a short cut through some alley ways. My jean shorts kept falling down from my thin legs and my tank top was worn thin. I noticed these things and was envious of the other girls at school. When I was feeling sorry for myself, I didn’t notice my surroundings.  I looked up to see a shadow flicker underneath a street lamp.  I blamed my imagination  and kept walking.


A few seconds later, I felt a hand grasp my hair and pull me down to the floor.  I yelped as my body hit the hard concrete. 

“Shut the fuck up girl,” A man said. He had light- brown skin and a tattoo of a dragoon on his next.  Three other figures stood around him.  One man’s face was disfigured by a multitude of thin white scars that ran down it.  Another had a nose ring which reminded me of a bull. The last man was huge , at least seven feet and pure muscle.


“ Oh wow. She is hotter than I thought she would be,” Bull man said, a hungry smile playing over his face.


Scar man sat on his knees, close to me. “ Stop! Someone will be looking for me,” I lied.  

Then men laughed, their amusement sounding like a witches’ crackle.


“ Enough chit-chat,” Dragoon man said.  In a instant he was on the floor, his hand tearing at my shirt. I screamed and kicked him.


“If you say one more fucking thing- you will not survive,” dragoon man said harshly. His hand tore my worn- down tank top . I felt a hand behind me snap my bra off.  Bull man squeezed and grouped my tender boobs from behind. Dragoon man bit my  left nipple as I stifled a scream. My teenage bosom throbbed as they were abused as never before.  The huge man stood to the side of me and slipped off his jeans. He stepped out of his boxers as my heart began pounding.


His huge black cock was thrust in my face. Pre-cum dripped form his huge uncircumcised dick as he rubbed it on my lips.  I closed my pink lips tight but dragoon man noticed and tore at my tortured nipple again. I opened my mouth to yell and it was invaded by the Huge man’s dick. He grabbed my long, light blonde hair and thrust my head forcing me to deep-throat his huge member again and again. He exploded in my  in the back of my throat causing me to gag.


“ You better swallow it slut or your gonna have to lick it up,” the man towering above me warned. I swallowed the thick, warm, liquid.


“ Now lick my dick. Clean it up girl- clean it up,” he said as he grabbed my head again. I was so scared but the muscular man so I stuck my soft, pink tongue out and placed it against his dark, terrifying, penis. I lapped up the remaining cum like a hungry kitten as the man smiled form above me.



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