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 so there i was just getting out of the shower when there was a knock at the door the only person i was expecting was my aunt but that wasnt for a couple more hours so i ignore the knock and continue drying i get down to my balls i begin to rub and fondle myself this goes on for a few minutes intill im rock hard and realy start to hit this fucker kinda hard and as i do i hear moaning and look up to see my aunt standing in the door way of the room rubbing on her clit over her pants.

..well im in fucking shock emberessed and more turned on then ive ever been in my life..well i just look at her for a second and out of know where i look in to her eyes and say...'you nasty little fucken whore and grab her by the hair roughly pulling her to me and pushing her to her knees where she eagerly looked up at me.."whats going through your mind right now,hu you little this really happening" as i say this i pull my rock hard dick out of my pants and slide it all the way into her hot throught.............more to cumm

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