Other men admiring and lusting after my wife   added 6 years ago
  By: BJB621  Age: 46  Country: United Kingdom

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I have a huge hardon everytime I watch my wife dress in the morning, whether she is going to stay home or into the office. I love to watch her slowly prepare herself for the day, slowly applying makeup, perfume, slowly putting on her sexy underwear, then her outer clothes which discreetly tease and show a glimpse of what may be beneath.

I have told my wife on many occasions that I adore seeing her dress sexily when she is going out, and I dont mean trashy, I mean discreetly sexy. Her bra discreetly on show with her beautiful cleavage with a low cut shirt or her sexy tanned legs when she wears her summer dresses. However, although I have told her this many time I do not really believe she truly understands how horny and hard it makes me when she is admired, eye'd up and visually devoured by other people.

She went out for dinner some few weeks ago with friends when the weather was warm with a summer skirt and top on. As she left the car and rounded the corner towards the restaurant and breeze caught the hem of her wrap around skirt and lifted the edge clear past her thigh, pulling the material up her sexy tanned thigh, across it, exposing it, riding up high almost to the edge of her knickers before she caught hold of it. There she was, walking down the main street to the restaurant, full of other revellers, people in cars, with her sexy thigh fully exposed almost to the edge of her knicker line. How hard you can imagine I was when she told me this when she came home, how hard I came when she recounted how exposed she had been to the admiring gaze of other people.

I have only just started sharing my fantasies with her and she is hugely supportive, if but a little shy and self-concious, which we certainly shouldn't be as you can see from her photo I have added as a logo. Her latest contribution and tease is her latest acquisition. She has just ordered a mid thigh mini skirt that wraps around to the top of the waist line, black, sexy. I can only imagine how gorgeously sexy she is going to look in it, how beautiful and horny she will look if an autumn breeze catches the edge like in the summer and discreetly and accidently exposes her beautiful thighs and hopefully this time her knickers too.

My wife is gorgeous and her beauty certainly should be enjoyed by others too :-)

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