In the Night   added 6 years ago
  By: rhapsody181  Age: 43  Country: United States

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Categories: Identified partner
Location: In the forest
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

After a long and trying week, I was ready to relax and enjoy having my home to myself for the weekend. What I found was the silence of the house, the oppressive heat and my boredom all seemed to conspire to pull me into a dark lethargy. My soul rebelled. I needed to get out. I grabbed my car keys and took off.

I didn't care where I was going. I cranked the stereo and drove. Freedom coursed through me like a heady wine. My skin tingled in anticipation of the unknown. My dog, Mac, seemed as content as I to watch the city fall away and the scenery transform into a wonderland of trees as we drove toward the coast and the setting sun.

As we passed through an area shaded by dense forest, Mac began to bark and whine. I pulled off the road to try to calm him, but he leapt out of the car and disappeared into the thick trees. When I broke through the curtain of dense foliage, I was greeted by the sight of what appeared to be an abandoned cabin. I stood, mesmerized by the charm of the old structure surrounded by the lush greenery – until the sound of Mac's barking broke the spell, and I saw him run right up to the old door.

Kneeling beside him, I attached his leash. In that instant the small hairs on my arm rose up and I knew that we were not alone. From the shadows, I saw the dark figure of a man watching me.

I knew that this was no chance meeting – my ebony lover had been waiting for me, and I had been compelled here by the sheer force of his desire.

The electric current which ran between our hungry bodies pulled us together with an undeniable force – two halves of one whole, reunited at last. Wordlessly, we explored each other with frenzied hands. Our clothes seemed to melt away. Together, we passed through the door, our arms entwined – our tongues searching, tasting – giving and receiving pleasure.

The small cabin contained one thing – a huge bed, covered in pale silk and black pillows. We fell together onto the massive bed. He covered my body with sweetly savage kisses. Enfolded by his dark limbs, I almost felt myself disappearing – an ivory moon eclipsed by a jet black night. The song of our passion rose higher and higher, filling the room with our cries of joy.

We belonged to no one but each other – tied to neither past nor future – existing nowhere except the glorious now – time suspended in our bliss. Joined forever in the night, we did not fear the dawn.

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