Threat Made Good   added 6 years ago
  By: puppy  Age: 48  Country: Australia

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Categories: Oral Sex, Steady Partner, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: Domme fem
Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

After several days of orgasm denial, my balls were sore and tender. I struggled 
against the compulsion to jerk myself off at every opportunity i was alone, but 
the earnest desire to 'play the game' for Mistress won every time. Just.

I was desperate then, when bedtime came along and Mistress ordered me to shower 
and climb in beside her. She has no problem allowing me to cuddle up close to 
her, warming the bed as i do, but before running my hand over her naked flesh, i 
made sure to ask permission.

"Go ahead puppy" she said nonchalantly.

i ran my right hand up her legs slowly caressing as i went. i was already rock-
hard, but there is no way she would allow me to me press that against her. She 
clearly enjoyed my touch because after just a few moments she parted her legs 
some more and slid her own fingers along the moist lips of her pussy. Sliding her 
fingers between my lips she made me lap at them with my tongue.

"Kiss my cunt, puppy" Mistress instructed, and i moved lower until my cleanly 
shaven face was just above her clit. Gently extending my tongue, i lapped at her 
clitoris, then moved on to her open lips, tasting her fluids and letting them 
smear across my cheeks.

i suspect she may have been tired, because she clearly wanted to cum quickly, 
and from fucking too, whereas she usually makes me get her off with my tongue 
before falling asleep, leaving me in a state of excitement. However this was very 
much a service to be completed rather than savored.

She had me mount her missionary style and urged me on with a few choice words. 
"Come on puppy; make your Mistress feel it. Make me cum all over that cock, come 
on, don't slow down. Fuck me..."

Mistress has been cumming regularly since she took control of our sex life, and 
so her capacity to prolong the act is now far greater than mine. It was 
clear to her by my pauses, and breathing that i was very close to cumming inside 
her, and this changed her mood to one of detachment. "You know better than to 
cum without permission don't you puppy?" she asked coolly.

"Yes Mistress" i replied in a concerned tone and continuing my thrusts, but it was no good. i stopped, 
almost withdrawn from her pussy, and felt a bolt of release empty inside her.

"Ah, poor puppy couldn't control himself!" She laughed. Then placing her hands 
on my buttocks, firmly drew me deeper inside her, all the way in. My cock 
spasmed some more, emptying my aching balls into her cunt that felt so warm and welcoming. I would have 
withdrawn then, but she held me tight, looked into my eyes, and with a smile 
taunted: "All done puppy? Have you emptied the last of it?"

By now i had caught my breath and managed an affinitive reply.

"Well then, you can pull that cock out, and get your mouth down there to clean 
up your mess. Here," she continued as i withdrew, " I will help you out. Don't 
want to spill any do we?" She seemed to find this very amusing, and, her feet 
planted apart on the bed, she raised her hips high above the sheets.

i moved into position, filled with a mixture of shame, humility and relief from 
the orgasm.

"There we go" she said lowering her hips again, and i put my mouth above her 
clit, once again lapping at the top folds of her labia.

A much harsher tone in her voice now she said "Oh no you don't boy!" and grabbed 
my head with both hands, forcing my mouth lower, beneath the opening of her 
cunt. "Lick that up properly you naughty fuck-toy, I don't want to see any spill marks
on the sheet" she said, both hands now pressed on the back of my head.

Resigned to my fate, i did the best i could to clean out her cunt. After my 
initial efforts the flavour of her quim returned and i was able to enjoy the 
task once again.

"Hmmm" she murmured, only one hand lightly guiding my head now. She made me 
continue until she orgasmed twice, and drifted off to sleep whilst i moved back 
up the bed to cuddle her.

"Thank you Mistress" i whispered.

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