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Mistress had quickly taken to her new role, and I like to think that i helped her in that by not questioning her decisions nor resisting her demands. i have always tried to comply with her instructions to the best of my ability, but more importantly, by letting her know that i am grateful to be of service to her.

The first session for which she had total freedom (ie. no young ones around) occured recently, and the feelings of submission are still with me. Mistress began by changing into her 'Domme gear' to better enjoy the experience, and when she was ready, called me into the bedroom.

I was not at all sure what to expect but what i saw brought a smile to my face. Perhaps that made her  more determined to put me in my place, but regardless i was totally unprepared for the firmness she quite obviously began to enjoy.

"Get down on your knees sub" she said firmly, and i did, though not able to resist smiling about it.
"You think this is funny, sub?" she asked. I replied "No, i want to take it seriously."

"Then you can start by refering to me properly, and so I am going to instruct you sub. Get down lower, put your face onto the carpet, arse in the air"

From this position i could not see her, but did get a nice eyeful of her on the way down. She was wearing black stockings benieth black leather boots which ran almost up to the knee. Her suspender belt had a very short frilly skirt that, barely, covered her naked pussy, and above that a black transparent top. The crop was in her right hand, and her hair was in a short pony tail.

"You will only address me as 'Mistress', is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress", i replied, no longer smiling, but enjoying my new position all the same. Filled with hopeful anticipation, and affection for my Mistress.

"Good. You will always keep your eyes lowered in my presence too."

"Yes Mistress"

"Now", she continued, "stand up and remove all of your clothes". I did as she had told me, keeping my eyes fixed just below her garter belt, when i felt a not-too-light crack  of the crop on my left cheek. "Answer me when I give you an instruction sub!"

"Yes Mistress" i gasped with a sharp intake of breath.

"I am going to give you a name, since you are clearly not worthy of the title 'sub' just yet. I will call you 'puppy'", she continued whilst i removed the last articles of my clothing, and i acknowledged her with the appropriate response.

"Good boy. Now puppy, kneel down"

"Yes Mistress" i said as i knelt down in front of her. She stepped closer to me, and i could smell the perfume she had sprayed across her belly. My eyes fixed upon her garterbelt i listened intently.

"This is for you to wear", she said producing a leather collar which she fastened around my neck. She then attached a leash to the collar. I thanked her for giving me what was now my only item of clothing.

"You're too proud to be a submissive puppy, but we are going to change that and make you useful to me". She then fastened wrist bindings on each of my arms, picked up a small cloth bag, and walked into the lounge room, leading me on with the leash.

"Now, get up on the green stool, on your knees"  she commanded

"Yes Mistress" i replied and she then instructed me to bend forward so that my face was down close to the floor, my arms supporting my weight on the floorboards.

"I am going to plug you puppy, so that you know who has control of your..." she began, but i raised myself up about to protest, stopping her in mid sentence.

"Shut up!" she commanded, a sharp crack of the riding crop on one buttock. i said nothing but remained upright on the cushioned foot stool. She placed a blindfold over my eyes and said "Bad puppy, you will be feeling the Tawse for that outburst"

"Sorry Mistress" i said, and i was sorry. i wanted to make this easy for her, and not resist what she had in mind. I heard a rummaging in the bag, and then she shifted position behind me, telling me that i should appreciate the special touches she creates for me.

She roughly placed a ball gag in my mouth, quickly securing the strap around my head. it took a moment for me to realise that the ball was slick and moist, and a moment longer to work out where that moisture had come from. I licked the inside of the ball before my saliva could dilute the taste of Mistress's pussy.

"Back down puppy" she barked with another crack of the crop, this one the hardest by far. I quickly resumed my position, arse up in the air, face pressed to the floor. I felt a cold splash of lube on my stinging arse cheek, and then Mistress's hand guided the lube to the center of my arse, softly playing with my anus with one slick finger. She applied more lube to the butt plug, and then i felt it press against me, and slowly, but steadily forced inside. When it was all the way in, easily sliding in the last centimetre and siting securly, she told me to get off the stool and kneel on the floor.

Mistress took me back into the bedroom and made me kneel on the bed where, she told me, she would Tawse me for the outburst in the lounge room. I would have prefered to be restrained to the bed somehow, after all I had bindings on my wrists, but Mistress told me that it woud be more humiliting to offer myself to her punishment, rather than have no choice in the matter. She was of course right.

There was no gentle escalation of spanks, no warm-up (i have since learned this is the difference between Mistress's punishment and play spankings) and my cheeks were soon burning with pain. i tried as hard as i could not to flinch from an expected stroke, and trusted my Mistress not to strike my balls. i knew this was a possiblilty, but was determined not to spoil her mood by any complaints.

When she was finished, she removed the ball-gag, but left the blind fold in place.

"What do you say puppy?" she queried.

"Thank you for teaching me a lesson Mistress" i said a little meekly.

"Good boy. Now move around here" she said positioning me, kneeling on the floor facing the bed, and she fastened the wrist bindings together behind my back.

"Now get to work on my pussy boy!" she commanded, a firm hand on the back of my head guiding my face towards her pussy. "Take your time. I don't need to come yet"

This was more like it. Being 'forced' to eat her pussy was more my idea of submission. She had me work on her for about ten minutes, and my tongue and jaw were quite tired when she said "Is that cock of yours hard puppy?"

"No, it was Mistress but not just now"

"Well get it hard boy, I am going to need it now" she said matter of factly

i was compelled to jerk my cock for a few seconds until i was firm. i was unsure whether i should wait for her to question again, but i felt she should know my cock was ready for her to use, so even though (or perhaps because) it  felt more demeaning, i said "it is ready for you Mistress"

"Good puppy" she said with a smile, now get up here and slide it into my pussy. She lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide, and, after undoing my restraints, she took hold of my cock and guided it into her hot and very wet box.

"Make me come boy" she commanded and i rode her the way i know she likes. "You better not come puppy, or else Mistress will be very cross. You are never to come without my permission, understand?"

"Yes Mistress" i replied. She was very close to comeming and sensing this, almost through me over the edge. This did nothing to please her.

"If you come boy, i will Tawse your backside red, do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress" i replied.

"That's after i make you clean up the mess with your tongue" she continued. "Now, hold your cock still" and then, whilst my hard cock was thrust inside her, she used her fingers to masturbate her clit, quickly spasming in orgasm. Her contractions squeezed my cock in a delightful consequence.

"Now do me some more" she said after catching her breath. I continued, desperatly trying to avoid comeming, and just when it seemed i could no longer resist, she said "That's it puppy, get off. you can clean me up with your tongue"

"Yes Mistress" i said as i again lowered my face to her quim. Once i had licked her clean, she told me to tidy up, get dressed, and cook dinner. Clearly there would only be a butt plug, but no orgasm for puppy.

"Yes Mistress".

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