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Categories: Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: feminized Crossdress oral dominated sperm submission
Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

So.... You were coming to visit me by train, and I was to pick you up at the middletown station. When you got here I pulled the SUV up and got out to give you a big hug and opened the door for you. By the time I walked around to my side you'd taken a big envelope out of your bag. I asked what you had, and you showed me a print out of the photos I sent to you. You said, "You're going to do everything I say Brian, unless you want your wife to see what you went to me. Isn't that right?" I hung my head for a second, and then nodded. You said, "Say it!" I said, "Yes..." Then you told me to drive to the back corner of the parking lot and back into a spot hidden from view of most of the lot.

As I was driving there you took some things out of your bag. I didn't see what they were, but when we got to the spot you told me to strip. "Here?! I asked." You told me, "Right now, don't question me, you're my toy now." Once I had gotten all of my clothes off, you opened the door and got into the back seat. From there you handed me a satin lace trimmed pink thong and told me to put it on. You said, "You'll look so cute in these." I blushed with embarrassment but I did exactly as you said. You then told me to get on my knees in front of you. I did, and you pushed my head down and grabbed one of my wrists.

I felt handcuffs close around my wrist and quickly whipped around my back to the other hand. I was trapped between your legs on my knees, handcuffed in the pink panties your brought. "Now, you're going to make me cum with your tongue Brian, and you're going to do it fast because you don't want to get caught like this, do you?" you said to me, and you slid your skirt up to your hips. I felt your hands on the back of my head guiding me to you. I kissed your left thigh, then let my tongue trail along up as you pushed my face into you. My tongue pressed in pointed and I started to go to work. I licked slowly, upward along one side. Then back down the other... flicking gently, then sucking... probing, circling. Using the flat of my tongue, then the underside... pointing, then letting it go soft. Teasing... then pleasing... I could feel you start to get close.... and your breathing started to get heavy.

You would alternate between caressing my hair, and pushing me into you. I started sucking on your clit, then circling and flicking it with my tongue, and back to sucking. You started to shudder, and I felt your thighs squeeze me...both hands on the back of my head holding me there as you came. When it subsided you pushed my face away, smiled at me and giggled. "I see you enjoyed that!" you said, as you noticed my hard on sticking out of the top of the panties. "Seems a shame to waste that. Get on the seat!" I did as you commanded, but it was a struggle with the handcuffs on. As I lay there next to you, you let your fingernails trace gently over my hardness. "You're really sexy in these little pink panties Brian, do you like wearing them for me?" I nodded yes, begging for more of your touch. You pulled them down slightly and tucked the elastic band under my balls, and then I felt your warm lips engulf me

. I thrust up with my hips, and you pulled up, leaving me wet. You swung one leg over me and eased down with your hand guiding me, and I slid right in with perfect ease. We seemed to fit perfectly as your hands came up to my face. You kissed me, and started to move. The feelings were so intense. You looked at me straight in the eyes and said, "Don't you cum yet... if you cum in me you're going to eat every last drop." and you continued to move so expertly. You could feel me straining, trying not to cum, and you watched my breath, warning me, but moving quicker, then slowing... teasing me to the breaking point.

You started moving quicker and I could feel you starting to clench around me. Your lips were right next to my ear and as you slid down really hard, you told me to cum... and I did... spurt after spurt, wave after wave of pleasure, flooding both of our bodies. When it subsided, you lifted up off of me and pushed my down so I was sitting with my head leaned back on the seat. You eased back down, and placed yourself directly over my mouth. "Open up, and take it all, this is what my good little panty boys do after they make a mess." I felt it slide out of you into my mouth, warm, creamy, salty, mixed juices of me and you, and I swallowed for you. You told me I was good, and you wouldn't get me in trouble, as long as I always did exactly what you said when you asked me to. Then you told me that I was to wear those panties for you during the days you said as a reminder that I was under your spell. I woke up after that, but I had a raging hard on that you would NOT believe... :-)

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