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  I’ve always loved women. The way they feel and look, their walk, their curves…their scent, their taste. Hell, I even like the screwy way they look at things. But as I’ve grown older and more sexually experienced, I’ve become curious and comfortable with the idea of exploring sex with another man.

    A few years ago, an old friend confessed that he was bisexual. To make a long story short, I let him seduce me.

    It was awkward at first, being naked with another guy in his living room, but his hand on my thigh and his hot breath and tongue on my ear & neck soon had me feeling relaxed….and quite aroused.  Before I could object, his lips were on mine and his tongue was probing my mouth. This wasn’t part of my fantasy…kissing a guy never entered my mind.

A little rubbing for foreplay maybe, but I figured man sex was just two dudes grabbing hard-ons and getting each other off. But Dave could kiss! His lips were moist and his tongue was darting around the inside of my mouth so gently, so thoroughly that I found myself probing back. Now he was softly sucking my tongue as he ran his hands through my chest hair and played with my left nipple. I moaned softly and he looked into my eyes.

    “I’ve thought about this for awhile,” He said with a smile, “But I’ll stop if you want me to.”

    I could only manage a whispered “No” as he trailed his mouth down my neck and chest to that now stiff nipple. I grabbed his head in my hands and held him there as he sucked and swirled his tongue. I’ve told my wife how sensitive my nipples get, but somehow in our lovemaking they always get neglected. Not now. My ‘straight’ married friend Dave was making sure they were getting attention. He was sliding off the couch and pulling me down with him onto his carpet as his hands roamed around my stomach and thighs.

Soon his head slipped my grasp as he trailed a line of warm saliva down my belly and a thigh, then up the other one to lightly tickle my balls. He knelled before me and spread my legs (I didn’t resist…I didn’t even want to) and lightly ran his fingers up the underside of my hardening cock as his tongue explored my belly button, then went lower. When his mouth replaced his fingers on my cock, I gasped and twitched when he licked that sensitive spot where the head meets the shaft.

   “Your cock is nice” was the last thing he would say before he engulfed me, softly, oh so slowly, so wet and hot all the way down until I could feel his tongue on my balls and his saliva dripping down the crack of my ass. My semi hard cock was entirely in his mouth and being teased by a tongue moving so fast and lightly that it felt like tens of hot wet butterflies fluttering around. Never had I been sucked so completely!

His head rose and my cock felt cold where his lips had been, then hot again as he plunged back down, cupping my balls in his warm hands and making little noises of appreciation, like someone really enjoying a gourmet meal. I was transfixed, watching my cock disappear into his mouth then reappear all glistening as his lips would stop at the very tip and his tongue would tease the pee hole. He was watching my face, looking to see my reaction. He was obviously enjoying himself and I was not going to stop him.

I was definitely enjoying one of the best blowjobs I have ever received. I reached down and held his face lightly in my hands. Caressing his ears and cheeks and lightly tracing his lips where they met my dick. I couldn’t believe my friend was blowing me…and I couldn’t believe how turned on I was.

   I had to do something. I murmured for him to turn a little and I started to rub his ass, like I do with my wife. His cheeks were soft and hairless, firm but smooth. I found out later his wife and he shave their bodies. My pubes are trimmed and my sac is shaved so neither of us had much hair to get in the way. Either way, I found him moaning and pushing back a little as I caressed his cheeks, squeezing his ass and playfully slapping it, telling him what a great cocksucker he was. I rubbed a little lower and felt his balls slapping my hand, I tentatively reached out and gently explored his dick

. It was semi erect, but once I wrapped my fingers around it, it started to swell. I loved the feel of it, growing warm and hard in my hand. It felt so alive, sexy even. It was longer than mine, over 7 inches, but not quite as thick. Holding it with one hand I traced my fingers up and down its length, feeling the vein that ran along the underside and exploring the swollen head. Like me, he was circumcised, and I found myself fascinated with the way his foreskin stretched so tautly and the ridge around his mushroom head flared out.

I ran my fingernail around it and then just my finger. It looked so much like my own, yet I could never study mine like this….so close and in detail. A drop of pre cum appeared at the tip and I smeared it around the head with my fingertip. He jumped a little and I liked that. It was hot as hell knowing that what I was doing was turning him on. I’ve always found that giving pleasure increased my own arousal and this was no different. Almost in a trance, I milked another drop of fluid from his cock and watched it stretch between my index finger and his cockhead. I removed my finger and brought it to my face to look at it. Clear, warm and inviting. I stuck out my tongue and tasted it

. It was not unlike my own, sweet and salty and electrifying. Not at all slimy and gross. I slid around and stared at even closer at this beautiful cock. I was so turned on I was focusing my own eroticism on his pleasure now. I had to return the favor. I brought one of his legs over my shoulders so he straddled me. Almost trance like, I pulled his cock down while lifting up my head. I kissed the tip and stuck out my tongue. Slowly, I wrapped my lips around him and gently sucked. It felt so erotic, so good, so right!

Here I was with the first cock other than my own I'd seen since high school and I was sucking it with joy. I explored the shaft with my tongue while caressing his balls. I ran my lips up and down his penis with abandon, and then took him as far as I could into my greedy mouth. Reaching up, I grabbed his ass to get even more of him and I moaned with ecstasy as he got into a rhythm and pumped his cock into my mouth. I could feel him sliding into my throat, past the point of a gag reflex that I somehow fought back.      

    Meanwhile his ministrations were taking me even higher. His lips were dancing around my balls, past my ‘taint’ and I almost lost it when he teased my hole with a finger and an incredibly hot, wet tongue. First he licked around it and flattened his mouth, licking and kissing, pulling away to trace my rosebud with just a fingernail like my wife does. But she never spread my cheeks with both hands and plunged into it the way he was. His chest was creating friction on my cock as he buried his tongue into my ass. I was squirming uncontrollably, deliriously aroused as he thrust down into my eager throat.

   “I…Want…Your…Cum.”  I gasped, pulling my face away for one precious moment before sucking again for all I was worth, my body reacting on its own when he resumed swallowing me. My hips rose up to meet his cunt like mouth as he would slam them back to the floor with his face. I was harder and more turned on than I’d ever been. More than I’d ever imagined I could be! His finger entered my ass and I lost it as he rubbed my prostate. I exploded just as I felt a gush of warmth in the back of my throat.

I didn’t even have to swallow...his sperm literally shot down my esophagus. I think I blacked out with pure pleasure…I must have lost it for a moment at least, because I swear I felt that warm liquor glow in my stomach from his cum. I could feel a flush in my body; almost an electrical pulse that seemed to emanate from my cock, through his mouth and body, and back out from his penis into my throat and stomach, where it filled me and flowed through again and again.

Slowly ebbing and waning, as our cocks softened and we caught our breaths around each other’s dicks.

     He raised his hips from my chest as I lay back, spent, content and totally satisfied. His mouth left my cock; I stretched to look at Dave and could see a string of cum and spittle still connecting him to me. It was a picture I’ll always remember. Lookind down my body at him, framed by his legs and ass and the first cock I’d sucked…no, not just sucked; made love to! A picture I was relieved to know I’d see again when he said…

  ”Maybe next time I’ll wear my wife’s underwear for you, I think I’d like your cock in my ass.”

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