The Office Party   added 6 years ago
  By: DirtyWelshMan  Age: 31  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: The Fetishists, The Audience / Voyeur, Other men, Force/Rape, Transvestites
Tags: fuck office transgender lingerie
Location: An office
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
another fantasy of mine is one where im working in an office somewhere, with lots of female staff and a few males.
so im in work the one day and theres a poster up for an office party, with mandatory fancy dress, the theme being that the guys have to go as girls and the girls as guys, so i go all out on getting an outfit together, a sexy thong backed teddy with suspenders, a long slinky elegant dress in black, with a slightly transparent section down the front, black stockings, strappy high heels and a long red heaired wig done into a sexy and slutty style

ive made a real effort and look very feminine, having always wanted to dress up but never had a reasonable excuse, so i arrive at the party and at first nobody recognizes me, i feel so sexy, but as i look around i realise that im the only guy there dressed up.

all the girls from the office are there, all dressed in suits sporting rather large bulges, i start to panic a little and try to make my way to the door but turn around and bump into another of the guys from the office, he stops me and asks where im off in such a hurry, but as he looks closer he sees that its me,
he starts to laugh and calls everyones attention to me, telling them im dressed up like a girl and must be some kind of gay boy, i try to get past him but he pulls me back, laughing and telling everyone that theyre gonna have to show me what its like to be a girl!

I struggle a little as he pulls me over to the buffet table, a couple of the girls clear away some of the plates, making space, he pushes me face first over the table as the others gather around trying to see, he quickly lifts the back of my dress to reveal the lingerie "why someone really does wanna be a slutty girl huh sweetheart" he says, still laughing.
i hear the sound of his zip being undone, my heart beating hard in my chest as i feel his large hands slide my panties to the side

we're gonna make a real woman of you he says as he presses his thick had cock into my ass, i cry out in pain as all the office girls laugh and giggle, feeling at the bulges in their trousers like they had real cocks, the guy fucking me laughs loud, taunting me and telling me to take it like the fucking sissy faggot i am, i squirm, but deep down im loving it, being treated like such a dirty slut,

after what seems like an eternity i feel another cock pressed to my mouth, forcing its way past my lips, but this one is cold and solid, then i realise its one of the girls from the office, wearing a massive strapon, poking out through the zip of her trousers, "oh yeah suck it you little cunt!" she snarls at me, so i do as im told for fear of what might happen next.

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