my husband blew my boyfriend   added 6 years ago
  By: biscuit  Age: 47  Country: United States

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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, Other men, Oral Sex, Cuckolded
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Location: A bed
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Nature: I will tell you later

ok, so i am a very lucky woman. my hubby lets me have a part time boyfriend/fuck buddy. he says it turns him on knowing i get laid with someone else, although we have a very good sex life. so my buddy's name is Bryan. hubby is Tom.

Bryan and Tom are almost the same build and are hung about the same. but what i think i love the most about Bryan is his aroma when we have sex. i particularly love the way his cock and balls smell. i think my favorite part is when i try to keep him semi hard for as long as i can. and his balls hang nice and low. this way i can rub his cock all over my face and his balls smother my nose.

there's just something about that smell that turns me on soooo much. then when i can't take it any longer, i have to taste him. i lick his balls and allow my tongue to tickle his ass. usually by now he is hard as a rock and i do my best to swallow him.

and once he starts to throb, i know i am about to be rewarded with a nice, hot mouthful of cum. i never swallow it right away. i always let it swirl around in my mouth to mix with my saliva. sometimes i smear it all over his cock and clean it all off. a little treat to myself.

on one particular day when enjoying Bryan, i was thinking about Tom. how he always tells me he would love to be there to see what turns me on. to share the moment. but i was always too bashful to let him see me. but this day i decided that it would be quite a turn on for it to happen. so i set it up. Bryan was game, so i planned it for last night.

so now i have Tom laying on his back on our bed. i loosely blindfolded him so his sense of smell amd taste would be heightened. Bryan came in and took his clothes off. i had him kneel on the bed with his cock and balls right over Tom's face. i took his cock and gently rubbed it over Tom's nose and lips. Tom gave a slight smile. as Bryan's cock was rubbing the bridge of Tom's nose i let the blindfold rise up so the head of Bryan's cock would carress Tom's closed eyes. and Bryan's low hanging balls were now smothering Tom's lips and nostrils. Tom would just take deep breaths enjoying everything.

i was getting very excited, as this was a first for both my men. by now, Bryan had taken all he could and allowed himself to get rock hard. then Tom did something that made me shutter with amazement. he opened his mouth and began to lick and suck on Bryan's beautiful cock. i thought how hot that was, but at the same time, "hey that's my job". so i leaned over and licked Bryan where i could.

my mouth was watering so much i just let my saliva run all over Bryan's cock and balls and covered Tom's face. i stuck my finger in my mouth and covered it with saliva so i could stick it in Bryan's ass. but when i  went to put it in there, i felt Tom's hand on Bryan's ass cheek pushing him closer. Tom was really getting into this. my pussy was drenched with lust.

i managed to get a finger in Bryan's tight little asshole and i think that sent him over the edge. he started thrusting hard and exploded in Tom's mouth and all over his face. Tom was also moaning and seemed to be enjoying all of this. i leaned over to share the fountain with Tom. i lapped up as much cum as i could. i let it mix in my mouth with my saliva and when Bryan pulled his cock out of Tom's mouth, i held Tom by the cheeks with one hand so his mouth would open. i let everything from my mouth empty into his waiting mouth. then we tongue kissed till we swallowed it all.

i think this is the start of something pretty hot.

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