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Categories: Cuckolded, Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: surprise Secretary sexy
Location: An elevator
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I was on my way to a job interview with a mr smith in the tall office block in town. There was something about offices that just turned me on, i think the idea of naughty secretary roleplays or something. Well I arrive on time and go to the front desk. The receptionist is a hot young blonde, but her breasts are small, and I dont have time anyway.
She makes a call and after a minute or so, a gorgeous brunette walks into the front hall. Tall, slim, long hair, large, full breasts, and a short skirt magnifying a smooth pair of long sexy legs - perfect. She approaches me and says, "mr thompson? i'm mr smith's assistant. please follow me..." she has a sparkle in her eyes i cant quite identify, but my mind soon becomes preoccupied as she turns and i see a round ass tight against the small skirt shes wearing. Mr smith is one lucky guy...

She leads me to an elevator, and we both enter. "I'm afraid its on the top floor, so this will take a couple of minutes, especially if others join our lift". Man i hope they dont, I thought to myself. A few minutes alone here with you is all I need!
I decide its now or never, you only live once, and simply ask her if shes seeing anyone. But she sees straight through me. "listen you bastard, i know you want some of this because everyone does, but you dont know what you're getting yourself into". I try to covince her that its all good, that i can handle anything, i can take the heat. Then she hits me with a line Ive never heard before:
"Im a transexual"

No fucking way.

Its clear that she shares this information so openly to get men to back off. But I find myself amazed, and, turned on even, by the thought of such an incredibly gorgeous, sexy woman, having a penis of her own...the best of both worlds...
She looks across at me to see my reaction, but her eyes are distracted by something else, and its only then that I realise, my dick has become hard in my pants, just by thinking about her...him...she suddenly becomes transformed. "oohhh...so you like that, huh? i bet transexuals are your ultimate fantasy..." she says it in such a seductive tone. and shes right.

She comes over to me in the elevator. I start to get scared - she has a dick!! - and move away, but theres nowhere to go. She hits the stop button on the elevator wall, and it comes to a standstill. "you're not going anywhere" she says. She takes off her top - her breasts are full and bulging in a black bra - and then she orders me to take off my clothes. I hesitate. "Take them off" she said, "or I'll force you down on your knees and shove my cock up your asshole". I silently hoped she would. But still i got undressed, right to the skin, and stood there completely naked, my dick hard and long, poking into her bare stomach.

"On your knees" she ordered. With her hand on my head, she pushed me down, so i was kneeling in front of her, looking at a large bulge in her miniskirt. "lift it  up" she told me, so i put my hands on her soft smooth, thick thighs and slid them up to her waist, taking the skirt with them, and revealing a huge dick. It wasnt very thick, but longer than mine and which a big juicy purple head. Oh shit please let me suck it, i thought.

You want this big cock in your mouth? Huh? Think you're still a macho guy now? We'll see who's in control now wont we you little bitch. Open your mouth", and I did so willingly. She smiled playfully, then with both hands on the back of my head, slipped her dick between my lips.

I had never tasted a dick before. It was smooth, hard, sweet...she moved it in and out like my mouth was a pussy. I loved every second, feeling the shaft slide in and out while the head moved back and forth on my tongue inside my mouth. i put my hands on her soft, big ass cheeks as she forced her long cock far in my mouth to my throat. It made me gag but that just turned me on even more, gagging on a cock, oh yeah...i deap-throated her for a while, played with her balls, and then she hit the stop button - we started to move. Any second now we would be at the top. I didnt care. i bobbed up and down on that hard dick, my saliva spilling out from between my lips, that cock was so yummy i could have eaten it forever. but the best was yet to come...

We got closer to the top floor, and she started to moan louder. I silently wished and hoped that i would get her come, whether it be on my body, my face, in my mouth, i just wanted to make her come. "Keep fuckin me" she said, "oh yeah, keep sucking on that dick, you like that huh, oh yeah, we going all the wa", and she started to moan in a higher pitch. We had almost arrived. I got to work harder and faste, sucking and slurping on that wet dick, until i felt her balls empty.

Suddenly the 'ping' of the elevator, and the doors opened, right into mr smiths office. I saw him and various other people suddenly stop and watch, mouths gaping, as just at that moment she unleashed her load straight into my mouth as i was giving her head. It filled my mouth, some of it spilling out between my lips. Her hands were on my head still, she was moaning in delight, and as she withdrew she pushed the ground floor button and waved goodbye to her boss.
As we went down, i tasted the come inside my mouth. It was warm, sweet, thick, and mixed in with my saliva, man it tasted so good. She grabbed my head again, tilted it up harshly and ordered me to swallow, so i gulped her tasty come down.

"I guess i should do you now" she said. But even then, i was surprised. She sat me down against the wall, then faced away from me and squatted over me, lowering her fine round ass down onto my throbbing dick. It felt so good as it slid deep inside her asshole. She moaned with pleasure, and began bobbing up and down on it, her ass riding my dick, the cheeks bouncing up and down and slapping against my thighs. It didnt take long for me to come inside her, and she groaned witht eh pleasurabl feeling of a hot load of come being squirted inside her remaining hole.

She stood up and bent over, and told me to kneel behind her. As i did so, she squeezed my come out of her ass, and i reached out with my tongue and licked it up as it came trickling down between her ass cheeks. I sucked on her asshole and stuck my tongue inside - the greatest taste of all - as the elevator doors opened on the ground floor.

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