walked in on my wife   added 6 years ago
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Location: A bed
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Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

so i come home a day early from a week long job. i figured i'd surprise the wife because she gets bummed out when i'm gone. i got into the house and took my boots off in the mud room. left my bag there and walked thru the house. i saw the kids were gon so i figured i'd get to have some uninterrupted R&R with the wife.

when i got in the hallway i heard her moaning like she was about to have an orgasm. i was excited because i love to sneek a peek at her when she is masturbating alone. i started rubbing my cock thru my jeans on my way to the door. i noticed it was only open a crack.

when i opened it slowly, i couldn't believe what i saw. there was this young and in very good shape guy pumping my wife who was on all fours. at first i was i shock. but in an instant, the shock left and i was incredibly turned on. i slowly and quietly took myclothes off and stood there stroking mself.

i quietly krept in and the instant he and i made eye contact, i motioned to him not to make a noise and that it was ok. i walked around the bed and saw her face all scrunched up in extacy. she never even knew i was there. i put my the head of my cock on her mouth and her eyes opened. i told her that it was ok.

after a few minutes of watching him pumping my wife and her sucking on me, i slid under them into a nice 69. she went back to licking mu cock and i started to lick her clit. i could taste her cum as i was also licking his balls and the shaft of his huge cock as it came out of her soaked pussy.

he was really pumping away and with a few good thrusts, he came inside of her. when he pulled out, i got to taste their mixture of cum. it was great. i told him to stay there and she spun around and sat on my cock. it slid in so easy seeing as how she was soaked.

she and i started tongue kissing and i pulled our young friend in so the head of his stoill wet cock was between our lips. we would incorperate our kissing with his slippery cock. sometimes she would suck it and i would lick his balls and sometimes she would pull it ot of her mouth and put it in my mouth. that would really turn her on.

after she put it in my mouth, she would start to stroke him and we could  feel the pressure building. he came violently and sprayed that hot cum all over our faces. mostly on mine. she would lick it up and spit it back into my mouth till we swallowed it all.

she and i went back to fucking. hard to believe i haven't cum yet. our young friend got off the bed and knelt on the floor and started to lick my balls. what a feeling. then he would put his tongue in my asshole then hers as well. that was more than i could handle and i exploded inside of her. felt like i pumped a half a gallon of cum in her.

she spun around to help him clean all that cum from my cock and nballs and asshole where it dripped down. i made sure to lick and suck up all the juices from her pussy, her cum, his cum, and my cum.

we layed there for a while till we decided to take showers. when he was in the bathroom, she and i started kissing and told each other how much we loved each other.

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