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(My second story; please comment)

Ever since I laid my eyes on you, you have amazed me. Your muscles, strong enough to crush bones, your incredible black skin glinting in the light, your incredibly long manhood--over ten inches long! But it is not just your physical aspects that makes you amazing, it is your personality--so kind, gentle, and completely devoted to his love.

I never knew what it was that you saw out of me, I was eighteen years old, a quiet little white girl, with tiny hips, medium breasts. But while I was nothing in life, you were everything: a successful thirty-one year old, graduate from Princeton top of your class, now a highly accomplished cardio surgeon, and incredible beachfront house, all the money in the world but looking from the most sought after and priceless thing: love.

I had never felt love in my life before that, but soon I was consumed in it. Every single second of everyday, I thought about you. I thought about the jokes you had made the night before while dreading what to wear of the date tonight. My mind became filled with images of your face and that heart-stopping smile. 

I remember the day that you asked me to marry you. Marriage? No way! But how on your knees you begged and begged. You told me that I was a goddess and how much you loved me and that you wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I was shocked, but I couldn't say no: I loved you too. Without you I would kill myself and I told you that I needed you--that I wanted you and that my pleasure could not be confined all alone in my bed, but that I wanted your bed--our bed. 

We married two months later in a little ceremony outside of your-our-home.  There were a few friends at the wedding, but our parents' did not approve of this marriage. The Night was something to remember. Our naked bodies were entwined and exposed to the moonlight. The first night your thrusts broke my virginity but still you went on. Months of dreaming and imagining were coming to reality as your massive body and my minuscule one combined together to form a single entity. My pleasure came in huge waves and I felt nothing but it. Soon, your manhood also released its pleasure, spreading your seed deep into my womb and in huge volumes. We collapsed as sleep took us from our pleasure. 


When dawn's rays shone through the light, I awoke and reveled at what had happened. Next to me, your body--without the protection of a blanket--exposed the most beautiful parts of a true man.  I got up to make us some breakfast. I was just about to heat up the stove, when suddenly you came out of nowhere and decide to heat up my anus. The pain got replaced by pleasure. My orgasm came quick as my womanhood expunged liquid on to the marble kitchen floor. Yours came soon after and within moments, my anus was filled with your seed and dripping into my womanhood. 


After breaking-our-sex-fast, we went into our magnificent living room. Your massive arms wrapped around my little body. We spoke and looked into each others' eyes going to deep into our souls. 


For three weeks, our bodies were intertwined. We would have sex at least six times a day from our mouths, our anuses, our genitals. For some reason, you could release incredibly voluminous seed every time you climaxed. There were no condoms or birth control, only pure animal pleasure. But you had to go back to work. While I stayed home and did chores. Our sex lives began to decrease in frequency but increase in pleasure. 


And, eight months before, I had missed my period. The doctor told us that we were going to have a baby! Now as I lay on the bed, with my bulging stomach, you are next to me with that same smile on your face. Your dark black eyes are glistening with tears as we tell each other the story of our love. We are moments away from bringing a new brown girl into the Earth: the real living, breathing proof of our love for each other.


The doctors rush in as a new human being begins to push on the walls of the womb. But you stand next to me and hold my hand with the smile on your face. I cry as soon as I see our baby. We see the most beautiful creature in the world, we smile and look and see that our love is a mix of black and white, lust and love. 


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