My Old Friend Vol. 2   added 6 years ago
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James was waiting by the bathroom door, listening. There wasn’t too many noises coming from the bathroom. The occasional sloshing of water, sometimes he could hear soft ‘hmms’ coming from Rebecca. Soon he heard the tub draining and footsteps. James retreated to the bed and sat down. Even though he’d just cum, he was hard again. He could not stop imagining all the terrible things he wanted to do to her. Dark urges he never admitted to having were coming out in him. Instead of repressing them like he would normally, he was letting them flow and thinking of ways to make her do what he wanted. She’d already let him take her virginity, let him fuck her in the ass. Let him cum inside of her… he was pretty sure he had a shot.


The bathroom door opened slowly and she poked her head out, looking at James. Her expressions was less horrified than before, more curious now. She stepped into the bedroom closing the door behind her. She started to cover her breasts and James shook his head, “Oh no. You’re my slut and I’m going to look at you.” He said, keeping his voice firm. James stood up from the bed, legs partially spread. “Come here.” Rebecca listened, not saying anything, she dropped her arms from her breasts and walked towards him, stopping just short of his reach, “James…” She whispered, “Ah, I don’t think I w-” He slapped her cheek hard. Rebecca let out a yell and touched the reddening flesh. “You don’t think.” He said, moving to stand behind her. He shoved her shoulders hard, pushing her down onto her knees. Kissing the top of her head he rubbed her shoulders as her hand dropped down to her stomach. “Just do what I say, and we’ll both be happy okay? Don’t argue with me, alright?” He was speaking to her gently, in a sweet tone. He lifted her chin and gingerly kissed her red cheek, planting a second kiss on her lips. She kissed him back a soft moan escaping her lips. “Good girl.” He murmured, kissing her forehead. “Promise to do anything I ask you?” Her eyes were wide a small smile appearing on her lips as she nodded, “Yes. I promise.” She said, licking her lips, “Anything you ask.”


It was easier than James thought it would be. He made a mental note to later search her computer, see what kind of porn she looked at. He had a feeling she was into BDS&M… why she was still a virgin he had no idea. Any guy would have given his right arm for an excuse to have her as a slave. He was just lucky, James guessed. He took a chance and got very, very lucky. “Turn around, face me. Then scoot back against the bed.” Without a word Rebecca did as he said, her breasts tipping upward as she laid her head against the bed. James stepped over to her, leaning over her face he pressed the tip of his cock against his mouth, “Suck.” He ordered. Obediently she opened her mouth and brought the head of his cock into his mouth. She did her best to get it all in her mouth, struggling and leaning upward. Her tongue rolled around his cock, she swallowed and coughed, pulling away. “No.” James said, balancing himself over her face, one knee on the bed. “I said suck, which means you’re taking all of it.” Her eyes widened as he pushed his cock back into her mouth all the way down until his balls touched her chin. She was coughing and sputtering hard but he reached down, grabbing fistfuls of her red curls and pulling her against him. He sighed in relief feeling her tongue desperately working against his cock, trying to shove it out of her mouth. Using her hair, he pulled her further up on the bed. Her legs scrambled against the floor, trying to move with him. James began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth like it was her pussy. He felt the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat and heard her gagging. He didn’t stop, he kept pumping, using her hair to make her face match his hips.


James took a moment to pull out, leaving only the head of his cock in her mouth. She sputtered, gasping for air at this short break, eyes filled with tears, spit dripping out of her mouth. A wide grin exploded on his mouth and he continued. Pulling her lips to the base of his cock he pounded her throat ignoring the pained noises, her frantic scrambling, her throat convulsed around his cock as she gagged and tried to get his cock out his mouth but all this did was make him cum faster, shooting his load deep into her throat. He cried out as he came, “Swallow it bitch.. swallow every drop or I’ll fucking make you pay…” Even he was surprised at what just came out of his mouth, but he didn’t take it back, he pushed his cock in deep making sure she was swallowing. When he was finished he pulled out and instructed her to open her mouth. When she did, he looked to make sure there wasn’t any cum left.


“You’re a good girl.” He said, “Now go get me some scarves, or handcuffs, belts. Something strong. You’re going to bed.” Rebecca pushed herself to her feet, idly rubbing her throat. She moved away from him to her dresser, opening the top drawer she pulled out a pair of handcuffs and tossed it onto her bed, a slow blush spreading on her cheeks. James picked the cuffs up, chuckling, “You are a little slut, aren’t you?” She moved to her closet without answering and laid a belt on the bed and a few scarves. Without being told, she laid down on the bed and looked over at him. James walked over to her, shaking his head no, “Oh no. On your stomach.” Becca did as she was told, rolling over on her stomach, resting her cheek on a pillow, the one that had not been smacked. James took two pillows from the bed and shoved them under her stomach, propping that nice ass of hers up in the air. He gave it a small smack before pulling her arms out in front of her and handcuffing them together. Using the belt and scarves he tied her arms to the wood slats on the headboard. He pushed her legs up so she vaguely resembled a frog about to kick in water. Tying her ankles he managed to get them stuck close to her body by wrapping their restraints under the bed and connecting them. The only thing she could do is open her body up more for anyone who walked in there.


James stood by the door, admiring her body, “I’ll be back.” He said, exiting the bedroom, turning the light off on his way out. He quickly went to his bedroom and dressed, grabbing his wallet and calling a taxi. He wanted to get some toys he wanted more things to tease and torment her with. His mind was reeling with everything he wanted to do to her. Just dominating her holes wasn’t enough anymore. He wanted her screaming his name.


(to be cont.. maybe)

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