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James stood at the airport, he had just left baggage claim and was waiting for his childhood friend Rebecca to pick him up. He shifted his bag on his shoulder and scanned the cars looking for something familiar. It had been a long time since he’d seen Rebecca. The last time they saw each other neither of them had hit puberty yet. They kept in contact through letters after he moved away, they hadn’t even spoken on the phone. He’d seen photos of her, just as he’d sent her photos of him throughout the years, but it’d been a good two years since the last photo. She was 17 in the last photo she sent. The only thing that stood out about her was her curly red hair, other than that she was pretty plain, a little overweight, nothing he’d ever been interested in. But she’d offered him a room in her apartment when he mentioned he was thinking of visiting. It was a better offer than staying at a hotel. He was trying to travel before heading off to college, see the sights… get laid in all the major cities. He squinted as he caught a glimpse of a woman with bright curly red hair. The car pulled to a stop beside him and the woman inside stepped out. She barely looked anything like the Rebecca in the photos. She’d changed and it wasn’t just the few less pounds or the couple of extra inches. Her whole demeanor was different.


She smoothed out her pencil skirt, and beamed at James before running up to him and giving him a big hug. He returned the hug, breathing in the scent of her perfume… or was it perfume? No… it was just her, soft and sweet with the smell of soap underneath. He felt her breasts against his chest, that seemed to be the only place she didn’t lose weight. And he was glad. They were warm and full, had to be hitting a D cup. She squeezed tighter, giving him a big kiss on his cheek. He let out a shaky breath, his cock was getting hard and pushed against his jeans.

“Well hey there…” He said after she finally let go, shifting uncomfortably. She smiled back, “James! It’s been so long, I was so excited about you coming to visit!” She gave a little bounce before bounding to the back of her car and opening the trunk, “Well come on, I’m sure you’re exhausted. Get your suitcases in here and I’ll show you where you’ll be staying for the next week.” He followed her instructions, trying not to draw too much attention to how hard he was, trying not to look when she leaned over in front of him giving him a great view of her ass.


Rebecca sat back down in the driver’s seat after James put his luggage in his trunk. James got into the passengers and looked over at her, one of her buttons had wiggled itself loose and was so close to exposing the tops of her breasts. He looked down at his lap, normally he was very proud to have a full 9 inch cock. But right now, something smaller would have hurt less. He rested his arms over his lap and looked back over to her, she shifted in her seat so she could back out, back onto the road. The button popped loose. Her breasts were perfect.


Rebecca chatted the whole ride to her apartment, reaching down every now and again to fiddle with the radio. James could barely think straight, every time her hand reached down he wanted to grab it and make her rub his cock. Every time she wiggled in the seat he wanted to order her to park and shove his cock deep in her perfect ass. He wanted to be the one driving with one hand on the back of her head making her suck every inch of his cock until he blew in her mouth. Normally his fantasies weren’t this rough… but she was someone he didn’t think he’d be able to fuck and, force just seemed to work with his fantasies about her.


When they had parked, she showed him inside her apartment. Her bedroom connected to the bathroom, his was right across the very small hall from the bathroom. They would be inches from each other the whole week he was here. She told him to make himself comfortable in his bedroom and she’d be back to take him to dinner in an hour. She gave him another tight hug, her nearly exposed breasts (she still hadn’t noticed) pressing against his chest, this hug her let his hands rest on her lower back, fingertips kneading the top of her buttocks.

She didn’t notice this either… She gave a kiss on the cheek and left his bedroom for the week and closed the door. James let out a heavy sigh and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants releasing his cock. He reached down and rubbed it slowly, leaning back against the wall, “Oh man…” He groaned. She had never looked this hot in her pictures. Never when they were growing up. He never thought about her like this. Now he was imagining getting her drunk and taking her to bed and after she passed out taking her any way he wanted.

He squeezed his cock thinking about her plump lips wrapped around the head of his cock. Shuddering, James shook his head, “Shit…” He whispered, “I gotta take a cold shower.” He stripped off his shirt and boxers. His jeans were already down around his ankles so he just kicked them away, idling rubbing his still hard cock. He looked around the bedroom finding some towels in a closet. She had set the room up nice, like a hotel. He wrapped a towel around his waist, holding it in the middle so if she saw him, she might not notice his boner… chances are she’d see it… but he was at least trying to disguise it.


With fast steps he trotted across the hall to the bathroom, opening and shutting the door behind him fast, he dropped the towel before he even looked around the pre-lit bathroom. He looked up when he heard a gasp, the towel already draped over the bathroom counter. There she was… just as perfect without anything on, sitting in the bathtub. Rebecca pulled her knees to her chest as her blue eyes widened, locking on to his hard cock. “Oh… Oh my god.. get out!” She squealed, pulling her knees to her chest scooting back in the tub

. “James! Get out! I’m in here!” He stood frozen for a moment before he grinned widely, laughing out loud, “Oh man… Sorry Becca.” He said taking a step closer to her, “I swear, I had no idea you were in here.” She started to look mad, “Well you do now! Get out!” He sat down on the side of the tub, it was ice cold… but he had an idea, “Aw Becca.” He said, splashing her gently, “Come on. We’ve seen each other naked before. We took baths together when we were kids, remember?” She looked confused a second before the anger melted and she splashed him back, “Yeah, but that was a long time ago.” She responded. He shrugged, instructing her, “Scoot forward. I need a bath too. That was a long plane ride. Besides, we shouldn’t waste all this water. If you’d taken a shower I’d leave. But you’re taking a bath, you can share. So scoot up, I’ll get behind you.

” She thought about it for a second before sighing and scooting to the front of the tub, her knees still trying to cover her breasts. They were not doing a good job because of how large they were, but it excited and amused him how hard she was trying. And how easily she was letting him into the tub with her.


He had decided the second he saw her in there he was going to make his fantasies from the car come true. One way or another, he was going to fuck every hole her body had to offer, and before the week was up… she was going to call herself his. She was going to do anything he wanted. James stepped in the tub behind her sliding his legs around either side of her. “Come on…” He said, leaning forward and pulling her back against him, his cock pressed into her lower back… so close… “I won’t bite.” He chuckled, giving her a hug from behind,

“Relax.” She smiled warily, nodding, “Yeah… I know” He could hear her swallow as he started rubbing her shoulders, kissing the back of her neck tenderly, she continued, “… it’s just…” She squirmed against his cock, “You’re poking me.” He looked down, “Well so I am. Here, let me maneuver a bit so I won’t be..” He slid his hands down her side, amused at the shiver it produced. Lifting her hips up he pulled her on top of his lap causing another gasp as the tip of his cock pushed against her ass, her perfect ass.

“Better?” He asked, pushing his hips upward, while pushing her down. The head of his cock pushed inside and she let out a yell, wiggling (only causing her ass to push down harder), trying to get off of him and out of the bath. He kept his hands firm around her hips, wrapping one arm around her stomach, “Relax Becca…” He cooed in her ear, shoving her the rest of the way down. All 9 inches of himself shoved into her ass, “You feel great.” He groaned, nipping at her earlobe. She let out a cry, still trying to get away but he held tight.

He wanted her more than anything and he was not going to let her get away. He used her own weight against her, fucking her while he held her. Her cries slowly turned into moans and whimpers of, “No, Oh god James… Oh no, please stop… Oh… Oh yeah… Oh no…” He continued rocking himself into her feeling himself getting closer and closer to his peak as her ass flexed around his cock, she was only half-heartedly trying to get away now. Before he came he switched positions, pushing her on her stomach in the bath. She used her arms to keep her head out of the water. James pulled out her ass, hearing her sigh of relief he laughed to himself.


She thought he was done. She was wrong. He wanted every hole in her body to be dominated by him. Out of her ass, but still hard he pushed himself against her pussy hole. She yelled this time, loud, “No James! I haven’t done that! I’m a virgin!” A virgin? God that was hot. He slid the head  of his cock into her, pushed in until her felt the thin hymen. “Not anymore.” He said as he shoved in, breaking her hymen .. He pounded into her, now in a better position. The water splashed around them, he grabbed her hair, pulling her head back so he could cover her  mouth with his lips. He kept fucking her, shoving his tongue in her mouth. She cried around him but still he noted she was not fighting back

. She was even starting to push back against him. He pulled her hair harder, slamming into her a few more times before he came, he pushed deep, holding her hips as he kept coming inside of her. He wanted her to have every drop of his. When he’d finished he pulled out and got out of the tub. She curled up around herself, reaching down to her pussy, touching it with a confused, hurt look on her face, “James..” she whimpered, looking up to him. He dried himself off with the towel and grinned down at her, “Clean up slut.” He  said, “Clean up and get in your bed. We’re not done.”

He walked out of the bathroom and into her bedroom without looking back at her and dug around for something to tie her up with. He found some scarves and he threw them at the end of her bed, listening at the bathroom door to make sure she was still there.


He heard water sloshing and soon the door from the bathroom to her bedroom opened.


(to be cont.)

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