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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex, The Audience / Voyeur, Oral Sex, Steady Partner
Tags: domination submission other woman
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

Ever since you showed me that scene of a man watching a woman he hired play with his blindfolded girlfriend I have had thoughts of doing the same to you to test your submission to me. You have told me you would do anything for me, but I have barely begun to ask all that I have thought for you to do. Enjoying one of our submission sessions with another woman there both as a witness and as I toy I use on you strikes me as a very erotic elevation in what would be required from you. She would be beautiful enough, dressed as I told her, and much bigger than you so that you would naturally feel submissive to her. I would not have any sexual interaction with her.

I would merely instruct her to be my adopted second position little girl for the day, and that she must only observe us unless I explicitly instruct her to participate in some way. Her participation would be to pleasure and tease you. Discipline of you would remain my domain. I will have instructed her about the types of discipline that I will engage in (spanking, bondage, sodomy) and have told her things to say to you to intensify the discipline action as well as embarrass you with the presence of a witness, observing your submission to me.


I have you dress in one of your most feminine white and pink lace outfits, light pink stockings and red heels that are only good for pointing at the ceiling as I so love you hear describe them. I love when my little girl is bad in such good ways. handcuff both your hands and feet with you splayed out on the bed, exposed for my hungry eyes to lustfully devour. I just caress you, telling you this evening is going to be a special night as I have a surprise for you that will test your devotion to me.

You whimper in the cute way that you do when you know a test of your submission is coming. Daddy is so excited at the thought of letting some of his sadistic self out to play with you. You ask if the surprise is a punishment or a reward. I tell you its a reward that my feel like a punishment. Certainly Daddy is going to discipline you to make you cry and suffer for him, but you know that I like to do that for your own good and my enjoyment. I tell you surprise is just going to increase the intensity of the discipline in a new way we have not explored before.

You whisper that you are afraid, and that your my good little girl, hoping to avoid any suffering. Daddy kisses you and says he knows your afraid and that he won't let anything bad happen to you. I remind you that periodic discipline regardless of whether or not you have transgressed Daddy's rules as it grounds you and pleases Daddy.


Soon after there is a knock on the door. I smile and tell you that the surprise is hear. You whimper again and reach for me. I caress and kiss you again, and then further bind your handcuffed hands to the bed and tell you not to move. I say that I'll be right back with the surprise. I leave and return with a tall redhead woman dressed in a black leather bustier, and thigh high boots. She is shapely and much bigger than you. I smile and introduce you to her as Huntress, your big sister for the day and tell you she has been instructed how she will play with us.

I say she will only be doing what Daddy's tells her, and if you need to, you can ask Daddy to make her stop anything she is doing. We approach your sprawled form, and take positions on either side of you. I place a blindfold on you and instruct Huntress to kiss you softly while I lay next to you, holding my hand over your lovely pussy. I tell her to travel down neck, breasts and stomach. I then lift handcuffed ankles up toward your head to expose your pussy to Huntress. I tell her to indulge herself, pleasuring you while I lay across your stomach, holding your legs, watching her kiss and lick you.

I tell you what a good girl you are to let Daddy play with you this way. After a time I tell Huntress to use the vibrator on you. I want to see Huntress make you cum. She dutifully obliges and begins to tease your wet, swollen clit and lips with the vibrator. At this point I undo your ankle cuffs, and spread your legs to expose you fully to Huntress. I then rebind each ankle to the bed so that you are again helpless before your big Sister and naughty Daddy.

We play with you for a while, and then I move up to your hands and untie you from the bed, and slide underneath you so that you are laying against me and my swollen cock, your hands still handcuffed. I am holding your arms and put my hand across your mouth to further restrain you, forcing you to give into the moment and allow the vibrator to make you cum. I whisper my pleasure in your submission in your ear, watching your sexy body writhe against me, the restraints and the vibrator. Eventually you succumb and do give into the pleasure you are receiving, cuming violently. I stroke your hair and kiss your forehead telling you Daddy loves you and what a good girl you are being as the spasms relax.


However, I whisper, this is only the start, "next Daddy is going to spank you to tears while your big Sister watches." "Daddy, please don't spank my sister" Huntress pleads. I respond by slapping her across the face and telling her not to interfere in the discipline my little girl needs. She meekly replies with a yes Daddy, and retreats to the edge of the bed. I undo your leg restraints and turn you over, face down on the bed, exposing your beautiful little bottom. I pull you to the edge of the bed until your feet just touch the floor, and then rebind your ankles with the cuffs. I caress your bottom as I sit beside you in preparation for you spanking. I tell Huntress to sit on the other side of you, and to comfort you while I spank you. She whispers her agreement, and I begin to spank you with my hand.

I have my other hand on the small of your back, pressing you down into the bed. As I increase the intensity of the blows, Huntress begins to stroke your hair, telling you it will be over soon. I scold Huntress that your spanking will be over when she has fully submitted to the spanking and not a minute before. As your bottom reddens and my hand begins to sting, I retrieve my favorite paddle to further increase the intensity and prolong the spanking. I rub the paddle across your bottom to warn you, and you begin to cry. I tell you that I love you, and that you need this spanking as much I need to give it.

I begin to spank you with the paddle, gauging how hard to go by your reaction, redness, and soon bruising. I spank you for a long time, to the point of your complete submission to the pain, past the point of tears. I then soothe your bruised bottom and lay beside you, kissing you and telling you what a good girl you have been.


However, I whisper, "there is one last submission you must do, you must take Daddy into your little bottom." You begin to cry again, and then seem to relax into the submission just achieved and simply say yes Daddy. Daddy please don't Huntress pleads, your too big for her pretty little bottom. I know I reply, but this is the submission my little one needs to really show her Daddy and herself how devoted she is. Huntress is told to prepare you for Daddy with the toys by the bed. She starts by caressing your bottom, dripping the lube onto your tight opening, slowly working a finger into you, spreading your for bigger things to come. As you begin to relax, she fills you with more lube and larger and larger toys.

You have started to whimper again, a release against the pain and embarrassment of your Sister violating your bottom. I am watching intently, rubbing your sore bottom, eager to slide inside of you. When Huntress gets to the largest toy, I take over and tell her to comfort you again. She does to by rubbing your back and telling you that Daddy won't hurt you. I agree, and work the large toy into you until its buried into your little bottom. Slowly I work it back and forth, making sure your ready for my throbbing cock. Its so hard I'm worried I will be able to work it inside of you. When you finally are accepting the toy with relative ease, I lube myself and rub the head against your opening.

It seems an impossible fit, but we know its been done before. I work into you slowly, encouraging my good little girl and Huntress to help you accept the thick shaft. Your ankles are still bound, so your kicking feet provide little relief. You finally let go and go limp, fully surrendered to the penetration that must be done. With that, I am able to ease fully inside of you, and slowly build up to fucking your tight little bottom. You have been so abused today little one. I'm so proud of your submission and ability to keep reaching deeper to show your love and devotion to your Daddy. After Daddy has sodomized your sufficiently, he pulls out and releases his lust all over your bottom and back.

You look completely used, but raptured, deep into a subspace. Daddy only wants to comfort and hold you now. The naughty Daddy is completely finished, leaving only a loving, nurturing desire. Daddy shows Huntress out and then returns to release his little girl from her restraints and cuffs, wraps her in his arms and a blanket, and tells her how much he loves her. Her tears are now those of joy. relief and love. She is the perfect little girl and woman for her Daddy and she knows it.

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