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Categories: Steady Partner
Tags: strange romance sex
Location: My House
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

Just because I kept my strange and exciting fantasies to myself doesn’t mean the wife and I couldn’t have great sex. Her being absolutely amazing to look at short straight black hair and deep brown eye, a DD chest that is almost too big for even my hands, and great ass and legs and a pussy so tight it makes virgins look like whores. With me being a kind of average guy, with the exception of the giant piece so I still always felt lucky to have her with me.


We’d have sex and mess around on a fairly regular basis, once or twice a week whenever we both could get away from work and all that life bs. Everything was fairly standard and we would settle up on the couch with the fire going on in the den. Toss a movie up the big screen and slowly get closer as the sun set in the back window. I’d run my hands up and down her body and nibble on her ear lobes and neck, sometimes we’d turn and kiss. We’d play at this for as long as we could trying to wait for the movie to finish up, I loved the sex we had and couldn’t wait for it to start.


We’d roll off the couch stripping each other down in front of the fire place and start the heavy kissing the groping. Eventually I’d find a way to slip my semi-erect cock into her mouth and she’d slowly start sucking on it, taking it as far as she could go. She’d twirl her tongue around the head while she stroked the shaft, and then slide the whole thing back into her mouth again. The warmth of the mouth coated in saliva felt so amazing, sliding over her tongue as she used it to massage the shaft inside her mouth. I could feel myself about to cum, so I let her know. She just smiled at me and sucked even harder till I came in her mouth, she’d swallow the load and start to lick her fingers.


Sitting back she’d take her fingers and slide them into her pussy warming it up for my cock. I crawl over to her and start licking up and down her tender pink slit, the juices tasted fantastic. Sucking on her clit her hips start to buck against my head and I would slide two fingers inside her to really get her going. Slowly her hand would work its way over the back of my head holding me in place and pressing me harder into her clit as I sucked. Her legs tightened up around me as she shuddered and came was seemed like forever.


I’d spread her legs open wide as the fire light danced across her soft skin and moon light streamed in threw the window. I’d run the tip of my dick hard against her tight pink pussy trying to get it as wet as possible. Slowly I’d sink just the head in as her pussy stretched and strained to try to fit it, and ease it back out again. Then I’d slide it back in a bit further each time until her pussy had taken my cock in to its base.

She would always keep her eyes closed and bit her lower lip till it was all the way in, then she’d relax a bit and start to enjoy herself with me. Slowly I would slide my hard cock out of her and back in all the way her soft voice slowly filling the room with gentle moans and her breath started to quicken. My thrusts picked up speed and became more machine like cause her tits to come together and bounce off each other. Her tits kept slapping together harder and harder like they were trying to play with themselves, she kept moaning deeper and louder as we picked up speed.


Her hips started to grind against mine and her hand slid down over her clit to tease it while I fucked her. Her loud moans burst from her as her body tightened up and broke down again into orgasm. She moaned louder and louder as I continued to drill into her and her body fucked me back seeming to have a will of its own. The walls of her pussy tighten up and sucked down on to my dick and she came long and hard again. I could feel my own cum building up at the base of my cock waiting to be set free, jamming it harder inside it happened. Hot jets of cum burst out of me and deep inside her, filling her already tight hole to the brim and some of it dripped out when I had finally pulled my cock out.


Of course that was then and this is now, the carefree days of just openly having sex even in ones house just couldn’t happen anymore. Now people needed to reserve secure rooms in private locations for extremely high prices. We had all wished it had been some government control story, but something much worse waited in the dark. No one was really sure what they were but they called them “Mythics” a strange  race of beings the hide all around us feeding the sexual energy of humans. Sometimes breaking out from the darkness to attack and rape men and women and occasionally each other. Anyone foolish enough to have sex outside of the guarded facility usually meet with a very unpleasant end or a fate much worse.


As such we hadn’t had sex more than four times a year for many years. Every day that past by put a crazy lust driven strain on my mind. The things I would dream up would continue to grow more extreme and aggressive.

To Be Continued…

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