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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur, Group Sex / Threesome, Other women
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Roleplay: Cop/Prisoner
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

Let me tell you about the time my girlfriends and I got out of a ticket…

 One Saturday night we had all gone to see a movie. When it was over we decided to go to the diner to get a bite. The five of us girls went in one car, and the five boys went in their own. We had to go down this long curvy road to get from the theater to the diner.

We were leading with Melissa driving, but suddenly the boys speed up and passed us and speed off. As we turned the curve, up ahead we saw the car pull off to the side with it’s hazards on. “Hey! Let’s show them what they get for passing us!” I exclaimed. Those girls were just as slutty as me so they knew what I was thinking. Quickly we all five discarded our tops and bra’s and rolled the windows and sun roof down and jumped up just in time to pass….A COP!

We had all been hooting and hollering and pinching and shaking our titties. Almost immediately the cars lights came on “FUCK!” yelled Melissa, and she pulled the car over to comply with the officer. None of us even had time to find our clothes. The cop walked up to the side of the car and bent to peer in at us. We all sat there and I noticed that none of us was even trying to cover our bare tits.

“Good evening ladies. I’d ask you if you know why I pulled you over, but I suppose that would be a dumb question. Have ya’ll been drinking tonight?” he spoke firmly. We all giggled and gave up our “No sir!” ’s. “Okay then, how old are you girls?” I was sitting behind Melissa, so being close to him I decided to take charge. “We’re all eighteen officer. And I bet you have never seen five, hot, topless eighteen year olds all in one car before, am I right?” I smirked seductively at him as I leaned towards him and peered out and gave him a once over

. He was tall, tan and muscular. I also noticed something else. “Well, I must admit this is a first.” he confessed. “Well, I’d ask you if that’s a gun in your pocket or if you’re just happy to see us, but I can clearly see your gun on your hip, so I suppose that would be a dumb question.” I smiled and bit my bottom lip and the girls laughed and Kimberly smacked my tit, “You’re so bad!” she said.

I turned to her and smacked her tit right back, “Don’t be jealous I saw his big hard on first!” I winked at her and mouthed Play along!. “Well, I bet I can make his cock harder than you!” she challenged.

The other girls quickly caught on. “Uh uh!” Melissa contested from the front seat and quickly slid her hand down Kristie’s shorts. “I bet watching us will get him hotter!” Simultaneously, we all started going at it. Hands all over, jeans and shorts sliding off our round booties, and the sounds of kissing and licking filled the car. Melissa and Kristie’s hot little twosome in the front and myself, Kimberly and Stella in the back.

I had one hand in Kimberly’s cunt and the other hand was reaching across her to squeeze and pinch Stella’s small boobie. Stella had gotten on the seat to her knees to give Kimberly easier access to her pussy and so she could reach my big round boob. I had kept my back to the seat so as to give Officer Hottie a clear view of the show. Stella and Kimberly were sloppily kissing each other and moaning and grinding. I glanced in the front and saw that Melissa had leaned across the seat and put her face in Kristie’s cunt. Melissa’s ass was sticking up and Kristie was fingering her pussy and asshole. I then looked up to our Officer. As I expected he had just let our little show go on.

He was actually standing there with his mouth wide open. His raging hard on was just begging to be released. I could see it pressing firm against his pants. I moved my hands away from the girls, and began to lick Kimberly’s juices off my fingers. I looked up at him and said. “Officer, how about you lean in a little closer and watch the show through the sun roof. I’m sure it’s a better view!” I sealed my offer with a wink.

He knew what I was getting at. He leaned against the car lining his crotch up perfectly with my window. I expertly unzipped his fly without disturbing his belt, reached in a pulled out his thick hard cock. I wasted no time and took it all in my mouth until I felt it hit the back of my throat. He groaned with pleasure. I was pleasantly surprised when he said, “Oh yeah! Suck my cock you fucking little slut!” I took heed and rocked my head back and forth giving him an expert blow job. I flicked his balls with my tongue as I deep throated every inch of his manhood.

I knew he wasn’t gonna last much longer. I could feel his balls tightening. I could hear the cries and moans of pleasure coming from the girls behind me. Then all of a sudden I almost choked! His cock had exploded and shot cum hard against the back of my throat. I pulled back from him and the next shot came right on my face. I moaned my own thankfulness, and Kimberly and Stella noticed his enormous cock blasting me. “Oo! We want some!” Stella leaned in and got her own blast in the face. Kimberly got one too and we were all clambering for his cum. Kristie’s cries of ecstasy filled the car as she came from the service she was getting from Melissa.

Officer Hottie finished his orgasm and stepped back from the car. He shook his cock and put it away. “Well, you ladies have a nice evening.” and with that he walked back to his car and quickly pulled away. “So,” Melissa asked, “how are we gonna explain to the guys why we took so long?” “I have a feeling we might have to give them a play by play!” I guessed as I playfully stroked Kimberly’s tits.

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