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Categories: Force/Rape, Anal Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive, Identified partner
Location: Other
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

The other day I went to my normal supermarket for my normal groceries. At home I discovered that one of the products was spoiled. Having a bit of time, I went back to the store to get a replacement. When I approached the service counter my heard sank at the sight: Therese was standing behind the counter in the light blue uniform of the supermarket. I didn't know she worked there! She smiled in a friendly fashion, but still I detected a slight hint of perverse pleasure in her eye, as I approached the counter. At the counter she was very friendly and courteous (not something I expected from her). She calmly listened to me explaining my problem of the spoiled product. The suggestion she then made was more her style. We needed to go to the stockroom of the store for the replacement.


Just as she suggested, we went through the store to the large double doors at the back. She led me through them into a large space containing numerous shelves filled with crates and pallets of foodstuffs, other assorted supplies. After many turns and quite a long walk we arrived in one of the quiet back corners. It's clear that Therese knows her way around the stockroom. She pushed me against the wall and kissed me forcefully; very forcefully. I knew I would have quite a bump on the back of the head, where it contacted the wall.


While her voluminous breasts and her kissing pressed me against the wall, she opened my fly with her hands. One hand crawled in the fly and quickly found my soft dick. She softly started massaging it and quite quickly it reacted. She calmly pointed it upwards, giving it room to grow. Her thumb rubbed across the head through the fabric of my briefs. It felt great... really great. My hard-on began to grow almost beyond my pants. She noticed it also and opened my belt and pants with her other hand.


With my pants slowly falling down to my knees, she continued to give me a hand job through the fabric of my briefs. The tip of the head of my dick peeked through above the waistband. Therese noticed this also, so she moved a bit back. She looked down and then sank to her knees, while she lowered my briefs bringing my increasing hard-on in view.


On her knees her head was at the same height as my dick. Without using her hands she envelops my dick-head in her mouth. Her mouth feels so good: warm, moist and soft. Slowly she started sucking, engorging the head. With her right thumb and index-finger she formed a loop around the shaft and started to stroke the shaft. This goes on for several minutes.


Then she released my full hard-on and stands up. She removed her jeans and her panties. I was watching her light pubes and her pussy. Turning around she commanded me to make her cum before I cum. Under her stern look I agree. She then grabbed my dick and slowly lowered herself unto it. I felt my dick slide into her quite tight ass hole. She kept sliding down and down, her warm body engulfing my dick.


Nearly my whole penis was inside Therese, when she started riding me with slow, deliberate movements. Each time she moved up, she clenched her sphincter, while relaxing it on the way down. I couldn't believe it: here I was in a public place getting milked by a gorgeous ass. Calmly she picked up the pace.


Struggling against the orgasm I softly groan. Looking back she warned me about coming too early. Fearing I might come too early I begged her to be allowed to pound her pussy, but she denied. I strained and groaned a bit louder. She then kissed me to keep me quiet. Breathing heavily through my nose I knew I could not hold out any longer.


With powerful blasts I filled her with my cum-juice. She had quickened her pace to match my ejaculation. I felt so relieved that I forgot her command and her warning. With a wicked smile she kept milking me in the feverish pace. My sensitive dick was trapped in what appeared to be a human milking machine. Pain shot through the shaft. I wanted to get out, and tried to move away, but the wall was blocking my path.


Then I tried to move down, but Therese moved with me. Even with the stimulation my dick could not hold the hard-on and went limp and small again. Finally she let it go, and turned to me with an angry, disappointed look in her eyes. She then cursed my hide full, that I didn't use my hands to massage her breasts or fondle her clit. I could easily have made her cum, but no I was a weak male, too stupid to think with his other head. And softly, humbly I agreed.


We dressed ourselves and went back to the store. On the way back she gave me the requested replacement and promised me that I would pay for my stupidity later.


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