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Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
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OK, so working away from home for long periods of time does have it's disadvantages, living out of a suitcase, thinking that you are going to earn more but realising that you actually spend more than you earn, but the advantages far outweigh the these. Being away from home means you can sample the local nightlife, have a wild time and not have to worry about the repercussions and the best must be that you get to meet so many different people...especially the women!.

So here we are, me and my workmate Davy are getting sorted for a little night out, it's been a shitty few days but the end of the job is in sight so we've decided to go for a couple of drinks and take a look at some of the bars and clubs we haven't been to yet. One thing we are both agreed on is the hospitality shown to us by the people of Granbury, neither of us have been here before but we'll definitely be coming back.

The first couple of bars we went into were fairly quiet, but it meant that we could get a couple of drinks down before the night got too hectic. After we had got our drinks in the third bar we decided to ask the girl behind the bar why everywhere was so quiet and she explained that on Thursdays the bar down the street had live bands playing and that most people ended up there. So the decision was made that our next stop was going to be there.........

As we opened the door and walked in the smoky atmosphere engulfed the pair of us. From outside the place looked fairly small and insignificant, but inside it was wall to wall bodies. Over on the far side of the far side of the room was a small stage on which a band had crammed it's gear and left only just enough room for themselves, but they sounded pretty good as they played middle of the road stuff.

We wandered up to the bar and grabbed a couple of drinks before making our way over to one of the many pillars that seemed to be placed in a rough semi circle around the main dance floor, we sat down on a couple of stools and scanned the room. There were all sorts of people in there from a couple of guys in suits who looked like they had just finished for the day, to a small group of 20somethings who must have spent a fortune on the outfits they were wearing. As me and Davy chatted we passed our opinion on some of the women in the place, and to be honest there were some stunners, but as I leant forward to hear Davy a little better I was looking over his shoulder towards another of the pillars and saw the most stunning pair of legs that I had ever seen.

She was wearing a short black skirt, dark blouse, leather jacket and knee high boots, and the skirt had ridden up slightly to reveal the top of the stockings which covered her shapely thighs and calves.
As me and Davy chatted I continued to stare over his shoulder at this wonderful view when all of a sudden she looked straight at me, as if she had sensed me watching her, I couldn't take my eyes off her as she held my gaze for a fraction of a second before looking away, but I caught a glimpse of the smile that crossed her lips before her long red hair covered the side of her face like a secretive curtain. I continued to look over in her direction every so often, being careful that she didn't catch me staring, and watched her slowly lift the bottle she was drinking to her mouth, place her lips around the top,  then tip her head back slowly and swallow, it looked so sexy that I caught myself imagining what it would be like to have those lips closing over the tip of my cock......then all of a sudden she was gone. I scanned the room but she was no-where to be seen, I kept looking around for a while but couldn't see her and became resigned to the fact that maybe she'd gone home.

Me and Davy chatted over a couple more drinks and made light conversation with a couple of girls that sat down on the stools next to us but I didn't feel like chatting to them, the woman that I wanted was no longer there. The music was loud and had a really heavy base line that made the floor, and in turn our chairs, throb, it was the type of music that makes you start to move with the rhythm when you don't realise that you are when suddenly there she was.

As she danced slowly around on the floor her hair flicked back and forth across her face making her look as sexy as hell. She turned and looked up at me and although she was a good ten feet away the glint in her eyes was pure sex. She started to dance over in my direction and I felt my mouth turn dry and my pulse quicken, god she was hot. She came right up to where me and Davy were sitting and smiled, her hand reached forward and at first I thought she was going to take mine but to my dismay she grabs Davy and asks him to dance. As she walks away she glances over her shoulder and gives a wicked little smile...

 As I watch them dance I start to feel jealous of the way she wraps her arms around his neck and looks into his eyes, the way she grinds her hip against him as she turns and the way his hands grasp her hips. CHRIST! I don't even know her and I'm as jealous as hell!
They dance for a while and I can hardly stand watching when I realise that she is walking toward me and gesturing with her finger that I join them. I almost jump out of my seat and move towards her, she takes my hands and guides me over to the dance floor. She dances so erotically it's almost pornographic, running her fingers over her body and through her hair, losing herself completely in the moment.

Eventually we end up with a human sandwich, Davy behind her and me in front, grinding in rhythm with the music. She reaches one hand round and grabs Davy's arse and uses the other to grab mine then pulls us both tight up against her fantastic body, my semi hard cock squashes against her crotch and as she looks at me she has a knowing smile on her face. 'So where are you two from?, I've not seen you in here before', I can just hear her voice above the music, 'Newcastle, we're just over here for a few days, tonight's our last night'.

'Well, we'd better make it a night to remember. Where are you staying?' she asks, 'Just up the road' I reply, ' the hotel at the crossroad'. She smiles, 'I've always wondered what the rooms are like in there', with that she grabs my hand and Davy's and leads us toward the exit, Davy grins like a Cheshire cat...


As we leave I hold the door open for you and watch your round little arse wiggle through the doorway, followed by Davy then I tag along behind. As we reach the hotel I take a quick look into reception, great, it's empty, we walk straight to the lift and step through the open doors and hit the button for the third floor. The doors close and you turn to face me and Davy then look down towards the bulges in our trousers, you reach your hands out and run a finger along the bulges and, almost in a whisper, you say 'This should be fun'.

We bundle ourselves through the door, I lock it behind us and turn round to see you taking off your jacket. The blouse underneath is straining at the buttons to hold in your breasts and is almost losing the battle. As your jacket hits the floor me and Davy walk toward you and stand one either side, you reach up and pull Davy's face down to yours and kiss him hard on the lips, I watch your tongue snake it's way between his lips as you sigh and groan softly. I move one hand up and stroke the cheek of your arse then move my other hand up the front of your blouse until I find the curve of your breast, I tease your nipple through the material and feel it harden under my fingers.

I can't resist moving my hand over and start to undo the buttons one by one on your blouse, as the last button comes undone you move your arms back so that the blouse falls off your shoulders and onto the floor to reveal the most beautiful, round firm breasts wrapped in a lacy black bra. My other hand moves round to the zip on your skirt and pulls it down then takes hold of the material and edges the skirt over your hips and lets it fall. As my hand moves back across your arse I feel the material of your suspender belt and then the small triangle of lycra that disappears between your cheeks, that small thong that must be so tight across your pussy.

My hand travels up the crease of your back and finds the clasp of your bra, I manage to undo it on the first attempt and it slides down over your arms. My other hand comes up and squeezes your breast, lifting it before I use my fingers to gently tug at the nipple, feeling it's hardness. I kiss your neck, then your shoulder, then the v of your neck before moving further down and taking that hard nipple into my mouth, sucking it in between my lips and flicking my tongue over the tip. I look across and see Davy move down to the other nipple and take it in his mouth, we both suck furiously, licking and nibbling at the small buds as you run your fingers through our hair, pulling us closer, squashing our faces against the soft flesh.

You pull our faces away and turn towards the bed, you walk over and sit right on the very end. Looking down you can see your nipples glitening with saliva as you run a finger over them, then your hand slides down over your stomach and traces the line of your thongs waistband. You raise your left leg up and rest the foot on the bed so that we can see the black material of the thong pulled tight across your pussy, you look up and smile as you slip your hand inside the material and we watch transfixed as your fingers slowly rub in a circle on your pussy.

You take your hand out and reach down between your thighs and pull the thong to the side, your pussy is neatly trimmed, with a small narrow patch of hair just above a smooth pair of puffy lips. The tip of your finger slips between your lips and teases your clit, I walk over and kneel in front of you, watching you play with yourself, you put your hand out and grab my hair then pull me towards you, moving my head down between your thighs. As my mouth touches your pussy I hear you draw in a deep breath, I kiss the lips and feel how wet they are and how sweet you taste.

My tongue licks slowly from the bottom of your pussy all the way up to the small patch of hair at the base of your stomach, just brushing the skin, not pushing hard enough to part your lips, then I move my mouth back down and lick it again but just a little bit firmer, then again, and again, pushing a little harder each time until finally my tongue slides between your lips, across the wet hole of your pussy and up over your clit. I can hear your breathing getting deeper as you moan softly. I run my tongue in small circles over your clit, making you squirm and twitch, your breathing changes and I feel you move your body slightly, as I look up I see Davy, he's stripped completely and is standing on the bed beside you,

I watch as your mouth opens and his throbbing cock slips in, your lips closing around the shaft as you suck it, your hand reaches up and starts to tease his balls, cupping them and squeezing as you suck harder. I move my head back down and start to tongue your pussy faster, sliding my tongue over your clit before pushing it deep into the tight wet hole below, the sounds of sucking and muffled moans is all I can hear, the slurping sound as Davy's cock slides in and out of your mouth. You start to grind against my face as I push my tongue deeper and deeper, licking faster, wanting to taste every part of your hot wet pussy, almost suffocating between your smooth thighs.

I finally have to move away and take a breath, panting and licking my lips, as I move away from you I watch as you take Davy's cock from your mouth and move yourself round in one smooth movement so that you are on your hands and knees on the bed facing me. You watch over your shoulder as Davy positions himself behind you then turn and look straight into my eyes, Davy grabs his cock and moves his body forward, you close your eyes, raise your head and let out a long groan as he slides into you. I move a little further back and sit in the chair facing the bottom of the bed and start to undress, taking off my shirt and shoes, then my trousers, as I look up I see you watching me undress,

I lift my hips, hook my fingers into the waist of my boxers and pull them down, my cock springs out and slaps against my stomach and I hear you let out an approving groan. My cock is as hard as rock, thick and with a swollen circumcised head, smoothly shaven except for a patch of hair at the bottom of my stomach. You watch as it twitches and throbs, I take my hand and wrap the fingers around it and start to slowly wank myself as I watch you getting fucked, watching your body jerk forward each time Davy rams his cock into you and listening to you take in a sharp breath as he buries himself fully.

You stare at me and say 'stroke it faster for me, harder...........yeah, like that', the sound of your voice is so sexy I'm sure my cock is getting harder, ' I can't wait to see how that cock feels inside me, it looks nice and thick, you're going to give me a really good hard fucking, aren't you'. I slide down onto the floor and move toward you, kneeling in front of you I grab your hair and pull your mouth to mine, our lips meet and our tongues snake into each others mouth in a frantic, passionate kiss, you bite my lip gently then continue to kiss, deeper and more probing,

I feel dizzy and need to pull away so that I can catch my breath, as I lean back slightly you quickly drop from your hands onto your elbows and grab my nipple ring between your teeth, pulling my nipple deep into your mouth and sucking it hard, it feels so good as you use your tongue to tease it as your teeth nip the soft skin. You slide one hand down over my chest and stomach until you reach the base of my cock, I feel your soft fingers coil around the thick shaft and start to wank it, slowly and firmly. I grab your hair tighter in my hands and pull your mouth harder onto my nipple as your hand begins to move faster on my cock.

I pull your mouth away from my chest and stand up in front of you so that my cock twitches just in front of your face, I can feel you pulling against my grip on your hair, trying to get your mouth closer to the tip, I pull you forward and watch as your tongue flicks from between your lipstick coated lips and licks the head, then you place your lips on the very tip of my cock and look up at me, you look so fucking horny as I slowly pull your head toward me and watch as my cock glides into your hot, wet mouth. You start sucking me deep into your throat and I pull your hair. As Davy thrusts his cock into you your body moves forward and my cock slips in and out of your mouth,

I look at my cock moving between you lips in time with his movements as your hand cups my balls and squeezes them roughly making me tense my body with the sheer pleasure. I close my eyes and let myself be engulfed in the sensations, I feel your lips moving faster over my shaft and open my eyes to see Davy holding your hips and thrusting harder and faster as his breathing gets deeper and a groan escapes his mouth, suddenly he pulls away from you, grabs his cock and wanks it furiously as jets of creamy cum fly from the tip, a few land on your arse cheeks but most of it splatters across his stomach, you never move, you just stay there sucking and slurping my cock into your mouth. Davy gets off the bed and heads for the adjoining door between our two rooms, as he goes through into his own room he smiles over his shoulder and then closes the door behind himself, at last I have you to myself.........


I pull your head away from my cock and ,in one movement, throw you backwards onto the bed, grab your leather-boot clad ankles and pull your body toward me so that your arse is resting on the end, I hold your legs high and spread them wide so that your beautiful, pink, moist pussy is in full view with my cock hovering just above it. 'What do you want?' I ask, 'I want that nice thick cock' is your soft voiced reply, 'and what do you want me to do with it?', almost snarling you say 'I want you to slip it into my tight wet cunt and fuck me, fuck me hard, make me cum'.

I squat down slightly and move my hips forward so that the swollen head of my cock slides along your slick pussy lips and over your clit, I move my hips round in a small circle so that my cock teases your clit as you moan your pleasure, then I reposition myself and nudge the tip into your pussy, feeling those swollen lips part to accept my engorged head, then I slide myself into that hot velvety wetness millimeter by millimeter, wanting to experience every little ripple of your pussy.

Finally I bury my entire length into you, my balls squashed against your arse and pause to enjoy the sensation of your tight cunt enveloping me. I slowly move my hips back and watch as my glistening, sticky cock slides out of you until just the tip is hidden between your lips then I ram it back into you, pushing the length deep inside your cunt, listening to you draw a breath through gritted teeth then sighing as my balls slap against you, again

I pull back till just the tip is inside you and again I thrust into you, but this time a little harder and deeper, again and again I do this, getting harder and deeper with each thrust until  I can't help myself and I start to build into a steady rhythm, fucking you deep and hard, hearing that wet cunt squelch with each stroke. You lift your head and look down to see my cock disappear into you and slide back out then you fall back taking long deep breaths. I pull my cock out and let go of your ankles, I move back and sit on the chair with my legs together stretched out in front of me and my cock pointing up toward the ceiling.

You take my hint and seductively climb from the bed and step toward me, you place one leg each side of mine and lower your body so that you stop just above my cock. I reach down and take hold of the base of my cock, holding it straight, as you cup your breasts in you hands. Your head moves forward and your hair cascades over my face and shoulders, as I look up your eyes stare into mine, then slowly you lower yourself down onto me, and my cock glides easily into you, you move very slowly until your arse rests on my thighs and I am buried deep inside. You throw your head back and begin to grind your hips against me, stirring my cock inside yourself while your fingers pull at your hard nipples, I stare at you in amazement, you are the hottest woman I have ever met, so sexy, so seductive, so fuckable.

You raise your body slowly then slide back down on my shaft just as slowly, you fuck me with an almost dream-like motion, slow and deliberate, making every sensation more intense with each stroke. Your curvaceous body rises and falls in a steady motion but I feel your legs losing their firmness and hear your breath coming in shorter gasps, your movements almost stop completely as you suddenly tense, then slide down fully on my cock and rock your hips back and forth, I feel your pussy tighten and start to spasm as your orgasm builds.

I grab your hips and pull you down hard onto me, I move my head forward and take one of your nipples between my lips and suck it hard, flicking my tongue over the tip, drawing it deep into my mouth, you begin panting and your body shudders as your orgasm rushes through you, touching every nerve and making it tingle, your pussy squeezes my cock tightly, drawing every ounce of pleasure you can from it. Your orgasm ripples through you for what feels like an eternity and I don't want it to end, the feeling of your body tensing and relaxing as my cock moves deep inside is such a fantastic sensation.

As your orgasm subsides your body falls forward against mine and your heavy breath tickles my cheek and neck, you lift your head and kiss me on the lips and say 'now it's your turn' as you stand and walk over to the dressing table. You smile and turn your back to me and lean forward so that one hand rests on the table as the other slides down your stomach and between your thighs. I can see your face starring at me in the mirror on the wall above the table as your fingers gently spread your swollen pussy lips to reveal the inner folds of your cunt. I approach you and place one hand on your arse cheek, the flesh is warm and firm,  but soft at the same time, I position myself behind you and you reach between your thighs, taking hold of my throbbing cock and guiding it into you.

I push forward and slide myself in fully, then start to rotate my hips, moving in and out of you at different angles, feeling every contour of your pussy. I can't control myself any longer and start to move faster, pure lust taking over as I pump my cock in and out of you, I grab your hips and pound myself into you, as I look in the mirror I see watching me, your voice is breathless and broken, 'does that feel good?', I nod, 'nice and tight?', I nod again, 'good.....mmmmmmm.....your cock feels so hard in my thick and swollen........', I slam my hips against your arse, 'aaaahhhhh......yeah.....fuck me.....fuck me hard......mmmm.......just like that, yeah........ohh fuck ........that feels so good'.

I reach one hand forward and under your chin, lifting your head back as I lean mine forward, we kiss, hard and deep, almost devouring each other, I pull away and put my head on your shoulder, I whisper in your ear, 'you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever met, your body is so firm, your breasts so shapely, your arse so sexy and round, and your pussy so hot, wet and tight.....god, you are so fucking horny I wanted to fuck you there and then in the bar tonight......'
I feel your hand slide down your back and up against my stomach then down to your cunt, you slide a finger into yourself alongside my cock then pull it out again

, I stand straight and look down as you tease that finger around your arse then gently slide it in and start to poke yourself in time with my thrusts, it's almost enough to make me cum just watching when all of a sudden you pull your finger out, reach further down and grip my cock, pulling it from your pussy and placing the head against your arse. I look at you in the mirror and you say 'go on, you know you want to', I watch you close your eyes as I start to push forward and you bite on your bottom lip as the head slips in, then the rest of my cock, easily sliding into you, it is so tight, it's like nothing I've ever felt before and I can't help but fuck you, slowly at first but getting faster, enjoying these new sensations.

I run my hand down your thigh, placing it on the back and lifting your foot onto the chair next to the table, my hand moves back up your thigh and finds your wet cunt, I tease it for a moment before slipping my fingers in and wanking you as my cock thrusts into your arse, you hand joins mine and our fingers intertwine as we stroke and tease your cunt. My movements are getting faster and I know I'm going to cum soon but I keep holding off until I feel the waves of a second orgasm wash over you, feel you grip my cock even tighter as your fingers plunge deep into your convulsing pussy to heighten the impact,

I reach round and cup your breasts, squeezing the nipples, wanting to give you every sensation I can and just as your orgasm subsides I feel my balls tighten and I realise I am at the point of no return. I pull back and grab my cock, grunting loudly, pumping it franticly as the first jet of cum sprays across your arse, you quickly turn round and drop onto your knees and the next thick squirt lands on your breasts and neck, then the next and the next, I've never cum so much in my life, again another jet of cum shoots from my cock and lands on your smooth skin, trickling down your cleavage. Finally I'm drained, you reach up and squeeze the last drops from my still-hard cock, you stand up and we kiss, slow and more gently than the other times then you walk toward the bathroom.

After only a minute or so you come out of the bathroom looking as stunning as when I first saw you, you grab your clothes and dress as I watch. 'You go home tomorrow don't you?' you ask as you put on your jacket, 'yeah, mores the pity' I reply. You look at me then lift your skirt and pull down your thong, stepping daintily out of it you walk over to where I lie on the bed and put it in my hand, 'something to remember me by', you kiss me gently on the lips then turn and walk out of the door, but just before you close it you put your head back round and say 'by the way, my name is Melissa, yours is...?'. 'Steve', 'OK, by then Steve', and the door closes.

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