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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Other women, Oral Sex
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Location: A bed
Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Agressive

The next morning I was so excited to have Erin start with me! I stood in my closet wearing a long silk red robe. I heard a knock and a soft “Hello?” from the doorway. “Good Morning Erin!” I walked out of the closet to greet her. She smiled at me and handed me a cup of coffee. Wow! She was good! She looked just as cute as she had the day before. She wore light weight black crop pants, and a loose fitting low cut purple top, accented with strappy black dress sandals and a long string of pearls.

     Her top was very loose! So loose that when she bent to set her own coffee on the table I got a much better  look at her nice little titties! They were nice and round but very small, probably only A’s. But being so small and perky she was able to pull off that top quite well without a bra. She followed me back into my closet and asked “So where do we start?” “Well, first let me make sure you’re not shy!” I said and let my robe fall off one shoulder. I looked at her to gage her reaction.

“Oh! Don’t be silly! Of course not!” she giggled and grabbed the tie of my robe and slipped it right off. I don’t know if she thought I was wearing undergarments or she knew I wasn’t but either way, I thought she was pleased with what she saw. “Wow! You have a really sexy body if I may say so!” she smiled and actually ran her hands across my stomach and spun me around to look at all of me.

     “Oh I’m sorry! I hope I’m not being to forward! I really don’t have a shy bone in my body!” “Erin, it’s quite alright! I was right to hire you, we’re the same! Obviously I’m not shy!” I laughed and bounced my titties with both hands. She laughed too and took down a dress for me to try on. I slipped it on and looked in the mirror. Just then the phone rang. “Oh damn! Erin will you get it please? Just tell whoever it is I’ll call them back, unless it’s my husband!” “Of course! Be right back!” and she left to go take the call.

I looked in the mirror and decided I didn’t like the dress. I slipped it back off and stood there naked looking at all of my clothes. Absentmindedly, I began running my hands across my titties thinking about the hot time I had with my husband the night before.

     I was pinching my nipples, but would casually stop to flip through a few dresses. I stared at this one for a moment and licked my finger and returned it to my nipple wetting it and rubbing it. I heard a creak and looked up to see Erin standing there. She must have been there for a few minutes because I could see her erect nipples through the sheer material of her top and her right hand was actually rubbing her pussy through her pants. She gasped when I saw her and her hands went to her mouth.

“I’m so sorry! Oh please don’t think I’m some kind of creep! I’m so sorry! You are just so sexy and when I saw you there touching yourself I couldn’t help myself! I’m so sorry! Please don’t fire me!” she pleaded. “Erin,” I paused, “You’d have a lot easier time touching yourself without those pants on.” Her eyebrows went up and her sweet little mouth formed a smile. “I know it’s my first day, but you are the coolest boss ever!” as she spoke she was franticly unbuttoning and removing her pants.

     “So, do you want to see my body like I can see yours?” she asked eagerly. “Yes! I would enjoy that!” I answered. She enthusiastically continued removing her clothes. Her cute little pink bikini panties followed by her top that wasn’t hiding much anyway. “Oh Erin! I do love your perky little tits! May I touch them?” “Please do!” she said excitedly and stuck them out for inspection. I ran my palms across her bright little nipples and covered her entire breast with my palm. Knowing she was open to me I began to explore the rest of her body. She had a flat little stomach and a cute little navel piercing. I tugged on her belly ring and said “Cute!” she was biting her lip. “Can I tell you a secret?” she asked “Of course!” I said. “My belly button is my secret G Spot. I orgasmed when I got it pierced.” “Hmm.” I gave her a devilish grin “I’ll have to remember that.” I winked at her.

     I continue to examine her by turning her to look at her cute little ass. “Now this,” I said grabbing a handful, “I noticed as soon as you came though my door! Such a cute little one!” I gave it a playful little slap. “May I ask, have you ever been fucked up the ass?” She turned to look me in the eye. “No! But I want to so badly! I often rub my asshole when I masturbate and fantasize about it!” “Hmm…Something else I’ll have to remember. Now would you mind lying back on my bed so I can get a better look at your pussy?” I asked her, wondering just how far she was going to let this go.

“Only if I get to look at yours!” “Of course! Now lie back!” I pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs. Her pussy was shaven bald just like mine. I put my finger on her slit and could see she was wet and starting to drip. “Oh! Now I can’t
have you dripping on my sheets! Let me take care of that!” and I dipped my finger in and wiped up as much of her slippery juice as I could and pulled it out and put it in my mouth. “Mmm! You are a good flavor Miss Erin!”

     “Well thank you! But you know you are the boss! I think you should be taken care of first! So can I see your pussy now?” she gave me a look between total seduction and begging. She had a hunger in her eyes that was unmistakable. “Well, that sounds fair!” I laid on the bed and she got up and switched places with me. She put her hands on my thighs and spread my legs open wide. “Ooo! You’re all nice and wet too! I can see you glistening!” Without waiting she stuck two fingers in my pussy. “Is this where your husband puts his big fat cock?” She must have had a fire burning in her because started furiously finger fucking my pussy.

“I bet you like it rough huh! I bet you like fucking hard and dirty!” Three fingers were now fucking my pussy. “I just had this feeling you’re that kind of girl! But I bet you didn’t guess I was too!” she slid her last little finger in motion with the rest of them and started massaging my clit with her thumb. “Damn Erin! Mmm! That’s so good! And yes, you’ve figured me out! You know I have a toy that you might like to share with me.”

     She stopped her motion and looked at me with excitement. “Do you have a double ended dildo?” she asked with raised eyebrows. I laughed out loud, “Better! A vibrating double ended dildo!” “Yea!!” she exclaimed and pulled her fingers out of me and began sucking on them. “Share with me and I’ll share with you!” I told her. She looked at her fingers and kept them on her lips. “Come and get it then!” she sassed at me. I sat up and leaned forward and helped her lick my juices from her fingers. Our tongues were licking her fingers and bumping into each other. At once Erin lowered her hand and grabbed me by the neck and stuck her tongue in my mouth and began massaging my tongue with hers. My hands went up to her taut little tits and I began running my fingers lightly across them teasing her.

     She moaned with pleasure and reached up to my big titties and started squeezing. We sat there for a few moments making out and fondling each other’s boobies. She moved closer and straddled my thigh so her soaking pussy was on my left thigh, then she moved her leg so her left thigh was under my pussy. We deepened our kiss and put our arms around each other and started grinding our pussies into each other’s bodies. The rocking and touching was getting to hot I could feel myself getting ready to cum.

I broke the kiss. “You fucking little slut!” I said pulling her hair. “You’re gonna make me cum all over your leg!” “Good Bitch!” she sassed back, “Cause I’m gonna cum on yours! I love your fucking big tits bouncing on me while your humping me! You get me so hot!” “Well your cute little titties are making me hot! Oh fuck! I’m cumming Bitch!” “Me too!” We both moaned and cried out and yelled. Erin’s right hand scratched my back and with her left hand she dug her nails in pinching my tit harder than ever.

     We collapsed onto the bed. “Damn! We still have to find you a dress! But we need to get all clean first, and I know the best way.” She maneuvered us into a sixty-nine position and we began sucking and licking each others juices off. Erin pulled her face away from my slit and said “We forgot to use your toy!” “Oh Erin! I’ve hired you full time! I’ll be sure we get time for it and I’ll also be sure to fuck you up the ass with another one of my toys one of these days!” “Wow! You really are the best boss ever!” and she went back to my pussy, happily lapping it all up.

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