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Categories: Anal Sex, Identified partner, Steady Partner, Oral Sex
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Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

It was the early evening a few months back, we had been teasing eachother in text messages all day long. Her last message said that she was drippnig wet and her shirt rubbing on her nipples was making her want it even more. So I went over to her parents house, and snuck in threw her bedroom window. As soon as I was inside she walked across the room to close and lock the door. I snuck up behind her and ripped her clothes off throwing them all over the room. I grabbed hard onto her huge tits rubbing them in circles, she moaned softly. I slide down and let my cock glide between her legs, allowing the shaft and head to massage her clit.


I threw her down onto a small table in the room and tied her arms to the legs of the table. So I slide my head between her thighs and started licking up and down her cunt, sucking on the clit, thrusting my tounge deep inside her tight hole causing her to scream and moan with pleasure. Just when she was getting really hot and into it I pulled away leaving her there for a while. I got up and spread her ass out wide and dripped cold lube on to her asshole.

She looked back at me and asked  for the front hole first, so I slide my cock into her tight ass. When it was all the way in she gasped for air, and I snatched it out. With her ass gaping I rammed it back inside, hard and deep. She screamed and moan with pleasure, my balls slapping agaisnt her pussy. Close to cumming I backed off and let her hand free of the table.


With her ability to move back she got on her knees in front of my still hard cock in reach of her mouth. Licking and sucking it clean without a second thought. Licking and drooling on the head while she stroked the rod. She keeps taking long deep stokes on my cock, its throbbing now. We both want much more then just a simple blow job. She lets my cock slide out of her mouth and the spit drips off of it, she gets up and sits me down on the table walking herself over my cock. She slowly lets the head of my dick slide inside her tight pussy, finally all the way in she grins at me. She starts rising up and falling back down making sure her pussy swallows all of me each time. Her hips start swaying back and forth faster and faster as she rides my cock deep inside her.


I grab onto her hips and move us both onto the floor, spreading her legs out wide. I let my dick pound into her as hard as we can, her screams muffled as she bites hard into my shoulder. Her hands clawing into the skin on my back spurring me on to fuck her harder and faster. Her pussy tightens around me as I she cums, I pull just in time to shoot my load all over her stomach.


I drag my cock the the patches of spunk on her stomach letting it stick the the shaft. Leaning in close to her I take a deep hard bite of her neck, she returns the favor while clawing  ribbons of blood from my back. Pulling away so she can stand up, I tackle her back down hover over her. My cock now resting between her two soft mounds, throbbing covered in cum. She pulls her hands up playing with her breasts and nipples, she presses them together wrapping my cock up in them sliding them up and down the entire thing. Taking time to lick the head when ever it pokes out from her breasts, faster and faster she moves until I feel another load about to fire. I cum spraying her face with hot white love all over her face.


I snatch her up and force to up to a wall, bending her over as far as she can go. Her head is almost touching her knees and its starting to hurt just a bit but no one care at this point. Slowly I enter her cunt from behind, with every muscle in her body stretched so tight, he pussy is even tighter then before. Shes already about to cum again, but just like that feeling is gone and her pussy is empty. Running the tip of my dick up and down her stretched hole, then quickly ramming it back in. instead of screaming and moaning she bites her lip pouring on pain to the pleasure. Pounding in at a steady pace, I can feel us both building to orgasm she tightens up. I pull out of her pussy and bury deep inside her ass, still pounding hard I feel my dick shake as I start to cum filling her ass up. Her legs finally give out and we both fall to the floor orgasm rocking through both of our bodies.


Slowly we both recover, she rolls over and starts kissing me sliding her tongue in and out of my mouth. I slip my fingers deep insider her pussy and her hand wonder to my cock and starts stroking it. We get off the floor my fingers still deep insider her and lay out on the bed, slowing kissing my way down her body. My tounge seems to find its own way to her clit, playing with it just right. Laying her head back she slowly guides my head back up to her face, she kisses me just so she can taste herself in me

. She lays flat on top of me, grazing her nails across my chest, reaching for a candle she had going one the night stand. Tipping it over my body letting the wax drip from my chest to my abdomen, and putting it away as her warm, wet mouth finds its way back over my cock. I look up so I can watch her work on me, and i'm rock hard again so we both know what we’re gonna do. She climbs up on top of me again and lets the juice from her pussy get my dick wet, slow strokes make it disappear and reappear again and again. Then she slowly slides it back inside her now red ass, using the same slow stroking style but getting faster and more intense. She looks deep into my eyes as she suddenly stops, almost daring me to make the next move.


I keep her on top of me but knock her over bringing her tits in range of my mouth, switching back and forth from left to right. Biting, sucking and teasing each one in its own special way, her moans grow louder and louder as she starts riding me again. We start to rise and fall in sync with each other, as it slides in and out of her gaining speed. It feels like i'm deeper inside her then I have ever been, and its crazy tight. Moans turn into to screams as her tits get toyed and her ass takes a deep pounding. My back starts to tense up and arch, as I thrust harder and deeper into her one last time. Suddenly it stops.


As we lay there we start kissing again, she tells me she wants to get cleaned up a bit. Leading me into the shower, we turn on the water and the hot water racing against us feels good.  We take turns lathering each other with soap, playing with her tits in the soapy water.

But it was getting late, so I had to leave.



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