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Location: A bed
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Nature: Humiliating

My girlfriend Emma has a nice fantasy. She ties me down and then has a double penetration. She told me several times about this in several variations: me tied on the bed, me tied to a chair, with toys, without toys, ... Immediately I also thought about that fantasy and helped her to expand it and fill in details.



Last night she told me she wanted to enact this fantasy. My mind went racing with the possibilities and quickly agreed. I undressed down to a simple t-shirt and sat down on a wooden chair in our bedroom. With ropes she carefully tied me down: my ankles to the chair's legs and my arms to the chair's back. I can easily buck my hips and move my head, but that's about it. "I have to get dressed for this special occasion", and leaves the bedroom.


After an hour she returns wearing a black, lace garter belt and black stockings. She looks so fine, which starts giving me a hard-on. She knees in front of me and takes my growing hard-on in her hand. Exposing the head she licks it and encloses it with her soft lips. She sucks the head of my dick, engorging it with blood, while her tongue caresses it. Within a few moments I have a raging hard-on She stops sucking my dick and rises to her feet.

She sits on my lap and moves my cock to her slit. With a simple forward motion she impales herself on my dick. Sliding further forward, my cock enters her slit deeper and deeper. She grinds her pussy over my dick in a very slow and controlled manner. I concentrate to hold off my orgasm. She taunts me with the prospect of two dicks in her. Luckily this gives me something to focus on: the question who will join us in this threesome. This goes on for a few minutes and then she stands up, leaving me unfulfilled. But that's OK, because she'll probably go and get the third person in our party. And yes, she walks out the door.


A minute later she returns.... To my horror I see that Emma bought Therese with her. Therese is completely naked except for a large, penis-shaped strap-on dildo. I know that this is going to hurt. I watch as both girls slowly walk to the bed. Therese first climbs on the bed and lies on her back. The strap-on stands erect like a flag pole. My girlfriend smiles sensually to me and crawls on all fours over the bed to Therese. They hug and kiss passionately in front of me. Two beautiful women in front of me and I cannot touch them (or myself for that matter). "This is going to be torture", I think.


"My fantasy will be fulfilled tonight: you tied to a chair and me fucking two dicks", my girlfriend says to me. Then she straddles Therese's large dick and begins with a calm fucking rhythm. Her hands press down on the large breasts of Therese, while she in turn plays with Emma's smaller breasts. As I predicted, I can do nothing but watch them and hope that they will include me in their games. Emma's rhythm increases and her breathing becomes more pronounced. She is clearly enjoying herself. "Emma, this is not our fantasy", I criticize her actions, "I expected to be part of the action." At that time I can see I won't get an answer: Her body start convulsing and shaking. She has her first orgasm.

Therese however answers me: "You are part of the action: the spectator." With a wicked smile she returns her attention to my girlfriend. "Emma wanted a threesome." I retort. Finally Emma has control over her body again.


"No, I wanted a dp." Emma says. With those words Therese feels underneath the pillows and pulls out a penis-shaped vibrator. "You yourself made it into a threesome. This is much more fun. Trust me." By now my hard dick want some attention and begins to ache a little. Emma lays her body down on Therese, still with the strap-on firmly in her pussy. Both women smile at me, while Emma slowly moves upwards until only the head of strap-on is hidden by her pussy. I'm still amazed about the length of that thing. This allows Therese's mouth access to Emma's breasts, and she immediately starts to lick and suck on them. With her right hand Therese positions the vibrator at Emma's ass-hole. I can clearly see everything. The women clearly put some thought into this and made sure that I could see every thing and still could not enjoy it.


My girlfriend bucks and rotates her hips and thus gets a shallow fucking of only the strap-on head. Therese still enjoys the taste of Emma's breasts. Emma watches me as I try to get my satisfaction without touching my hard cock. Then she smiles and with a loud moan moves down. Both the shaft of the strap-on and the largest part of the vibrator disappear from sight. Therese quickly turns on the vibrator and its soft hum is almost inaudible. Gyrating and bucking my girlfriend has her wish: a dp with me tied to a chair. Just after I realize this, her body thrashes about; her second orgasm is even more intense than her first. It looks so hot, that I want to cum also. But lacking any other stimulation, the only thing I get is more pain.


After Emma's orgasm subsides, Therese places her right hand right across the ass-hole of my girlfriend, holding the vibrator deep within it. She then hugs my girlfriend with her left arm and pulls her close. Emma places her head next to Therese's and smiles lazily to me. She clearly is a bit of groggy from the two orgasms. After a few seconds Therese starts fucking Emma hard and fast. The way she holds her, Emma cannot do anything but take the dildo full on. Emma looks at me and manages a weak smile through her heavy breathing. She's clearly enjoying this.

"Hard, fast and deep," Therese says in a playful, mocking voice, "just like she likes it and you cannot give it to her." Although I cannot see her face I can image her look. I hope that after the next orgasm they will include me in their game. I want an orgasm of my own, but the sight is not enough for it. I need a little more stimulation. Then I see Emma's eyes roll away and her body starts convulsing again in the very little space Therese leaves her.


My girlfriend has her third orgasm, which I feel lasts longer than the last one. Slowly she gets her body under control, then I watch how Therese turns up the vibrator. Emma's body immediately reacts. I look amazed at the fourth orgasm. Breathing heavy and shaking my girlfriend's eyes open with such joy, as I've never seen. She's clearly enjoying herself. Therese's hips never stopped banging. The large strap-on never stopped working its magic inside my girlfriend. Finally Emma falls limp across Therese. This is the cue for her to take hold of the vibrator and make a fucking motion with it.


Emma is now being fucked in both her pussy and her butt-hole, each with a different rhythm. Within a minute or so she cums again. Her head is thrashing about, her eyes closed, the muscles in her entire body pulsating. If Therese didn't hold her down her whole body would be thrashing all over the bed. No matter how hot and amazing I think this view is, it is still not enough to cum by. I'm so close, that my balls hurt. Suddenly my girlfriend goes limp. Her eyes closed, her breathing ragged and shallow, she lies still on the body of Therese, who stopped fucking her. Emma is completely drained and quite possibly black out. Therese rolls over on her side and releases the body. She removes the vibrator and checks Emma's condition. "How is she?" I ask.


Therese turns to me: "Better than you will be." With a wicked smile she steps from the bed, the strap-on glistening with cum. She walks up to me and behind me, and pulls the chair back. With a grunt she lays the chair on its back. I lie on my back as she stands over me, giving me a clear view of her pussy behind that big strap-on. She then bends through her knees and forces the dildo under my nose. The sweet smell of cum fills it. "Open your mouth and suck my dick," she commands me and forces her "dick" through my lips. I suck and lick the cum-covered strap-on, while Therese grabs my dick and starts giving me a hand-job Concerned for my girlfriend, I look to the bed from the corner of my eye. I see Emma watch us and smile to me with a happy, fulfilled smile.


Then my attention refocuses itself on the pleasure I'm feeling: finally the pain will end. My balls start to contract... my cock pulsates... Finally I can cum. Therese notices this also, and quickly wraps 2 fingers around the base of my shaft, squeezing it tight. Immediately thereafter does the same just below the head, resting the head in the palm of her hand. I try to scream as the pain intensifies, but the dick in my mouth reduces it to a futile moan. With all my strength I fight the ropes around my ankles and wrists, but to no avail. I try to buck and rotate away from those evil hands, but there is simply no way to go.


Small drops of cum drip from my dick onto my stomach. That's all there is left from my long awaited orgasm. Still Therese strangles my dick. To add to my agony she now rotates her hand around the head. Pain pricks shoots though my dick. This stimulation is too much. As before I cannot escape it, no matter how hard I try. Slowly my almost orgasm subsides and leaves a throbbing pain in its place. Therese then releases my dripping dick and pulls her strap-on out of my mouth. She takes off the strap-on and goes to the bed.


I watch her as her spoons the sleeping Emma. With a wink she turns down the lights and plunges us in darkness. Here I lie, in pain, tears streaming from my eyes, several drops of my cum on my stomach, listening to the soft breathing of two hot beautiful women. But with a memory of a magnificent lesbian action.

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