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Location: A hotel room
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Nature: Spiritual

A woman in heels, stockings and a garter belt is always a huge turn on. If this is under a tight fitting professional type of outfit, secretary, receptionist, or teacher, especially if its just tight enough to reveal the outline of the garter belt, I'm in heaven. Here is a story about my favorite teacher, Ms Ruby.


Ms. Ruby is a petite, sensuous, red head who dresses in the sexiest outfits. She is the kind of teacher that every mother hates because they know their husbands just drool over her when they have to come in for conferences. Funny how they never miss a meeting with her! If they really knew her true desires, they would be attending a lot more than her conferences. You see, Ms. Ruby is a little submissive and loves a dominant to bind her up, hold her down, and fuck her in the ass until she cums. Being such a man, I had to find a way to gain a more intimate knowledge of her.


What a coincidence that my friend was the principal at her school. I arranged for him to make up a story about my being a visiting principal that wanted to meet some of the teachers, and arranged a dinner meeting. Little did she know that she would be the only teacher attending the session. The location was an intimate little Italian place. When she got there she was wearing a fitted white blouse, slightly open to reveal a creamy neck and bust-line, a tan pencil skirt that hugged her slim ass and legs, fine nude fishnet stockings, and in intoxicating black and tan 4" high heel. You know my weakness for sexy women in heels and stockings, and as my gaze travels up from her shoes to finally land on her hazel eyes,

I feel my interest arouse. I introduced myself and escorted her to a private table for two. Surprised by the setting she asks if she is the only one I'm meeting with. I say yes, I believe in intimate meetings to get to know my teachers, and she is certainly one I would like to know better. She seems a bit concerned, so I put my hand on her shoulder, pull out her seat and invite her to sit down. After a moments hesitation she sits down as requested, and I ask what her favorite wine is. She says a Chianti would be nice, so I order a bottle and make small talk until the wine arrives. I have her glass filled along with mine and toast to getting to know each other tonight. Her head seems to be swimming. She clearly knows something is going on as I have not taken my eyes off of her, and have been looking at her with the hunger of hunter, zeroed in on its prey.

Maybe its fear of disappointing the principal, maybe its her submissive nature, but for whatever reason she smiles, responds to my toast and drinks deeply from her glass. After we order and she is on her second glass of wine, I tell her I'm not really a visiting principal. Rather I'm simply an admirer that used some leverage I had on her principal to arrange this meeting. I told her she was free to leave, but I would welcome the opportunity to wine and dine such an intoxicating beauty. She appeared to blush for an instant, thought about what to do, and finally said that she would be happy to enjoy a night out. I smiled broadly and touched her hand, grasping it and said I could not be more happy to enjoy her.

Enjoy my company she queried? I simply smiled and complimented her on the shoes, saying a woman in heels and legs as nice as hers made for a lovely sight at a dinner table. At this point she knew she was being pursued, and seemed to relax into the game. A lovely dinner and conversation ensued after which I invited her back to my room for coffee and dessert. Of course she was to be my dessert. 


At the room I sat her on the couch next to me, and picked up her legs, resting them across my lap, and ran my hand up her calf. At this point she protested slightly, so I looked at her and told her she knew this moment was coming as soon as I said I would enjoy her at dinner. She blushed fully at this point and relaxed back into the pillows on the couch. I ran my hand up further, across her thigh up to the band of the stocking where the garter belt attached. I smiled and pressed her calves into my growing erection so she could feel my arousal. I asked her if she like to be spanked, restrained during sex. She said yes, it had a calming and freeing effect that allowed her to enjoy the attention of a dominate man.

How interesting, I just happen to have a pair of hand cuffs and restraints for the bed. I dropped her legs to the floor and pressed up against her, kissing her. I ran my hand over her skirt to her nice ass. We kissed passionately for a while, and then she felt my hard cock inside of my slacks, and started to undo the zipper. I stopped her, and told her to stand up. She did so and I unzipped her skirt and had her step out of it. I stood in front of her and undid her blouse and removed that as well. Now she was nothing but her white, tan and black lingerie, garter belt, stockings and heels. Perfect!


I led her to the bed and laid her on her back, hands stretched out above her. I placed the hand cuffs on her and further restrained those to the bed. I laid next to her and begin kissing her again. My hand ran across her throat, breasts, stomach and down to her thighs. I brushed my hand up and down each thigh, lightly brushing across the top of her pussy as I switched thighs. I was loving teasing her, feeling her wiggle under my touch. I pulled her to the edge of the bed, spread her legs and kneeled before her exposed crotch.

I undid the hooks on her thong to expose her fiery pussy. What a lovely sight. I began to lick her, kiss her, working my tongue inside of her. As her wetness increased, I began to probe her ass with my fingers. She responded eagerly to having a finger inside of her ass while I licked her pussy. I continued this position until she came, at which point I turned her over to expose her ass to me. I lay over the small of her back, pinning her to the bed while I probed her ass with my fingers, finally working my thumb as deep as it would go. She moaned with delight at this treatment. I told her I wanted to fuck her tight little ass, and she responded with a lusty "yes Mr. X".

I undressed, slid a condom and lube on my throbbing cock, and proceeded to work my cock into her wanting ass. She reached for it eagerly as I slid deeper into her. Slowly I fucked her as she relaxed to accept me inside of her. The tempo increased as she relaxed around my shaft, until I was fucking her at a good pace, my hand pressing down on her back. Her feet just barely touched the ground as her legs dangled over the bed. With each thrust into her she struggled to reach the ground again, finally giving up and just letting my motion toss her around as gravity would have it.


I fucked her lovely little ass until she came again. At that point I turned her back over again and began to fuck her swollen pussy with a new condom. I brought her shapely little legs up to my shoulders and buried my engorged cock as deep inside of her as I could. She seemed to be in the subspace of submission, content to let me use her for my pleasure now. I fucked her until I came, a long cascading orgasm, my cock still hard after it was over. While still inside of her I bent over and lay on top of her, kissed her and stroked her hair. I pull out of her and undo her restraints and hand cuffs, and lay beside her.

She snuggles up against me as though for warmth and protection. Its a funny but wonderful thing some submissives do, and I love it. I tell her I'd be happy to have her spend the night with me, but she is likely to get fucked in the middle of the night as her body rubs against mine, bringing me to arousal. She purrs that would be fine with her...


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